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that may Have Eany tendenc to Barr or hinder his majestyes Good Subjectes of the Privileg of a free fishiery at amas Skige falls In Mirrimack Revier

Voted that John Hall atind the General assembly In Behalf of Derryfield agreeabel to formor vote Recorded feb? 29 1760

John Hall Town Clark

Province of Newhampshire To Thomas Russ Counstabal for the town of Derryfield Greeting

You are hearby Required in his majestys Name to wam all the freeholders & inhabitantes of ye town of Derryfield that they meet at ther meetinghoues in ga town upon the firest monday in march Next at teen of ye Clock in the fore Noon then & ther to act one the following Perticqulars (Viz)

1 to Chueas a modrator to regluat sd meeting
2ly to Chueas all ther town officers for y® present year

3ly to See if the town will Reas Eany mony for prichien & how mouch.

4ly to See how much money the town will Raies for to Defraying of the Charges for ye present year

5ly to See if ye town will aprove or diseaprove of the Divisihon of higwayes made by ye Commity Choues for that Eand

6 to to Hear the a Coumptes of the town for the year 1759 Read & to aprove or Dise a prove of the Same

And thies Shall be your Suficant Warant Givien under ouer hands & seal thies 11 Day of febuary 1760

Willim mc Clintock
Abrham merall


Recorded march 21- 1761

pr me John Hall town Clark

At a meeting of the free Houlders and inhabitantes of Derryfield hild March 3— 1760— agribeal to ye for Gowen warnien meet at the meetin Houes In gd town

Voted John Hall Town Clark

Voted William mo Clintock Modrator

Voted William mo Clintock Hugh Stirelen Abrham Mirall Seelet Men

Voted James Piterrs Counstable
Voted to ajourn thies meeting till John Hall houes

Voted James Reddell & ali* mo Clintock and James pirces taythen men

Voted the Siclet men Fences Vuees
Voted Hugh Stirelen to tack the Invouces

Voted thomas Russ & John Dicky mickel m° Clinto & William Nute Survuers

Voted Davit Stiret Joseph gorge & William tagert Houg Rives

Voted thomas Russ Sealer of Leathor
Voted Robrt Andrson James Perces Deer Keepers

Voted the Sicelet men to Prayes Damiges In corn fieldes in sa town

Voted Abrham mirall Surviere of all Sortes of Lumber

Voted John Hall Davit Stirret to Coumpt woth ye Seelet men

Voted to Reas on hundred poundes old tenor for prechien

this year

Voted not to reas Eany money for town Charges this year

Voted to ajourn this meetien till ye last monday of this Instant at teen of ye Clock of sd Day in ye meethoues in sa town

March 31= 1760

Meet a Cording to the ajournment ye modrator & Clark both present & the meeting opened

Voted one the fifthe artical of ye Warrant to Dismies it

Voted to allow the folling aCoumptes for the year 1759 to the Province tax 678—6-8 to Borden &

Shenglen the meethoues 500–0–0. £1178— 6-8 to prichien Expended In Sd year

80-14 to ye Secelet men in sd year

30% 0-0 to the Secelet men Leayeien out a Higway 3- 0-0

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to John Hall for tacken ye Invorce 6 macken

ye Retes 6 to sd Hall for Couinten woth ye Secelet men to John Hall for Intertieening the minester &

his Hors to John Hall for time & Expinces to Borow

money in Be half of gd town to Hugh Stirlen 2 gourneys to Lo-Derry. to Sd Stirlen for Counten woth ye Seclet men to sd Stirlen from Derry to Chester for naiels a mistack in ye priceas of naiels to Capt William pirham to Lo-Derry to John Hall for providen prechien

4- 0

To forty pounds Elliven shillens by abatments & a not of
Sixtytow pound In full of ther List
Recorded March 20= 1761

John Hall town Clark

Province of Newhampshier To James Pitters Counstable for the town of Derryfield Greetien

