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Province of New Hamp. In the House of Representatives July 4th 1766–

The foregoing Petition being consider'd And the Parties heard thereon

Voted—That the prayer of the Petition be granted And that the petitioners have liberty to bring in a Bill accordingly,

M. Weare, Clr. In Council Eodm die Read & Concurr'd

T. Atkinson Jr. Secy.

Province of New Hampshir To the Constable of Derryfield in Said Province for the year 1765

Whereas by a special Act of the Genaral Court for Sd province passed at ther Session this Inis instant July I am Authorized to call and Govern a meeting of the Inhabitantes of Said Derryfield in order to Reform Some disorders that they have lately thrown them Selves into Relative to town officors

Wherefore you are hereby Required in his Majestys Name forwith-to Warn the Inhabitants of Said Derryfield Qualified by Law to Vote in Chousing town officers to Convene at the meeting Houese in Derryfield Qualified by Law to Vote on Wednesday the 13 Day of August next at two of the Clock in the after noon to Chuese Comman & ordinary town officers for the Currant year as the Law Directs and you are to Give ten Days Notices at least to each person Qualified as aforesd which notice must be personal or left at the persons Usual place of abode hereof you may not faiel & mack Due Return N B by the above Veested act you are Subjected to the penalty of three pounds for your Refusal or Neglect

John Shepard June Dated July 15th 1766 Record Feb" 28 1767

John Hall Town Clark

Provinces of Nowhampshir Pursent to the foregoing precept I have Warned the Inhabitants of sd Derryfield to Meet

at time and place & for the purpuse as mentioned in Sd pre

cipt pr

Charels Emerson

Constabl for Derryfield 1765 Dated August 13= 1766 Recorded Februry 28= 1767

pr me John Hall Town Clark

And it is here by Enacted that a meeting of the Inhabitants of Derry field Shall be called for the Election of town offeceres for the Currant year 1766 on the 13 Day of Augst at two of the Clock in afternoon and John Sheeperd June" Esq? is appointed to Gover Sd meeting till the whole Shall be Ended

and the following persons whas Chosen to ther Respective officers as ther Names is Seat Dowen

Voted John Hall Town Clark

Voted John Hall Ebnezer Stivens David mo Night Secelet Men

Voted M James McNight Counstable

Voted Mickel moClintock Hendry Blisdal Capt William perham Josephe Gorge Sur Veres of Higwayes

Voted Joseph masten and William Nutte and David mo night Taything men

Voted the Sicelet men fences Veres & prayesors of Damige in the town as the Law Dereckes

Voted Ellizer Robens & James Ridall Dier Keepers
Voted Ebenezer Stiven Survier of Lumbor
Voted Thomas Russ Sieler of Leather

Voted Mickel moClintock & Ellizer Robens to Setill acoumptes with the Seclet-men for ye year 1766

Voted the Seclet-men tack the Invoice of the polls & And Estates of the town of Derryfield for the courrnt year

Voted Joseph Gorge John pirham Samuel Boyd James perces Houge Reeafes

Voted Capt William perham Clark of the Market
Recorded Febry 28= 1767

John Hall town Clark

Province of Newhampshir To James M° Night Counstable for the town of Derryfield Greting

You are hereby Required in his majesteyes Name to Warn all the free Houlders & other Inhabitantes in the town of Derryfield that they meet at ther meeting House in Sd town upon the 22 day of Decmbr next at on of the Clock in the afternoon then and ther to acct on the ye following perticqulers (Viz)

lly to Chues a modrator to Reglaut Said Meeting

2ly to See if the town will Reares any money prechen then what the Sicelet-men hies all Rieadey provided thies year

3ly to See How much monay the town will Reaes to Defray the Contingent Charges of the town for the present year

4ly to See if the town will Complay with the Law of the Goverment to provied wightes and mishuers or if not to defend the present Secelet men of any Coste or troble for not providing the afore Sd wightes and miushures as the Law hies provided in that Kasse

5ly to heair the Reporte of the Commitey that was Chouesen to Examing Sundry years accoumptes in behalfe of the tow to wite Conel John Goffe Capt Alix Mo Murphey & Mr Neathainel Boyd Commitey men

and thies Shall be your Suficant warrant Given under our Handes and Seal Dated at Derryfield Novmbr 28= 1766

John Hall
Ebinzar Stivens
David Mc Night

Seclet Men Recorded Febry 28= 1767

John Hall town Clark Province of Newhampshir Decmber the 22= 1766

By Vertue of the within Warrant to me To me Comited I Have warned all the freeholders & Inhabitants of Derryfield to meet at time and places for the Eends within expriesed

pr me James Mc Night Cunstable Recorded March 2= 1767

John Hall town Clark

At A Meeting of free Houlders and other Inhabitints of the town of Derryfield Decembr 22=1766

Voted William mo Clintok Modrator

Voted one the 2 artical not to Reaies any money for Prichinge thies year

Voted note to Reaies any money for Necrisey Charges In Bhalf of the town for thies year

Voted one the fourth artical in the warant not to Reaies any mony for to provid wightes & mireshers for the town

ne the fifth artical the accoumptes was Reead but now vot was paste one them and they Remaien on Sitled Recorded March 2= 1767

John Hall Town Clark


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The Copay of the Liste in Lawfull mony for year 1766 of the Polls & Estates David M° Night.

0 8 James Mc Night

0 10 5 John Ranie Esqr (?)

0 5 4 John Goffe Esqr

1 5 9 Samuel Moors

0 ng 4 Capt John Moors

11 8 William Nutte

6 0 John Grifen

5 4 Benjmen Backer

4 31 Josephe Gorge

4 51 Sergent Abrham Mirall

6 1 Abrham Mirall Jun

4 102 Johnathon Mirall

5 7 Ezekiel Stivens.

9 글 Benjmen Stivens

0 ng Handrey Bllisdal

0 ng 3 Thomas Hall

0 0 6 Thomas Russ

0 6 4 John Riddall

0 4 6 Sergent James Riddall

0 m Capt John Stark

0 17 } Einsin James mo Cawallow .

0 6 10 Einsin Samuel Starke .

0 4 3



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John Hutchen

0 4 0 Levt Daniel M° Nieall .

0 11 4 Serght Ebinezer Stivens

0 9 3 Josephe masten

0 ng 4 Levt John Hall .

1 1 9 Benjmen Stivens

0 ng Daineal Hall .


4 51 Samuel Hall.

0 Alix M°Clintock

0 5 8 James Hornor

0 4 David Stirrate

0 8 51 William Mc Clintock Juno

0 4 81 Sergt William Mo Clintock

0 13 11 John Mc Clintock

0 ny 4 John Dickey ·

0 6 10 William Gembeal

0 10 10 Capt Alixander M° Murphey ·

0 11 7 Samuel Boyd

0 6 10 Sergt Nethainel Boyd .

0 5 9 Widow Boyd

0 1 1 Mickel MC Clintock

0 10 James Pirceas

0 5 0 William Hall

0 4 8 Capt William pirham

0 8 4 John Pirham

0 8 4 Elizer Robens


g 11 Chrles Eemerson

0 12 0 John Harve

0 13 31 William Pirham Jun"

0 5 James Ramsey

0 4 0 Robrt Mc Clure

0 0 3 John Eacken.

0 0 4 William Smith

0 0 6 Einsin Alix Bller

0 9 9 Recorded Febry 1767

pr me John Hall Town Clark


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