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2ly to Chuse a Commitey to Examine the aСoumptes of Commitey formaly Choson to Carreyone the Bulding of our meeting house In Sd town So farr as they Have Done towardes sd meeting houes

3ly to See if the town will vote to have Recorded the Six hundred pounds old tenor that was Coclected for Buldening the meeting Houes In the year 1758 and Each mans Name what he paid and and the following Sumes as they are Collected for sd meeting houes

4ly to Hear the aСoumptes Reed of the meetinghoues as the Commitey Bringes them in So farr as they have proceded and to aprove or Disapprove of the Same

5ly to See what the town Will Doe Concerning Elizabath Massey

6ly to See what Provishon the town will mack for the Entertaineng of ministres when they come to prich to us

7ly to see what the town will Doe Concerning the undor pining of our meeting Houese and Doors for Said house

and this Shall be your Sufficant warrant Given under ourhands and Seal Dated Derryfield this 29 of Octobr 1759

william mc Clintock
abraham merrall


Recorded feb' 29 1760

John Hall Town Clark

Province of Nowhampshir In obidence to the wothien pricousepet I Have warned the free Houlders & In Habitentes of the town of time & places & perticuelors as they are aserted a Corden to the Vote of the town for the present year

pr me Thomas Russ Counstable Recorded febr 29- 1760

John Hall Town Clark

At a Meetieng of the free-Houlders and In Habitantes of the town of Derryfield Regereler a Sembeled In the meetinghoues In Said Derryfield on the fifteenth Day of Nov 1759

1 Voted William mc Clintock Modrator

213 Voted 3 men aCommity to Examen ye a Coumptes of ye Commity that was Chouesn to Buld our meeting Houes In Said town

zly Voted Mickell m° Clinto John Harve & Davitd Stiret the Commity to Examien the Coumptes of the meetieng Houes sow fare as they procieded In Bulden of Said Houess

Voted to ajourn the meetien for Half a ouer

Meet a Courding to ajournment the Modrator & Clark both present

Voted on the third articall In the Warrant to Record the Six hundered poundes old tenor that was Coelected in ye year 1758 & the followen Sumes as thy are coelected for Bulden the a for sd meetien Houes and Each mans Name & Sum what he peayes to the a for gd houes

Voted on the forth articall In the warrant to allowe all the Commitys A Coumptes as they Brougt them In Be for the town In time & mony Spent By them In Bulden our meetien Houess In sa town So far as they Have Procided In Said Bulden

Voted on the fifth articall Not to taek Eany Care of Elize

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bath massey

Voted not to underpinin our meeting Houes at present But to maek on Door this

year Recorded feb? 29th 1760

John Hall Town Clark

Province of Newhampshier To Thomas Russ Counstabel for the town of Derryfield Greeten

You are Hear By required In his Majesteyes Name to warn all the free-houlders & Inhabitantes of the town of Derryfield that thy meet at ther meeting Houes In Said town upon thursd the 13 Day of Decembr nixt a teen of the Clock In the forrnoon of sd Day then & ther to actt one the followeng Perticqulers (viz)

1 to Chues a Modrator to Regluat Said meeting

219 to See What methode the freehoulders & In Habitants of Said town will tak to Pay the Commity ther aСoumptes

that Said town his allowed by by a vote of Said freehoulders & In habitantes for Bulden the meeting Houes In Said town as far as thy Have procided In Sd Buldeng

3ly to See if the town Will Chueas a perticquler Place In Said town for a Burring yard and what places

4ly to see if the town Will Chuese a Commitey to Divied the High-Weys In Said town

5ly to acct and Dow Eaney thinge that the town Shall think feet and thies Shall Be your Soufeceant Warrant

Givien under our Hands & Seall
Det at Derryfield November 23— 1759

William Perham
William mo Clintock
Abraham mirrall


Recorded febr 29-1760

John Hall Town Clark

Province of Newhampshire Derryfield Decmber 13— 1759

I have Givien warning aCcording to ye warrant given to me of ye Seelet men of sd Derryfield to the Inhabitantes and freehoulderes of sd town that they meet at the meeting houes In sd town on ye 13 Instant pr Thomas Russ Counstable Recorded this 29 Day of febr 1760

