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James Riddell .
Thomas Russ
Johnathon Russ
Parash Richordeson
Henry Blasdel.
Benjamen Steaviens
Ezekiel Stivens
Sergt Abraham Merrell .
Abraham Merrell Jun"
Joseph Gorge
John Grifeng
William Nutte
Capt John Moors
Con John Goffe
Samuel Moorrs
thomas Nuewman
William Tagert
James mo Night
David mo Night
William Hall
Eliezer Robens
Capt William Pirham
John Pirham
Charless Emerson
John Harvey
William Pirham Jun'
Michael mo Clintock .
Samuel Boyd.
Nathainel Boyd
Widdow Marget Boyd
Isbeld mo farlon.
Capt Alixander mo Murphy
James Hornor.
Alixander Mc Clintock .
William Gembel
John Heron
James Pirces

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Davit Stirat

0 10 6 Sergnt William mo Clintock

0 18 9 John mo Clintock .

0 8 11 William mo Clintock Junr .

0 6 0 John Dickey

0 9 5 Davit Been.

0 6 0 Davit Been Junr

0 6 0 James Ramiesy

0 6 0 Einsn William Bller .

0 0 2 William Smith

0 0 6 John Eacken

0 0 5 Robr mc Cluer

0 0 4 Capt John Goffe Junr

0 0 6 Edward Barry .

0 6 0 Johnathan Mirall .

0 no 10 John Cronen

0 6 0 John mo Calon

0 6 0 Josep Moorrs

0 6 0 Ebinezer Noyes

0 4 6 James Graves.

0 1 6 Joseph Quimby

0 1 6 Samuel Quimby

0 1 6 Joseph Jouens .

0 1 6 Province of Now Hampshiere To Charless Emerson Constable for the town of Derryfield Greeting

You are Hereby Requrid in his Majesties Name to warn all the free Holders and inhabitants in the town of Derryfield that thy meet at the Meeting House in said town upon Monday the third Day of March next at teen of the Clock in the fornoon of sd Day then and there to act on the following articals (Viz)

1 To Chuse a Moderator to Regulate Said Meeting 2ly to Chuse all town officers for the Curent year

3ly to See how Much Money the town will Raiese for to Defraying the Charges of the present year

4ly to See how Much Money the town will Raies for Priching for the present year

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5ly to Hear the accoumptes of the town for the year 1765 and to aprove or Disaprove of the Same

6ly to Hear the Reporte of the Committe Relaiteing the accoumpts of the town for the year 1762 and 1763 and to aprove or diesaprove of the Same yearely by them Selves

7ly to see if the Inhabitants of the town will Vote to peay the Charges that William Pirham Jun' was put to by not payieng the Province tax by the time he was ordered to pay the Same into the treasury

and thies Shall be your Sufficant warrant Given under our handes and Seal

Dated thies tenth Day of feb1766
Recorded this 1 Day of July 1766

John Hall Town Clark
William Parham
William mo Clintock
Abrham Merrill

Seleet Men


Province of Newhampshire March 3= 1766

By Vertue of thies precept I have warned all the Inhabitants of Derryfield of the time and Deisigns of Holding sd meeting by posting a Coppay of thies Warrant in Several placess of the town a Cordin to the formor Costom of warrning town meetings

Charless Emerson Constable Recorded this 1th Day of Juley 1766

John Hall Town Clark

Province of Nowhampshier at a Meeting of the free Holders and Inhabitants of the town of Derryfield Legaly warned & assembled upon the firest monday of march 1766 at ther Meeting Houese in Derryfield the following persons was Chosen to ther Respective offeces as ther Names is Seat Down

Voted John Hall Modrator
Voted John Hall Town Clark

Voted Capt Alixander Mc Murphey
Voted Sergent Ebinezer Stivens
Voted John Hall

Secelet Men

Voted James Mc Nighte Constable

Voted to ajourn thies meeting to John Hall Houese for half a ouer

the Modrator and Clark present & the meeting oupned

Voted Mickel Mc Clintock Hendry Blisdal Charless Emerson Joseph Gorge Surviers of higwayes

Voted Joseph Masten William Nutt Taything Men

Voted the Sicelet Men fences viwers & prayesors of Damiges in the town as the law Direkes

Voted Elizer Robens & James Riddell Dier Keepers
Voted Ebinezer Stivens Survier of Loumber
Voted Thomas Russ Sieler of Leather

Voted Mickeal mo Clintock Elliezer Robens Sitel accoumpts with the Siceletmen for year 1766

Voted the Sicelet Men tack the Invoice of ye polls & Estates

Voted Joseph Gorge John pirham Samuel Boyd Hoge Reaves

Voted Capt William Parham Clark of the Market

Voted to ajourn this meeting till the laste Monday of march at teen of the Clock in the fornoon till Be Hield in John Halls Houese

Monday the 31th Day of March 1766 Meet according to adjornment the Modrator and town Clark Present & the Meeting being opned

Voted Capt William Parham Survier of higewayes
Voted David Mcc Night taything man
Voted James Pearces Hoge Reave

Voted thirtey Shillens Lawfull Money for to Defrayinge the Charges for the Courant year

Voted fave Poundes Lawfull Money for prichien for the Courant year & ye Secelet Men provied the prichien

Voted to Diesmies the fifth artical for the Reason that the coumpts was not Rendered in the meeting By the Sielet Men & Counstable not Bing prepard

Voted to Dismies the Six artical for the Reason the Comitey Did note Bringe foret any accoumptes

Voted on the seventh Artical that the Inhabitantes of the town pay the Coste that william pirham Jun' was Put two by Lawe by Reason of hies not paying the province tax aCording to the time fixt in hies warrent Recorded thies fierst Day of Juley 1766

John Hall Town Clark

Province of Nowhampshier To James mce Nieght Constable for the town of Derryfield Greetinge

You are hereby Required in hies Majesties Name to warn all the Free Holders and Inhabitants in the town of Derryfield that they meet at the meeting-House in Said town upon friaday the 27th Day of this Instant June at two of the Clock in the afternoon of Sd Day then and there to act on the following Particulars Viz

1 to Chuse a Modrator to Regulate Said Meeting

2ly to See if the Inhabitants of the a fore sa town will vote to Repaier their Meeting Houese thies year and how far Either by Labour or otherwiese

3ly to See if the Inhabitants of the town will vote to fence their Graveyard and in what menor

4ly if the town vote to have any of the afore Said artical or articals Done and in that case to Chues a Committee to get tủe afor Sd work perfected

5ly to See what Method the town will take get the accts of the town these four years Back that are not Settled ajested and to vote thereon

6ly to see if the town will allow Warnings for town Meetings to be Lawfull to poste the Coppies of the Warrants at the usual Places for the present year

And thies Shall be your Suficient Warrant

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