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1. General Convention of Peace, Amity, Navigation and Commerce, between the
United States of America, and the Republic of Colombia, signed at Bogota
on the 3d. of Oct. 1824. Negotiated on the part of the United States by R.
C. Anderson, and Pedro Gual on the part of Colombia.

Rules of correspondence between the two nations. Negotiators.

Art. 1. Firm and inviolable peace, &c. 19. Art. 2. Favors of commerce to be com-
mon to both parties, 19. Art. 3. Citizens of the United States at liberty to
frequent all the coasts and countries of the Republic of Colombia, to reside there,&c. 21
Same in relation to citizens of Colombia, 21. Art. 4. Merchants, commanders
of ships, and other citizens of both countries, &c. to manage their own business; to
be treated as citizens of the most favored nation,21. Art 5.Citizens of neither of the
contracting parties shall be liable to any embargo,&c. Art.6. Whenever the citizens
either party seek refuge, in the dominions, &c. of the other, they are to be treated
as friends, &c. 23. Art.7.All ships belonging to the citizens of either party captured
by pirates, and found within the dominions of either, to be delivered up to the owners 23
Art. 9. Assistance and protection to be rendered in case of wrecks, etc. within the dominions

of each other, 23. Art. 9. Citizens of each party shall have power to dispose
of their goods and effects within the jurisdiction of the other, by sale, testament, or
otherwise. Alien heirs allowed 3 years to dispose of their property.

Art. 10. Complete protection in persons and property in the territories, of both nations le-
gal redress, etc. 25. Art. 11. Liberty of conscience and rights of burial secured 25
Art. 12. Both parties at liberty to trade with those at enmity with either, etc.
Free ships

to make free goods, 25. All persons on board, except those in the actual service
of an enemy to be free. Flag covering the property to be applied to those powers,
only, who acknowledge the principle, 27. Art. 13. Enemy 's property, to be pro-
tected by a neutral flag, must be shipped two months before declaration of war, etc.
Contraband spec.fied, 27. Art. 15. Goods not contraband, 29.
blockade, 29. Art. 16. Contraband only liable to confiscation
Art. 17. In cases of blockade, vessels to be notified but not detained, etc.

Definition of

Vessels entering before blockade, may quit unmolested, etc.

Art. 18. During a visit at sea, armed vessels to remain out of reach of cannon shot. Neutrals

not to go on board the examining vessel, 31.

In case of war, sea letters, certifi-
cates of cargo, &c. to be furnished, expressing to whom the property belongs.
Visiting regulations to apply only to vessels without convoy.

Established courts only to try prize causes.

Motives of condemnation to be stated 33
The neutral party not to accept a commission to cruise against the other.
In case of war, months allowed to those on the coast, and 12 for those in the in-
terior to remove effects, &c. 33. Art. 24. And no sequestration of money in
bank or public funds. 35. Art. 25. Official intercourse in relation to public
ministers, &c. to be on a reciprocal footing, 35.
Art. 26. Each party permit-
ted to have consuls in each others ports, 35. Art. 27. Commissions to be exhi-
bited before exequatur is obtained, 35. Art. 28. Consuls exempt from public
service their archives inviolate, 35. Art. 29. Consuls may call in the public
authorities to aid in securing deserters, who are not to be detained roore than 2 months
in prison, 37. Art. 30. Consular convention to be formed.
Art 31. The following points agreed to: 1st. Treaty to remain in force twelve years.
Peace perpetual. 37. 20. Citizens responsible for infringing this article
Sd. War not to be declared, until remonstrance is made, and satisfaction is refused.
4th. Other treaties not to be contravened by this. Ratification within eight months

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Art. 20.
Art. 21.
Art. 22.
Art. 23.

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1. Treaty of Amity,Commerce and Navigation, between the United States of America

and the United Mexican States, concluded at Mexico, on the 5th of April, 1831,

by A. Butler, on the part of the United States, and Lucas Alaman, and Rafael

Mangino, on the part of Mexico

Art. 1. Universal peace and sincere friendship, 82*. 2. Basis-perfect equality and reci-
procity, 82*. 3. Freedom to visit all ports, hire warehouses, &c.

Duties, &c. same as most favored nations. Coasting trade always excepted

4. Duties on importation into Mexico, same as on like articles into the United States

Export duties, same as to other foreign nations, 84*. 5. Light, or harbor dues, pi-
lotage and salvage, same as in United States, 84*. 6. Duties, drawbacks, &c. on
imports or exports, same, whether made in Mexican or United States vessels, of the
growth of either country, 84*. 7. Brokers, factors, etc. to be chosen as the par-
ties may think fit, 86*. 8. No embargo or detention with ut compensation..

9. Exemption from compulsory service, 86*. 10. Refuge from stress of weather, en-

enemies, etc. provided for, 86*. 11. Vessels, etc. captured by pirates, to be

given up, 86.* 12. Assistance in case of wreck, etc. 88.* 13. Right of dispo-

14. Special protec-

sal of property, by will or s le, same as native eit zens, 88 *
tion to pers ns and property; tribunals of justice open, etc.
Liberty of conscience, and privilege of sepulchre .

