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And thies Shall Bee your Sufficeant Warrant Given under our Handes & Seal at Derryfield 12 Day of Feb" 1763

John Stark
John Moors
William Pirham

Seclet Men

Recoreded this 27 Day of febr 1765

John Hall town Clark

Province of Nowhampshier in obidaince to the within warrant I have warned the freehoulders and Inhabitents of Dorryfield of time and place and the articals Hear in aserted agrieabl to the vote of the town pr me Abrham Merrill Constable March 7= 1763 Recorded Febr 27= 1765

pr me John Hall town Clark

Province of Newhampshier At ameeting of the freehoulders and Inhabantes of Derryfield Legaly asembled March the = 1763

Voted Conel John Goffe Modrator
Voted to ajourn this meeting till John Hall Houess
Voted John Hall town Clark

Voted Capt John Stark William mo Clintock John Moors Secl Men

Voted William Tagourt Constable

Voted Levt John Moors Capt William Perham & John Hearon and James Ridell Surviers of higways

Voted James mo Night Joseph Mastien taything Men
Voted Davit Stireat Invoices man

Voted the Seclet men & Dainel mo Niell John Hall Be Fences Viers and Prayesors of Damiges in this year

Voted Samuel Moors Ebinezer Stivens Deearr Keepers
Voted Abrham Mirrill Survier of Lumber
Voted Hugh Stirlen Siealer of lether
Voted Con? John Goffe John Hall Countwith the Scilet



Voted Wm Pirham Jur Joseph Maston Abrham merrill Jun' Houg Reefes

Voted Capt Wm Pirham Clark of the Market

Voted to ajourn thies meeting till mondy 21th of apriel nixt at teen of the Clock in the fornoon at John Hall Houese

Apirel 21th= 1763 Meet aСording to ajuernement the Modrator and town Clark Bothe present and the meeting oupned

Voted the third artical be ajurned till the Commity be Chosen

Voted one the forth artical to Rease forty Poundes old tenor

Voted one the fifth Artical to Rease twohundred pounds old tenor for Prichien

Voted to Chuese one man to find Prichien

Voted William mo Clintock Provied Prichien till the 200 lb old tenor be voted be Spent and that he Soporte the minestor the time hie is In the town

Voted one the Sixt artical to Permiet John Goffe Esq' to Hinge two Geates for this year aCording as is Requested in the warrnin

Voted one the sevinth artical to Chuese there men of a Committy to Sitel withe the former Secletmen and Constables that have note siteled ther acoumptes with the town

Voted John Goffe Dainel m° Nieall John Harve Commity


Voted one the eight artical thirtey Pounds old tenor to the Revd Josiah Cotton Recorded this 27= Day of febr 1765

John Hall town Clark

Province of Nowhampshier To William Tagourte Conestable for the town of Derryfield Greeting

You are hearby Required in his majestyes Name to warrn all the free houlders and Inhabtantes In the town of Dorryfield thy they meet at the meetinghoues in Sd town upon the firest mondy in March nixt at teen of the Clock in the forenoon then & ther to acct one the following articals

lly to Chues a modrator to regluate sd Meeting
2ly to Chues all ther town oficers for the present year

3ly to hear the aСoumptes of the town for the present year 1763 & to aprove or Dise aprove of the Same

4ly to See if the town will Chues a Commitey Sitel the aCoumptes that are note Seitled

5ly to See what youes the town will aplaye the mony to that was Reased for Prichien in the year 1763 and was note Expinded for Prichien aCording as it was voted

byl to See if the town will Reas any money for Prichien and how much

Yly to See how much money the town will Reaies to Defraye the Charges of the town for the present year

8ly to See if the free Houlders of the town will Prefer a pettition to the Genneral Court in order to have all the land in sd Derryfield taxd in order to hilpe to fines ther meeting houes in sd town and to purches a persnige Lote of land for the Benifite of the Minestry

9ly to See if the free Houlders will Chues a man or men to Prefer Said Pettition or anyother thinge Relative to Said affaier

10ly to acte or Dow any other thinge when Meet
and thies Shall Be your Sufeccant warrnt
Given ounder our Handes and Seals
Dated at Dorryfield feb" 17=1764

William mo Clintock
John Stark
John Moors

Seclet Men

Recorded this 27 Day of febry 1765

John Hall town Clark

Province of Newhampshier In obidences to the withen precipt I have warned the freeholders and other Inhabitantes

of Derryfield of time and Place of Said Meeting & the articals hear in aserted



pr me William Tagort 0 Counstable of Derryfield Dated march ye 5= 1764 Recorded feb" ye 27=1765

John Hall town Clark

At a meeting of the free Houlders and in habitantes of the town of Derryfield Legaly warned and assembled on the firest mondy of march 1764 at the meetinghoues in Sd town

Voted the following Persons to ther Respictief officers as thy are neamed

Voted Capt John Stark Modrator
Voted to Carey one thies meeting by hand vote
Voted John Hall town Clark
Voted three Seclet Men for the present year

Voted William mack Clintock John Stark and John Moors Seclet Men

Voted William Pirham Juner Constable

Voted Dainel mo Niell Samuel Moors Capt William Pirham & John Hall Surviers of higwiayes

Voted Chairels Emrson Ebnizer Stivens Taythingmen
Voted David Stiret Inviouice man
Voted Eight pounds old tenor for tack the In Voice

Voted the Secelet Men fences Vers and Prayesor of Damiges Done in Coren fieldes

Voted Elizer Robiens James mo Night Deerr Keepers
Voted thomas Russ Seeler of Leather

Voted John Hall Davit Stirite Town Counters with the Seclet Men

Voted James Hornor Einsin Dainel mo Niell John Pirham hoge Rives

Voted John Goffe Clark of the market

Voted a Committey to Sitel the aСoumptes of the town One forth artical voted Con? John Goffe Capt Ali' mo Murphey Nethainel Boyd Committey Men

Voted to ajourn this meeting till the firest monday of Apirel nixt at teen of the Clock In the for noon at John Hall Houese

A pirel 2= 1764 aCording to the ajournement the modrator and Clark Both present and the meeting opned

Voted one the fifth artical to aplay the remender of the money that was Coclicted from the Inhabitantes of the town in the year 1763 for Prichien & is note Expinded for that youes to the Repiering of the meetinghoues in Sd town In the

year 1764

Voted not to Reas Any money for prichien this year

Voted fortey poundes old tenor to Defray the Charges of the town In the year 1764

Voted to warrn the town Meetings for this year 1764 By posten the Copayes of the warents at Con' John Goffs M Thomas Russ John Hall Inhoulders In Sd town Recorded this 27 Day of febry 1765

John Hall Town Clark Province of Nowhampshir To Constable William Perham of Derryfield Greet

you are hereby Required In his Majestyes Name to warn all the freeholders and other Inhabitants of the town of Derryfield Qualifyed by Law to Vote in town meetings that they meet at the Meeting House in Said Derryfield upon Monday the twenty ninth Day of this Instant Octobr at ten of the Clock in the forenoon then & thire meet to act on the following Porticulars

1ly to Chuse a Moderator

2ly To See whether the town will Dispose of the Mony that was Raised in the year 1763 to pay for preaching to the Inhabitants and not expended for that use & afterward voted to Repair the meetinghouse Should not be mad use of to pay the towns Debt for mony Borrowed & upon Intrist and vote their on

3ly to see what Meathod the town will take to Recover the mony the mony that is Colected and in a former Constables hands and vote theron

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