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service proposed without peril to life; and the local inspectors shall satisfy themselves by thorough examination that said requirements of law and regulations in regard thereto have been fully complied with. All boilers used on steam vessels and constructed of iron or steel plates, inspected under the provisions of section fortyfour hundred and thirty, shall be subjected to a hydrostatic test, in the ratio of one hundred and fifty pounds to the square inch to one hundred pounds to the square inch of the working steam power allowed. No boiler or flue pipe, nor any of the connections therewith, shall be approved, which is made, in whole or in part, of bad material, or is unsafe in its form, or dangerous from de

fective workmanship, age, use, or other cause. Control of safety One of the safety-valves may, if in the opinion of the R. S., 4419. local inspectors it is necessary to do so, * * * be Stat., 82). 1886 (24 taken wholly from the control of all persons engaged in

navigating such vessel and secured by the inspectors. Inspection of That on and after January first, nineteen hundred and seagoing barges, certificates of in- nine, the local inspectors of steamboats shall at least once spevap 28, 1908 (35 in every year inspect the hull and equipment of every Stat., 428), sec. 10. seagoing barge of one hundred gross tons or over, and

shall satisfy themselves that such barge is of a structure suitable for the service in which she is to be employed, has suitable accommodations for the crew, and is in a condition to warrant the belief that she may be used in navigation with safety to life. They shall then issue a certificate of inspection in the manner and for the purposes prescribed in sections forty-four hundred and twenty-one and forty-four hundred and twenty-three of the Revised

Statutes. Life-saving ap- That every such barge shall be equipped with the folIbid., sec. 11. lowing appliances of kinds approved by the Board of

Supervising Inspectors: At least one lifeboat, at least one anchor with suitable chain or cable, and at least one life

preserver for each person on board... Certificate of in: That a register. enrollment. or license shall not be spection required. for registry. issued or renewed by any collector or other officer of cusIbid., sec. 12.

toms to any such barge unless at the time of issue or renewal such barge has in force the certificates of inspection prescribed by section ten and on board the equipment prescribed by section eleven.

That if any such barge shall be navigated without such Ibid., sec. 13.

certificate of inspection, or without any part of the equipment prescribed by section eleven, the owner shall be

liable to a penalty of five hundred dollars for each offense. Regulations of That the chairman of the Light-House Board [Commistowage. Ibid., sec. 14. sioner of Lighthouses), the Supervising Inspector-General

of the Steamboat-Inspection Service, and the Commissioner of Navigation shall convene as a board at such times as the Secretary of Commerce shall prescribe to prepare regulations limiting the length of hawsers between towing vessels and seagoing barges in tow and the length of such tows within any of the inland waters of the





., 230).

United States designated and defined from time to time pursuant to section two of the Act approved February nineteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, and such regulations when approved by the Secretary of Commerce shall have the force of law.

That the master of the towing vessel shall be liable to. Violation of regthe suspension or revocation of his license for any willful Ibid., sec. 15. violation of regulations issued pursuant to section fourteen in the manner now prescribed for incompetency, misconduct, or unskillfulness.

When the inspection of a steam vessel is completed Certificate of inand the inspectors approve the vessel and her equipment R. S., 4421. throughout, they shall make and subscribe a certificate to the collector or other chief officer of the customs of the district in which such inspection has been made, in accordance with the form and regulations prescribed by the board of supervising inspectors. Such certificate shall be verified by the oaths of inspectors signing it, before the chief officer of the customs of the district, or any other person competent by law to administer oaths. If the inspectors refuse to grant a certificate of approval, they shall make a statement in writing, and sign the same, giving the reasons for their disapproval. Upon such inspection and approval the inspectors shall also .: Temporary cer