In hies Majesteyes Name you are Required to warrn all the free houlders & Inhabitentes of the town of Derryfield that meet at the Meetieng Houese in Sd town upon monday ye 11 Day of August Nixt at one of ye Clock in ye afternoon then & ther to act on ye folling porticklores—(Viz)

1 to Chueas a Modrator to Reglate sd meetien

2ly to See what method the town will tacke to under pien ye meetinghoues & to put a Door or Doors on the Same

3ly to See whother the town will think proper to Hiar Eany mor prichien then the hundred pouindes all Redey voted will

4ly to Hearer Levt John Hall a Coumptes Read for hias Govien to portesmouth in order to Mienteen a free fishiery & to a prove or Diesaprove of the Same

And thies Shall be your Sufficente warrent Given under

ouer handes & Seal at Derry-field thies 25 Day of Juley 1760

Abrham Merrill
Hugh Stirelen

Secelet men Recorded febuary 26— 1761

John Hall town Clark Province of Nowhampshier August ye 10=1760

A Cordien to the woth pricesept I have Warned the freeholders and in habitants of Derry field of time & places of meetieng & and the Perticulors as they are a Serted a Cording to the formor Costom of gd town of warrenen town meetinges

James pitters Counstable Recorded febuary 26 1761 pr me

John Hall town Clark

Province of Nowhampshier At a Meeting of the freehoulders and in habitantes of ye town of Derryfield-meet agriebal to the for gowen Warrinen at the meetingeHoues in sd town augouest 11= 1760

Voted Levt" John Hall Modrator of Sd Meeting

Voted The Seceelt men are to under pieen the sa meeting houes and put 2 Dowers one ye afor Sd houes & Cloes the windowes & wonDorr

Voted not to Coelect Eanymoor monay for priching this year then ye hundred poundes all Reddy voted

Voted To allow John Hall a Coumptes as they have be Read in sd meeting the Sum of three Hundred and Eightey Seven pounds old tenor for time of man & hores & Expinces in sa time In menteeining a free fishiery at amies Skige falls in miremacke Rivier Recorded febur 26=1760

John Hall Town Clark

Province of Nowhampshir To James Pitiers Counstable for the Town of Derryfield Greetien

You are Hearby Required in his Majesteyes Name to warmn all the free Houlders & Inhabitantes of the town of Derryfield that they meet at the meeting houes In Sd town upon

monday ye fiftenth Day of December nixt at teen of the Clock in the for Noon then & ther to acct one ye folling Pirticqulers (Viz)

1 to Chuèas a modrator to Regulat sd meeting

2ly to See if the Inhabitantes of the town will vote to Peay all the acoumptes of gd town that his Beean all Rieady allowed by a vote this present year

3ly to see what method the town Will Tacke to have the money Recorded that was Cocllected for Bulden the meetinghoues a grieabel to a formor vote

4ly to See if the town will Chueas a Commitey to Call Levt John Hall till a Coumpt for the money ye he his Red from yee Gent Men that his Land in sd town Not Sitled

5ly to acct and Dowe Eany other thing that the town Shall think Proper when meeat

And thies Shall Be your Suffient Warrant
Givien under our Handes & Seal this 28 Daye of Nov 1760

William mo Clintock
Hugh Sterling
Abraham Merrill

Seclet Men Recorded febuary 27= 1761

pr me John Hall Town Clark

Province of Nowhampshier By Virteu of the Wothien Praeesept I have warned all the free Houlders & In habitentes By the Uesol Coustom of the town for warrnien town mietens of time and place & ye articals hiear In a Serted Dated at Derryfield December 15 1760 pr me

James Petirs Counstable Recorded febuary 27 1761

John Hall Town Clark

At a Meeting of the free Houlders and Inhabitentes of the of Derry field hield December 15- 1760 in the meetinghoues In gd town agrieabel to aformor warrning Bierien Deat Nova

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