The Booklist, Volume 18

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American Library Association., 1922
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Halaman 71 - The outgrowth of an attempt to write a brief history of the efforts for peace made by a small group of women in the United States during the European war, and of their connection with the women of other countries, as together they became organized into the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.
Halaman 19 - A brief treatise on drawing the human figure for art students, costume designers, and teachers, with illustrations of four-minute drawings by students, supplemented by photographs and drawings by the old masters.
Halaman 144 - It is intended to convey to the ordinary reader and to the uninitiated student some conception of the general principles of thought which economists now apply to economic problems.
Halaman 25 - Study of American history, being the inaugural lecture of the Sir George Watson chair of American history, literature and institutions, with an appendix relating to the foundation.
Halaman 145 - Money is after all a subject of secondary importance, in the sense that neither the most revolutionary nor the "soundest" monetary policy can be expected to provide a remedy for those strains and disharmonies whose roots lie deep in the present structure of industry, and perhaps in the very nature of man himself.
Halaman 19 - Tufford, Henry Horace. The tire business answered ; 2,250 questions and answers on the complete tire business. Minneapolis, Dunwoody institute press,1921.
Halaman 74 - City,NY,Doubleday,1922. 247p. illus. $2.50. The first part of the book is a delightful record of the simple, almost pioneer life of rural New York nearly a century ago, told by the country boy who luckily had an eager curiosity and a gift of expression which differentiated him from his brothers. The second part is an affectionate tribute from his son, giving a pleasant picture of John Burroughs
Halaman 56 - But it seriously sets forth a belief that an understanding of habit and of different types of habit is the key to social psychology, while the operation of impulse and intelligence gives the key to individualized mental activity.
Halaman 84 - ... which the selection is being made. Unless care is exercised it is very easy to get books which treat only of the theory or history of a subject, when the demand is largely for books relating to practice or current conditions. 2. Authority. — What are the author's qualifications? What has been his education and experience? Has he used source material ? If secondary material, is it reliable? Does he understand thoroughly the period, facts, or theories with which he deals? Has he any bias? 3....
Halaman 155 - Hammond's new world atlas, containing new and complete historical, economic, political and physical maps of the world, with complete indexes and illustrated gateteer of the world.

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