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voted that Charls Emerson & abraham M°Neal be Deerkeepers

voted that Cape William perham be Clark of Market voted that Hugh Starling be Sealer of leather

voted that Robert Dickey Charles Emerson & James Riddel Haywards

voted that Caleb Dolton be Culler of Staves
voted that Abraham Merril be Surveyer of Lumber

Voted that Hugh Starling and John Cochran be a Commit to Count with the Select men for the year

Voted that this meeting be ajorned till the first Monday of April at twelve of the Clock at noon at the house of John Halls Inholder in Derryfield

accordingly monday the 7th day of April met according to adjornment and the modrator & Clark being presant and the Meeting being opned

Voted that there be three feildrivers for the presant year

Voted that Robert Anderson John Harvey & Hugh Sterling Be feild Drivers

Voted upon the 3 article of the warrant that Six pounds new Ten' be Rased to defray the Charge of Preach for this present year for the town of Derryfield John Goffe Esq" Refusing to provid preaching any further for the mony voted to be Expended in the year 1754 for preaching to this town by him it is therefore

Voted that the mony that said Goffe has not Expended his accompts being first paid and also for the Six pounds new ten' voted this presant year

William M°Clentok and John Harvey be a Commitee to precure preaecing for this town till the whole (John Goffe Esq* Charge being first paid) of the mony aforesa be Expended True Record

John Goffe Town Clark

A Higway Layed out by the select men of Derryfield leading toward Suncook (begining at a white oke tree at Colburns

Brook so called and then Extending northerly by marked
Trees to the north Line of sd Derryfield as near said marked
Trees as Good Ground will alow) Laid out by us the sub-
scribers NB this Road is three Rod wide

Daniel Macneal
John Harvey

Select Men

Recorded this 16th day of Janu" 1756

John Goffe Town Clark

Derryfeild febry ye 28th 1756

Then Laid out a Highway or Town Road begining at a pitch pine Tree (marked on the Road Runing from Capt William Perhams Bridg to the dwelling-hous which of late wich was William Ellots a bout fifty Rods northerly from Said Brige marked H) and thence westerly Runing by marked trees to the coutry Rhod Leading from Litchfield to nameskege falls

Said Road is Layed out three Roads wide Laid out by us the Subscribers the Day & year a bove named

Daniel McNeal
Robert Anderson
John Harvey

Select men

Recorded this twenty Eight day of Feb*s 1756

* John Goff Town Clark

Provence of New Hampshir To William Mc Clintok Constable for the the town of Derryfield Greeting

You are hereby Required In his Majestyes Name to warn all the freeholders & inhabitants of the town of Derryfeild qualifyed by Law that They meet at the Barn of John Halls of sd Derryfeild on monday the first day of march next at Ten of the clock in the forenoon then & their to act on the following articles (viz)

1st To Chuse a modrator to Regulate Said meeting

219 To Chuse all Town officers

35 To See how much mony the Town will Raise for preaching for the presant year

41 To see if the Town will Raise any mony for schooling for the presant year & how much

Fly To see how much mony the Town Raise for defraying Charges for the prsant year

619 To See what the town will alow to be don with the Rhode Leading from Danel mo neals to Abraham merrils Dugway

rly To See if the town will chuse a Commitee & Invest them with power to call in all Accompts and Geather in all the Towns debts

and this Shall be your Sufficant warrant Given under our hands & Seals this thirtenth day of febuary 1756

Daniel Mc Neal
Robert anderson
John Harvey


Provence of New Hampshir By vertue of this prceipt I have warned all the free Holders & Inhabitants of this Town according to the vote Dated at Derryfeild march ye first 1756

William Mo Clentok Constable

Recorded the 10th day of march 1756

pr John Goffe Town Clark

At a meeting of the free-holders & Inhabitants of the town of Derryfeild Legaly warned and assembled up The first day of march 1756 at the Barn of John Halls in said Derryfeild

Voted that John Goffe Esq' be Moderator
Voted that John Goffe Esqbe Town Clark

Voted that Daniel M° Neal & Robert Anderson & John Harvey be Select men

Voted that William Quinbee be Constable

Voted that Hugh Starling & John Moor & William Mo Clentok & Adam Dickey Be Surveyers of Highways

Voted that Benjamen Stevens & Charls Emerson be Tytheing-men

Voted That their be but one man to take the Invoice this

Presant year

Voted that John Cochrain Shall take the Invoice this year and that he Shall Have three pounds old Ten" for Said Service

Voted that the Select men (viz) Danil mo neal Robert Anderson & John Hervey be fence-vewers this year

Voted that Caleb Dolton & William Tagert be Deerkeepers Voted Capt William Perham be Clark of the market

Voted That Hugh Starling & Ebenezer Stevens & James Peirce & William Perham Jun" be Hog Reves

Voted That Abraham merril be culler of Staves and Surveyer of Lumber this year

Voted That Hugh Starlin and John Cochrain be a Commitee to Settle accompts with the Selectmen In behalf of the town

Voted Benjamen Hadley be, feilddriver this year

Province of Newhampshire To William Quimbey Constable for the town of Derry field Greetien

you are hear By Required In his Majesteyes Name to warrn all the free Holders & Inhabitents of the of Derry field that they meat at the Barrn of John Hall in gd town


the firest monday of march nixt at ten of the Clock In the fornoon then & there to act on the folowing Perticualors (viz)

1 to Chuse a modrator to Regluat sd meeting
213 to Chuse all town officers for the present yeare

3ly to See wither the town will Raies any money for preaching for the present year & how mouch

419 to See How mouch money the town will alow to defray the Charges for the Present year

519 to See if the town will Raies any money for Scolling or How much

61y to See Whither the town will Pramblait the town Linns and find out the Senter of gd Land

and this Shall Bee your Suffisent Warrent Giveen ounder our Hands and Seall this Sixtinth Day of Febuary 1757

Daniel mo Neiall
Robrt Andrson
John Harvy

Select men

Recorded this 4 Daye of march 1758

pr me John Hall town Clark

Province of Newhampshier By virtue of thies preesept I have warned the free Holders & Inhabitents of Derryfield of time & place of meeting and the pertiulars & thinges to be acted upon according to the vot of the town for warning town. meetinges

William Quimbee Counstabel

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At a town meeting held the firest Monday of March 1757 Legally Called & opened the folloing Persons was Chosen to ther Respective offeces

voted that the town Chues the town offeceres so fare as a Constabal by Pole

Voted Archibald Stark for modrater
Voted John Hall Town Clark
Voted that there Be but 3 Sellectmen for ye present year

Elezer Robens
Robart Andrson
Daineal mo Niell

Sectlet men

Voted Michal mo Clinto Be Constabel

Voted for Taytheing meen Adam Dickey Moses Quimby and Hugh Stirlean

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