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Au examina-the order of rating: Provided, That hereafter all exami

tions hereafter to . - 1 • , * • A • • -l - ±

be in state of ap- nations of applicants for positions in tne government servpucant. -ce^ from any state or Territory, shall be had in the State

or Territory in which such applicant resides, and no person shall be eligible for such examination or appointment unless he or she shall have been actually domiciled in such State or Territory for at least one year previous to such exclusionTMlosi8 examination: Provided, however, That no person afflicted with tuberculosis shall be appointed and that each applicant for appointment shall accompany his or her application with a certificate of health from some reputable Family limit- physician: Provided, however, That in no instance shall more than one person be appointed from the same family: Temporary ap- Provided, however, That when the exigencies of the service pomtments. require, the Director may appoint for temporary employment not exceeding sixty days' duration from the aforesaid list of eligibles those who, by reason of residence or er^e^mnicaI °p-other conditions, are immediately available; and may also appoint for not exceeding sixty days' duration, persons having had previous experience in operating mechanical appliances in census work whose efficiency records in operating such appliances are satisfactory to him, and may accept such records in lieu of the civil servempiSyeesmewith *ce examination: And provided further, That employees in previous expert- other branches of the departmental classified service who ence have had previous experience in census work may be trans

ferred without examination to the Census Office to serve during the whole or a part of the decennial census period, and at the end of such service the employees so transferred, shall be eligible to appointment to positions in any Department held by them at date of transfer to the Census Office, without examination: And provided further, pemaMn?forceD That during the decennial census period and no longer the Director of the Census may fill vacancies in the permanent force of the Census Office by the promotion or transfer of clerks or other employees employed on the temporary force authorized by section six of this Act: en^oFtoenniai And provided further, That at the expiration of the decenperiod. nial census period the term of service of all employees so

transferred and of all other temporary officers and employees appointed under the provisions of this Act shall terminate, and such officers and employees shall not be eligible to appointment or transfer into the classified service of the Government by virtue of their examination or appointment under this Act. metele's The Thirteenth Census shall be restricted to inquiries Feb.'.'es, mo(se relating to population, to agriculture, to manufactures, Population. and to mines and quarries. The schedules relating to population shall include for each inhabitant the name, relationship to head of family, color, sex, age, conjugal condition, place of birth, place of birth of parents, number of years in the United States, citizenship, occupation, whether or not employer or employee, and, if employee, whether or not employed at the date of enumeration and the number of months unemployed during the preceding calendar year, whether or not engaged in agriculture, school attendance, literacy, and tenure of home and whether or not a survivor of the Union or Confederate army or navy; and the name and address of each blind or p„^five' etC.' deaf and dumb person; and for the enumeration of institutions, shall include paupers, prisoners, juvenile delinquents, insane, feeble-minded, blind, deaf and dumb, and inmates of benevolent institutions.1

The schedules relating to agriculture shall include name, Agriculture, color, and country of birth of occupant of each farm, tenure, acreage of farm, acreage of land under irrigation, acreage of woodland, and character of timber thereon, value of farm and improvements, value of farm implements, number and value of live stock on farms and ranges, number and value of domestic animals not on farms and ranges, and the acreage of crops planted and to be planted during the year of enumeration, and the acreage of crops and the quantity and value of crops and other farm products for the year ending December thirty-first next preceding the enumeration.

The schedules of inquiries relating to manufactures and mta«nSndCtqS to mines and quarries shall include the name and location ries. of each establishment; character of organization, whether individual, cooperative, or other form; character of business or kind of goods manufactured; amount of capital actually invested; number of proprietors, firm members, copartners, stockholders, and officers, and the amount of their salaries; number of employees and the amount of their wages; quantity and cost of materials used in manufactures; amount of miscellaneous expenses; quantity and value of products; time in operation during the census year; character and quantity of power used, and character and number of machines employed. Inquiries shall ter^se^added3"' also be made as to the location and character of irrigation enterprises; quantity of land irrigated in the arid region of the United States and in each State and county in that section under state and federal laws; the price at which these lands, including water right, are obtainable; the character and value of crops produced on irrigated lands, the amount of water used per acre for said irrigation and whether it was obtainable from national, state, or private works; the location of the various projects and method of construction with facts as to their physical condition; the amount of capital invested in such irrigation works.