John Hall Town Clark

A at Meetieng of the Free Houlders & In habitantes of the town of Derry field Regraly asemabled In the meeting Houes In Said town the 13 Day of December 1759

Voted Capt Ali* mo Murphey modrator

Voted not to Collect Eany mor money from the town this year to wardes the meetinghoues

Voted to Borow what Remaien Due for Bulden the meetinghoues to Cliear ofe the Commites a Coumpts & and to peay Intirst for the Sam

Voted that the present Secletmen for ye year 1759 Borow money to peay of the Comitey for Bulden the meeting houes

So fare as thy heave proceded & ye Secletmen In ye year 1760 Shall Be Equeall bound to peay the mony Borad as the present Seeltmen and Shall have foll power In Law to Cocelect ye sa mony from ye freehoulders & In habitantes of gd town

Voted to ajourn this meeting Levt John Hall Houess meet a Cording to ajournement the modrator & Clark both present

Voted to Reconsider ye vote Seeletmen Borowin ye money Ligwies voted on the Secound articall In the Warrant that Capt William Pirham Levt Hugh Stirlen Levt John Hall are Impouered by the Said freehoulders & In habitents of the town of Derryfield to Borow the Sum of four Hundered & twount three poundes Six Shillens old tenor & to peay Intriste Souch as they can hayer the above money for & all ther time & Expinces paied by Said town as Weill as the above Soum of fore Hundered & twont* three Pounds Six Shillens old tenor

NB till Such time as the above Sum is payd to them By the afore Said frree houlders & inhabitantes of sd town

Voted on the third articall to a Perfixt places In Said town for a Buren yard

Voted on that the Burring yard In Derryfield Shall Be In that Places of Ground that Levt John Hall Give a Deed of to the town in the moust Sutibal Peart of it not Improvien

Voted one the forth articall that Capt William Pirham Capt Alix mo murphey Sergent William mo Clintock Sergent Abrham Mirall Levt Hugh Stirallen be a Comitey to Devied the High Wayes In Said town Recorded febr 29 1760

John Hall Town Clark

Province of Newhampshier To Thomas Russ Cunstabel for the town of Derry field Greeting

You are hear By Requiered In his majesteyes Name to Warrn all the free Houlders & Inhabitentes of Derryfield that

*Some one, within recent years, has added a "y" to this word.— ED.

they meet at ther meeting Houes In Said Town upon Wansday 27 of febr Instant at teen of the Clock In the fornoon then and ther to acct one the following Perticquelors (viz)

1 to Chueas a Modrator to reglaut Said meeting

2ly To See if the town Vote to Send a man or men to atend the Secound Day of the Sitting of the Genaral Assembly after the firest Day of march nixt In Order to plied for & mintain the Privilge of a free fishery at Ameseik falls In Merrimack Rivier In Behalf of his Majesteyes Good Subjectes In Genarall But In Perticquelor his majesteyes Good Subjectes In Derryfield woth full power In Law to substute one or more a Tornneyes under him or them & to Prosecut the Same to finiel judgment & Excution

and this Shall be your Suficant warant Givien under ourhands and Seal this 11 Day of feb? 1760

William Mc Clintock
Abraham Merall

men Seelct Recourded this 29 Day of feb? 1760

John Hall Town Clark

Province of Newhampshier Derryfield Feb? 27 1760

I Have Given Warrning to the freehoulderes & Inhabitants of Said town of time & Places Meetien aCording to the vot of sd town for Warrnien town meetiens & the articalls ther In aserted

Thoms Russ Counstable

Recorded feb? 29 1760

John Hall Town Clark

At a Meeting of the freehoulders & Inhabitantes of the town of Derry field Hield feb' 27-1760

Voted William M° Clintock Modrator

Voted to Send aman to Pourtes Mouth to atind the Secound Day of of the Sitteng of the General assembly after ye fieest Day of march nixt In order to Ansor to Eany thing ye may Be In a Petishon from a Nomber from Lo— Derry and others

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