y tificate. make and subscribe a temporary certificate, which shall June 11, 1906 (34 set forth substantially the fact of such inspection and approval, and shall deliver the same to the master or owner of the vessel, and shall keep a copy thereof on file in their office. The said temporary certificate shall be carried and exposed by vessels in the same manner as is provided in section forty-four hundred and twentythree for copies of the regular certificate, and the form thereof and the period during which it is to be in force shall be as prescribed by the board of supervising inspectors, or the executive committee thereof, as provided in section forty-four hundred and five. And such temporary certificate, during such period and prior to the delivery to the master or owner of the copies of the regular certificate, shall take the place of, and be a substitute for, such copies of the regular certificate of inspection, as required by sections forty-four hundred and twentythree, forty-four hundred and twenty-four, and fortyfour hundred and twenty-six, and for the purposes of said sections, and shall also, during such period, be a substitute for the regular certificate of inspection, as required by section forty-four hundred and ninety-eight, and for the purposes of said section until such regular certificate of inspection has been filed with the collector or other chief officer of customs. Such temporary certificate shall also be subject to revocation in the manner and under the conditions provided in section forty-four hundred and fifty-three. No vessel required to be inspected under the provisions of this title shall be navigated without having on board an unexpired regular certificate


ty-fourtificate such perutposes

voyage after ex



Completion of of inspection or such temporary certificate: Provided, piration of certifi- however, That any such vessel, operated upon a regularly cate.

June 25, 1910 (36 established line from a port of the United States to a port Stat., 831).

of a foreign country not contiguous to the United States, whose certificate of inspection expires at sea, or while said vessel is in a foreign port or a port of the Philippine Islands or Hawaii, may lawfully complete her voyage without the regular certificate of inspection or the temporary certificate required by this section, and no liability for penalties imposed by this title for want of such certificate shall be incurred until her voyage shall have been completed: Provided, That said voyage shall be so completed within thirty days after the expiration of said certificate or temporary certificate: Provided further, That no such vessel whose certificate of inspection shali expire within fifteen days of the date of her sailing shall proceed upon her voyage to such port of a foreign country not contiguous to the United States without first having procured a new certificate of inspection or the temporary

certificate required by this section. License to carry Upon the application of any master or owner of any R. S., 4422. steam-vessel employed in the carriage of passengers,

for a license to carry gunpowder, the local inspectors shall examine such vessel, and if they find that she is provided with a chest or safe composed of metal, or entirely lined and sheathed therewith, or if the vessel has one or more compartments thoroughly lined and sheathed with metal, at a secure distance from any fire, they may grant a certificate to that effect, authorizing such vessel to carry as freight within such chest, safes,

or compartments, the article of gunpowder. sposal of cer- Every collector or other chief officer of the customs tificate of inspection.

shall retain on file all original certificates of the inspectors R. S., 4423.

required to be delivered to him, and shall give to the master or owner of the vessel therein named three certified copies thereof, two of which shall be placed by such master or owner in conspicuous places in the vessel where they will be most likely to be observed by passengers and others, and there kept at all times, framed under glass, and the other shall be retained by such

master or owner as evidence of the authority thereby Mar: 9, 1905 (88 conferred: Provided, however, That where it is not pracStat., 1029).

ticable to so expose said copies they shall be carried in the vessel in such manner as shall be prescribed by the regulations established by the board of supervising in

spectors with the approval of the Secretary of Commerce. ing pas- Whenever any passenger is received on board any sengers or gunpowder contrary steam-vessel not having the certified copies of the certifiR. S., 4424.

cate of approval placed and kept as required by this Title, or whenever any passenger steam-vessel receives or carries any gunpowder on board, not having a certificate authorizing the same, and a certified copy thereof placed and kept as required, or shall carry any gunpowder at a place or in a manner not authorized by such certificate,

to law.

R.S., 4426.

such steam-vessel shall be liable to a penalty of one hundred dollars for each offense.

Every inspector who willfully certifies falsely touching Inspector cerany steam-vessel, as to her hull, accommodations, boilers, 8.3., 4425. engines, machinery, or their appurtenances, or any of her equipments, or any matter or thing contained in any certificate signed and sworn to by him, shall be punished by fine of not more than five hundred dolars, or imprisonment for not more than six months, or both.2 3 The hull and boilers of every ferryboat, canal boat, Ferryboats, ca

, nal boats, yachts, yacht, or other small craft of like character propelled by etc. steam, shall be inspected under the provisions of this Dec. 22, *1890 (26 title. Such other provisions of law for the better security Stat., 692). 100

" Jan. 18, 1897 (29 of life as may be applicable to such vessels shall, by the stat., 489).