The census of manufactures and of mines and quarries m^TM^ of enu' shall relate to the year ending December thirty-first next preceding the enumeration of population and shall be confined to mines and quarries and manufacturing establishments which were in active operation during all or a

f>ortion of that year. The census of manufactures shall te^ctoiy sy3urthermore be confined to manufacturing establishments

1 See page 58 for joint resolution approved March 24,1910, requiring population schedules to show also nationality or mother tongue of foreign-born inhabitants.

conducted under what is known as the factory system, exclusive of the so-called neighborhood household and

tJn&tmtoo!^ hand industries: Provided, That the census shall also include an enumeration of the number of cattle, calves, sheep, lambs, hoes, goats, and kids slaughtered for food Ah hides pro-purposes, and all hides produced, whether taken from

duced- animals slaughtered for food purposes or otherwise, dur

ing the year next preceding the year of the enumeration of population, irrespective of the character of the establishment in which slaughtered or produced.

rcwin^dustry"1'' The inquiry concerning manufactures shall cover the production of turpentine and rosin, and the report concerning this industry shall show, in addition to the other facts covered by the regular schedule of manufactures, the quantity and quality of turpentine and rosin manufactured and marketed, the sources, methods, and extent of the industry.

cudfnqSriers.sp6- Whenever he shall deem it expedient, the Director of the Census may charge the collection of these statistics upon special agents or upon detailed employees, to be employed without respect to locality.

quwes! 0' in The form and subdivision of inquiries necessary to secure the information under the foregoing topics shall be determined by the Director of the Census.

mothe1?tongue of The schedules relating to population for the Thirteenth

foreign-bom per- Decennial Census, in addition to the inquiries required Mar.n,i9io(sehy the Act entitled "An Act to amend section eight of an

smt., 877). iQ provide for the Thirteenth and subsequent decen

nial censuses, approved July second, nineteen hundred and nine," approved February twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and ten, shall provide inquiries respecting the nationality or mother tongue of all persons born in foreign countries, and of the nationality or mother tongue of parents of foreign birth of persons enumerated.

beSd£1gnated.t0 The Director of the Census shall, at least six months

3mttt)'iec89lse PTMr to ti10 date fixed f°r commencing the enumera'sec'' tion at the Thirteenth and each succeeding decennial census, designate the number, whether one or more, of supervisors of census for each State and Territory, the District of Columbia, Alaska, and Porto Kico, and shall define the districts within which they are to act; except that the Director of the Census, in his discretion, need not designate supervisors for Alaska and the Territory of Hawaii, but in lieu thereof may employ Appointment, special agents as hereinafter provided. The supervisors shall be appointed by the President, by and with the Number. advice and consent of the Senate: Provided, That the whole number of supervisors shall not exceed three District bound-hundred and thirty: And provided further, That so far as practicable and desirable the boundaries of the supervisors' districts shall conform to the boundaries of the congressional districts: And provided further, That if in any supervisor's district the supervisor has not been appointed and qualified ninety days preceding the date fixed for the commencement of the enumeration, or if any vacancy shall occur thereafter, either through death, removal, or resignation of the supervisor, or from any other cause, the Director of the Census may appoint a temporary supervisor or detail an employee of the Census Office to act as supervisor for that district.

