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Votted for Priching twountey poundes old tenour

Votted to give m' mc Douell a Cauell to the work of the minstry Eather to Joyen with Bedford or by our selves

Votted John Ridill Alixander mc murphey John Hall a Comitey to prosequt the given of m" mc Doul a Cauell to the work of the minestery to Joyn woth the town of Bedford or seprat and distink by our selves

We the subscriberes making a Demand that non but qualified voters as the Law Directes should votte in the Choise of town officers and such as was not worth one shiling besides the poll of rateble Estate had the priviladge of votting we Enter our desant against the procieding of ther Choice witenes our hands march ye 5: 1753

John Goffe Archibald Stark
Benjamien Hadly moses Welles

Votted in the year 1753 apoun the fifth artickal in the warrant that all Cattle that is Brought in to the town from this Day oun fairly or not laiebal to Pay Reets in this town shall pay ten shilliens old tenor pr head

Record pr John Hall town Clark

Province of New Hampshir To Archabald Stark Counstable for the town of Derryfield in the Provence of New Hampshire Greeting

You are Hereby Required In his majestyes name to warn all the free houlderes and other Inhabitants of the town of Derryfield that they matt at the house of William mo Clinto in said Derryfield upon thursday the twenty sixth day of this Instant at three of the Clock in the afternoon then and there whemett to act on the following pertiqulars

1 Chuse amodrator

2ly' to see how much money the town will Rease for mr macDowalls yearly sillreay provided he Excepts of our Call

3ly to see where the town bulld atown Pound and what method the town will take to Bulld Said Pound

And this shall be your sufficant warrant Given under our

hands and seal 1753

Dated at Derryfield this 10th day of Aprill

John Rieddell
Alexander mac murphey


Record per me

John Hall Town Clark

at amiten of the freeholderes and Inhabitince of the town of Derry field hield apriel ye 26= 1753 agrebel to the for gowen warrnien met at the houes of William mo Clinto

Votted William mo Clinto modrator

Votted tow Houndred poundes old tenor for yearly solery to m' mc Dowall Provied he Excepts of our Call to Joun woth the town of Bedford

Votted the town pound to Be Bultte at Levtenant John Halls at the sied of the higway

Votted twountey shillienes oun the Pouel for to Buld the town pound

Votted capt William Pirham and m’ Allixandr mac murphey to see that the pound be suchfientlay Down

Votted the firest thuesday in Julley at 8 of the Clouck in the fornoon for the Pipell to meet to Buld the town pound Recorded pr me

John Hall Town Clark

Juley ye 6 1753

Led out ahighway for the use of the town of Derry field Begining at London Derry Line at a pine tree marked H one the north Sid of the Rhoud thence Runing by marked trees to thomas Gillies Houes frome thence to William mo Clinton's Houes By marked trees ase the Rhoud his Bin formorly trod from thence to John Hall Land By marked trees in the ninth Lot of Land in the forth Divishon in Chister then a Crose John Hall Land apoun the Eiest of the marked trees by the Eiest Eand of Said Halls Houes then aCroues Robert Andrsons Land ase the higway hies Bien trod to London Derry

line to a pine tree marked H one the south sied of the the
higway marked by the Sellectmen of Derryfield
not Said rhoud is allouied & laid out by us

William Perham
John Riddell


Recourded pr me

John Hall town Clark

Derryfield Juley ye 6 1753

Laid out a higway for the use of the town of Derry field beginien at William Ellet Houes frome thence Runining aCroues soume peart of sạid Ellets Land to William mo Clintos Land then a Crose William mo Clintos Land as the rhoud hies bien trod to a Rhoud Laid out and Lieding from London Derry by John Halls houes to amosSkige falls

not Said Roud is allouied and laid out three Rhoudes wied laid out by us

William Pirham
John Riddell

Select men

Recourd pr me

John Hall town Clark

Province of New Hampshire To Archbald Stark Constable for the town of Derryfield Greeting

(Seal) You are Hearby Required in his Majestyes name to warn all the free houlders and Inhabetants Quallifyed by law in the town of Derryfield that they meet at the House of M' Willm Mac Clintock in Said town upon the first Monday in March nixt at ten of the Clock in the forenoon then & there to acct one the following Perticqulars (viz)

lly to Chuse a moderator to Regulat Said meeting zdyl to Chuse there town Oficers for this present year

3dly to see if the town will Reas money for to pay for Preaching and how much and Likwise to see if the town will

Chuse men to obetain preching for the town for this presant year

419 to See how much money the town will Reas to pay the Reegeregs and the necsreys Charges that may arise this year

51y to see what metthod the town will take in order to prevent the Stopege of the fishery upon Macebecke in this town

6ly to See if the town will Rease money to pay M' John Hogg Highway land

ryly to See if the town will do there Highway work by a Reatt for this Preasent year & to see how much they will Rease upon to Pool for Said work & see how much they will allow p' day

81y to see if the town will allow the Constables that have been or Shall be hearafter pay for colecting the Reattes of this town and how much

And this shall be your Suffint warent Given under our hands and Seeal this Eight day of February 1754

Willm Parham
John Riddel
Alex: MacMurphy

Seeleck men

Provence of New Hampshire March ye 4th 1754 By vertue of this Precept I have warned all the freeholders and Inhabitants of this town of Derryfield to meet at time and place for the End within Exprest per me

Arch bald Stark Constable pr Alex Mac Murphy town Clark

At a meeting of the freeholders and other Inhabitents of the Town of Derryfield held March ye 4th 1754 agrieble to the foregoing Warining meet at the house of Willm mac Clintock in Said Derryfield

Voted Capt Willm Paraham Modrator of said metting
Votted to Carey on this meeting by poolling

210 Votted Alex? MacMurphy town Clark
Votted Will MacClintock frist Select man
Votted Alex' MacMurphy Second Select man
Votted John Hall third Select man
Voted Benjeman Hadley Constable

Voted for Servairs of highways Robart Andreon John Harve Dainel MacNell & Thomas Gorge

Voted Mickall macClintok and Moses Weells taything men
Voted for fence Vers John Riddel Moses Wells
Voted for Couller of Staves Benjemen Sevens

Voted for Servire of Plank Bourds Joyce & timber Abrham Merrell

Voted for Counters Robert Anderson Abrham macNell Voted for Dear Keepers Robert Anderson John Hervey Voted John Hall & Robert Anderson for Invoice men Voted for Hogg Constable Thomas Gilles & Aron Quimbey

Votted to Ajourn this meetting till the Eightinth Instant to be held at ye House of Willm Mac Clintock at ten of the Clock in ye forenoon

March ye 18th 1754 Meet acording to ajorment from the Fourth of March Instant at the House of Willm Mac Clintock's in Derryfield

3ly Voted on the third artickle of the warant that there be money Reased for Preching

Voted that there be one Hundred & Fifty pounds old tenor for this year for preching & Charges Arising thereby and that John Goff Esq" is Chosen to obitaine Preching till Said money is Expended in that vee

415 Voted that Willm Parham Willm Mac Clintock & John Hall be a Comitte to hear the Acounts of those that have aney charg against the town and to Prosecut those ye are indeted to Said town to finell Gugement & Execution-lawfull warning first being given by Said Comeety

511 Whereas there has been Incombrance and Still is on the Brook comonly Caled Chohass Brook in Derryfield whereby the Elewives are much hindred in there pasege into Massapissack Pond by reason of Mill Dams & other Incom

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