The Continental Backgrounds of English and Its Insular Development Until 1154

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Odense University Press, 1998 - 234 halaman
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In view of the numerous books that already exist on the subject, it may not be immediately obvious to the layman why scholars should feel the need to continue to write on the history of the English language. However, the flood of writing continues and bears witness to an incessant demand and an unabating interest. As this author demonstrates in his opening chapter, the relevance of English language history is as great as ever, not least as a central key to the understanding of cultural history. In conjunction with two further volumes scheduled to appear at a later date, this volume gives a comprehensive survey of salient aspects of English language history from its embryonic stages to the language spoken today in England and America. The volume spans the period up to 1154, the year which saw the inauguration of the Plantagenet era in England and the last year to be recorded in the annals of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles.

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