16. Free trade with those at enmity with either party-Free ships make free goods.

The flag to protect the passengers

And to cover property to apply to those who acknowledge the principle .

17. Neutral property on board enemy vessels, to be considered enemies' property, and

liable to confiscation. 18 Contraband specified. 19 Things not enumerated free 94*

20. Contraband articles only to be condemned, the rest of the cargo to be free,

21, In case of blockade, warning to be given, 22 Rules of visit to be established,.

23. In case of war, sea letters to be furnished, expressing name, property, &c.,

24. Rles for the examination of vessels, to apply only to vessels without convoy,






Established prize courts only to take cognizance of prize canses. .

26 In case of war, six month's notice, to merchants on the coast, and twelve for those in

the interior. Other trades may remain with their property unmolested

• 98.

27. Public ministers granted the same immunities, etc. as the most favored nations


28. Consuls to exhibit their patent; and admitted in all ports open to foreign commerce 100

29. Consuls and their officers exempt from all local taxes. 10)*. 30. Consuls may

call in the aid of the authorities to arrest deserters. 100.* 31. Provision form-

ing a consular convention. 102*. 32. Interior commerce to be regulated by

mutual agreement-but, in the meantime, to be conducted as heretofore with Mis-

souri. 102*. 33. ludian hostilities on the respective boundaries to be restrained

by force. 102*. Captives to be set free, and returned to their own territories. 104*

34. Points to be observed, to preserve a good understanding.

:. 104*

1st. Treaty to remain in force 8 years; after that period, one year's notice to termi-

nate it. 104. 2nd. Chizens to be held personally responsible for infringing it. 104*

3. Before war, a statement of injuries to be presented, and justice demanded

Fifth and sixth articles to be suspended for six years



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LAWS, &c.

LAWS, &c. of the United States, relative to Public Ministers, Consuls, Conven-

tions, Equalization of Duties, Slave Trade, &c.,


No. 1 Act fixing the Compensation of Public Ministers, and of Consuls, residing on the
coast of Barbary,
May 1, 1810,
[Ministers plenipotentiaries $9000 per annum, (and $9000 outfit) secretaries of
legation $2000, charge des affaires $4,500, on the Barbary coast $2000. Consul
general at London and Paris $2000 each by usage.]

2. Privileges of Foreign Ministers-Extract from the Act of April 30, 1790

[For Privileges, etc. of Ambassadors, see No. 55, from page 396 to 409.]
3. Act concerning consuls and vice-consuls,

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9. Supplementary to [the above] an act concerning navigation
10. British American and West India Intercourse.-Act to regulate

4. Aet supplementary to the [above] "act concerning consuls and vice-consuls," and for
the further protection of American seamen,
February 28, 1303,

[On consuls, etc., see No. 120 to 164, from page 427 to 458.]

5. Equalization of Duties.-Act to repeal so much of the several acts imposing duties
on the tonnage of ships and vessels, and on goods, wares and merchandise imported
into the U. States, as imposes a Discriminating Duty on tonnage, between foreign
vessels, and vessels of the United States, and between goods imported into the
United States in foreign vessels, and vessels of the United States, March 3, 1815,
[Contingent repeal of discriminating duties, in favor of foreign countries.]
6. Deposite of Foreign Consular Papers. Act authorizing the deposite of the papers of
foreign vessels, with the consul of their respective nations
7. Passenger Vessels. Act regulating passenger ships and vessels
8. Nuvigation.-Act concerning the navigation of the U. States

March 3, 1817,
March 2, 1819,
March 1, 1817,
April 18, 1818,
May 15, 1820,
the intercourse

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April 14, 1792,



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between the U. States and certain Brit, American Colonial ports March 1, 1823,
President's Proclamation, [Trade with certain British Colonial ports prohibited—
Revival by acts of congress concerning navigation of 1818 and 820,] March 17, 1827, 100
12, Act to amend the acts regulating the commercial intercourse between the United
States, and certain Colonies of Great Britain

May 29, 1830, 102

13. Proclamation of the president, declaring the ports of the United States to be open
to British vessels with their cargoes, from certain British Colonial ports,

October 5, 1850, 103
14. Act to equalize the duties on vessels of the republic of Colombia and their cargoes
April 20, 1826, 104
15. Slave Trade.-Act to prohibit the carrying on the slave trade from the United
March 22, 1794, 105

States, to any foreign place or country
[Forfeiture of vessels, etc.—Penalties for building, fitting out.—Bond for suspected
vessels.-Penalty for concealing slaves.]

16. Act in addition to the above act, etc,



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May 10, 1800, 106

[Forfeiture of interest in slave vessels.-Penalty.-Punishment for serving on
board.-Seizure of vessels and crews by ships-of-war.-Trial of offences.-Appli-
cation of forfeitures.]


17, Act to prevent the importation of certain persons into certain states, where, by the
laws thereof, their admission is prohibited.
February 28, 1803, 107
[Importation of negroes for sale.-Prohibition of negroes, not natives, into certain
states.-Penalties for offences, etc.]