Each supervisor of census shall be charged with the Vi£„tiesofsuper" performance, within his own district, of the following im., duties: To consult with the Director of the Census in regard to the division of his district into subdivisions most convenient for the purpose of the enumeration, which subdivisions or enumeration districts shall be defined and the boundaries thereof fixed by the Director of the Census; to designate to the Director suitable persons, etcEmofenumerand, with his consent, to employ such persons as enumera- ators. tors, one or more for each subdivision; to communicate to enumerators the necessary instructions and directions relating to their duties; to examine and scrutinize the returns of the enumerators, and in the event of discrepancies or deficiencies appearing in any of the said returns to use all diligence in causing the same to be corrected or supplied; to forward the completed returns of the enumerators to the Director at such time and in such manner as shall be prescribed, and to make up and forward to Accounts. the Director the accounts of each enumerator in his district for service rendered, which accounts shall be duly certified to by the enumerator, and the same shall be certified as true and correct, if so found, by the supervisor, and said accounts so certified shall be accepted and paid by the Director. The duties imposed upon the supervisor by this Act shall be performed in any and all particulars in accordance with the orders and instructions of the Director of the Census.

Each supervisor of the census shall, upon the com- vi^J of sa^ecpletion of his duties to the satisfaction of the Direc- im.,tee.u. tor of the Census, receive the sum of one thousand five hundred dollars and, in addition thereto, one dollar for each thousand or majority fraction of a thousand of population enumerated in his district, such sums to be in full compensation for all services rendered and expenses incurred by him: Provided, That of the above- Ad-ran0esnamed compensation a sum not to exceed six hundred dollars, in the discretion of the Director of the Census, may be paid to any supervisor prior to the completion of his duties in one or more payments, as the Director of the Census may determine: Provided further, That in pen^,rgency emergencies arising in connection with the work of preparation for, or during the progress of, the enumeration in his district, or in connection with the reenumeration of any subdivision, a supervisor may, in the discretion of the Director of the Census, be allowed actual and necessary traveling expenses and an allowance in lieu of subsistence not exceeding four dollars per day during his necessary absence from his usual place of

cierkMre. residence: And provided further, That an appropriate allowance to supervisors for clerk hire may be made when deemed necessary by the Director of the Census.

morators °' enu" Each enumerator shall be charged with the colleciud., sec. ii. tion in his subdivision of the facts and statistics required by the population and agricultural schedules and such other schedules as the Director of the Census may determine shall be used by him in connection with the

^personal visits, census, as provided in section eight of this Act. It shall be the duty of each enumerator to visit personally each dwelling house in his subdivision, and each family therein, and each individual living out of a family in any place of abode, and by inquiry made of the head of each family, or of the member thereof deemed most competent and trustworthy, or of such individual living out of a family, to obtain each and every item of information and all particulars required by this Act as of date April fifteenth of the year in which the enumeration shall be made; and in case no person shall be found at the usual place of abode of such family, or individual living out of a family, competent to answer the inquiries made in compliance withthe requirements of this Act, then it shall be lawful for the enumerator to obtain the required information as nearly as may be practicable from families or persons liv

scheduiesardinE *nS TM tne neighborhood of such place of abode. It shall be the duty also of each enumerator to forward the original schedules, properly filled out and duly certified, to the supervisor of his district as his returns under the provisions of this Act; and in the event of discrepancies or deficiencies being discovered in these schedules he shall

dtyepetcatiretur7jsf use a^ diligence in correcting or supplying the same. In case an enumeration district embraces all or any part of any incorporated borough, village, town, or city, and also other territory not included within the limits of such incorporated borough, village, town, or city, it shall be the duty of the enumerator to clearly and plainly distinguish and separate, upon the population schedules, the inhabitants of such borough, village, town, or city from Qualification. the inhabitants of the territory not included therein. No enumerator shall be deemed qualified to enter upon his duties until he has received from the supervisor of the district to which he belongs a commission, signed by the supervisor, authorizing him to perform the duties of an enumerator, and setting forth the boundaries of the subdivision within which such duties are to be performed.

districtsTM"511* of The territory assigned to each supervisor shall be ibid., sec. is. divided into as many enumeration districts as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this Act, and, in the discretion of the Director or the Census, two or more enumeration districts may be given to one enumerator, and the boundaries of all the enumeration districts shall be clearly described by civil divisions, rivers, roads, public surveys, or other easily distinguishable lines: Provided, institutions. That enumerators may be assigned for the special enumer

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