- Mar. 3, 1905 (33 regulations of the board of supervising inspectors, also be stat., "i029). required to be complied with before a certificate of inspecs May 16, 1906 (84 tion shall be granted, and no such vessel shall be navigated without a licensed engineer and a licensed pilot: Provided, however, That in open steam launches of ten gross tons and under, one person, if duly qualified, may serve in the double capacity of pilot and engineer. All vessels of above fifteen gross tons carrying freight or passengers for hire, but not engaged in fishing as a regular business, propelled by gas, fluid, naphtha, or electric motors, shall be, and are hereby, made subject to all the provisions of section forty-four hundred and twenty-six of the Revised Statutes of the United States relating to the inspection of hulls and boilers and requiring engineers and pilots, and for any violation of the provisions of this title applicable to such vessels, or of rules or regulations lawfully established thereunder, and to the extent to which such provisions of law and regulations are so applicable, the said vessels, their masters, officers, and owners shall be subject to the provisions of sections forty-four hundred and ninety-six, forty-four hundred and ninety-seven, forty-four hundred and ninety-eight, forty-four hundred and ninety-nine, and forty-five hundred, relating to the imposition and enforcement of penalties and the enforcement of law.

All vessels of fifteen gross tons or less propelled in whole or in part by gas, gasoline, petroleum, naphtha, fluid, or electricity, and carrying passengers for hire, shall carry one life-preserver, of the sort prescribed by the regulations of the board of supervising inspectors, for every passenger carried, and no such boat while so carrying passengers shall be operated or navigated except in charge

1 See sections 4472, 447444476, p ages 195-197. 2 See section 5482, page 206.

3 Amended by section 5 of the act of Congress approved June 9, 1910, which provides that every vessel propelled by machinery and not more than 65 feet in length, except tugboats and towboats propelled by steam, shall not be required to carry licensed officers except a licensed operator on such vessels carrying passengers for hire. Section 5 also provides for the kinds of life-preservers or other life-saving equipment that shall be carried by such vessels and by all vessels propelled by machinery other than by steam more than 65 feet in length. (See p. 210.)

of Alaska entitled

erators of motor boats.

of a person duly licensed for such service by the local board of inspectors. No examination shall be required as a condition of the obtaining of such a license, and any such license shall be revoked or suspended by the local board of inspectors for misconduct, gross negligence, recklessness in navigation, intemperance, or violation of law on the part of the holder, and if revoked, the person holding such license shall be incapable of obtaining another such

license for one year from the date of revocation. Indian residents That all Indians of the Tsimpsean or Haida tribe of the to licenses as op- full or mixed blood who emigrated from British Columbia

tor and settled at Metlakahtla on Annette Island, in southMar, 4, 1907 (34 eastern Alaska, in the year eighteen hundred and eightyStat., 1411), sec. 1.

seven and subsequent years, as well as all descendants of such Indians, and all other Indians who have since become and remained bona fide residents of said Metlakahtla, Alaska, shall, if otherwise qualified, be entitled to receive and obtain licenses as masters, pilots, and engineers, as the case may be, of any and all steamboats and other craft, and also licenses as operators of motor boats and other craft, subject to the provisions of the Act of Congress approved May sixteenth, nineteen hundred and six, entitled “An Act to amend section fortyfour hundred and twenty-six of the Revised Statutes of the United States, regulation of motor boats," with the same force and effect as if they had been citizens of the United States; any such Indian may be the owner of any such motor boat or other craft, subject to the provisions of the said Act of May sixteenth, nineteen hundred and six, although such Indian be not a citizen of the United States, without depriving said motor boat or other craft of the benefits and privileges of a vessel of the United

States. Ibid., sec. 2. That a certificate under the hand of any officer of the

customs in Alaska, to the effect that the applicant for one of the different licenses mentioned in the foregoing section comes within one of the provisions of said first section of this Act, shall, together with the affidavit of the applicant to that effect, be sufficient evidence of the fact that said applicant is entitled to the privileges conferred

upon said Indians by the first section of this Act. Tugboats, "The hull and boiler of every tug-boat, towing-boat, and

** freight-boat shall be inspected, under the provisions of

this Title; and the inspectors shall see that the boilers, machinery, and appurtenances of such vessel are not dangerous in form or workmanship, and that the safetyvalves, gauge-cocks, low-water alarm-indicators, steamgauges, and fusible plugs are all attached in conformity to law; and the officers navigating such vessels shall be licensed in conformity with the provisions of this Title, and shall be subject to the same provisions of law as officers navigating passenger-steamers.

freight boats, et

R. S., 4427.

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