18, Aet to prohibit the importation of slaves into any port or place, within the juris-
diction of the U. States, from, and after Jan. 1, 1808
March 2, 1807 108
[Forfeiture of vessels fitting out, or sailing for slave trade.-Penalties for fitting out.

Slave Trade-

and for receiving slaves for traffic. Forfeiture of vessels which have carried slaves,
Disposal of the negroes.-Punishment for slave dealing.-Penalty for sale of slaves
imported.-Forfeiture of vesssls having slaves on board-Punishment of com-
manders-Employment of ships-of-war-Penalty for conveying slaves for sale,
in v'sls under 40 tons.-Regulations for vessels carrying slaves for sale, coastwise,]
19. Act [in addition to the above act, of March 2, 1807,] to prohibit the introduction of
slaves, etc. and to repeal certain parts of the same
April 20, 1818, 114
[Importation of slaves in any manner whatever, for sale, prohibited.-Forfeiture of
vessel.-Vessels built for slave-trade forfeited.-Penalty.--Punishment for convey-
ing negroes from Africa, etc. not held to service as slaves. --Disposal of negroes
imported.--Penalty for holding, importing, or selling imported slaves.--Repeal of
part of act of 1807.]

20. Act in addition to the act, prohibiting the Slave Trade,
March 5, 1819, 116
[Employment of ships of war-Seizure of slave vessels-Distribution of proceeds;
Punishment of offenders-Disposal of negroes-Agents on the coast of Africa—
Bounty for captured negroes-Penalty for holding negroes imported-bounty to
informers-Port of adjudication-Repeal of repugnant acts-appropriation of
money-Sec in connexion with the second section of this convention, the opinion
of the Attorney General of the United States, page 695]

21. Act appropriating $50,000 for the suppression of the slave trade, May 24, 1828.
22. Crimes.-Act more effectually to provide for the punishment of certain crimes
March 3, 1825, 119

against the United States, and other purposes
[General act for punishing offenders.]

23. Piracy.-Act to continue in force "an act to protect the commerce of the United
States, and punish the crime of piracy;" and also to make further provision for
punishing the crime of piracy

May 15, 1820, 122
January 7, 1824, 124

24. Act concerning Discriminating Duties of tonnage and impost

[Netherlands, Prussia, Hanseatic Cities, Oldenburgh, Norway, Sardinia and
Russia, exempt from discriminating duties.]

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25. Proclamation declaring discriminating duties to be suspended so far as they relate
to the subjects of the Pope, June 7, 1827.

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38. pain. Act concerning tonnage duties on Spanish vessels,


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26, Act in addition to “an act concerning discriminating duties” &c, to equalize duties
on Prussian vessels and cargoes,
May 24, 1828, 126
27. Proclamation suspending discrim. duties on vessels &c. of the kingdom of Hanover 127
28. Proclamation suspending discriminating duties on vessels, &c. of Austria, June3,1829 128
29, Proclamation suspending discriminating duties on vessels, &c. of Oldenburg

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September 18, 1830 129
30. France.-Act for carrying into effect the convention of Navigation and Commerce,
between the United States and France,
March 3, 1823, 131

$1. Act regulating commercial intercourse with the islands of Martinique and Gua-
May 9, 1828, 132

32. Apprehension of Deserters.—Act to provide for their apprehension, March 2, 1829, 132
33, Russia.-Act for the punishment of contraventions of the 5th article of the treaty

between the United States and Russia, (see page 446 Vol. 1.) May 19, 1828, 133
34, Denmark.-Act to provide for the adjustment of claims, etc., under the convention
Feb. 25, 1831, 134

of March 28, 1830, (see page 453, Vol. 1.)

35. France.-Act to carry into effect the convention, concluded at Paris, on the 4th of
July, 1831-(see page 524, Vol. 1.)
July 13, 1832 137
36, Colombia.-Act giving effect to a comm. arrangement with the U. S. May 19, 1832 139
37, Portugal.-Act to exempt Portuguese vessels from the payment of duties on


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May 25, 1832, 139

July 13, 1832,






Emperor Francis a party to the treaty of the Holy Alliance, 26 Sept. 1815
A party to the secret treaty of Verona, the 22nd of November, 1822
Declaration of Congress, eight powers-abolition of the Slave Trade, 8th of February 1815 180
General Treaty of Congress, Vienna, 9th of June, 1815. Navigation of rivers-river Po, du-



ties, Towing paths, rivers Rhine, Neckar, Maine Moselle, Meuse, Scheldt
Treaty, Ionian Islands, Paris, Novem. 5, 1815. Independence, Protection of Great Britain
Ld. high commissioner constitutional charter, armed force, national flag, commerce with
Austria, acceding powers, consuls, etc. collectors of customs, naturalization

Declaration of Congress, five powers, Slave Trade, Verona, on18th of November, 1822.1.

Treaty with Switzerland for the mutual surrender of criminals, 14th of July, 1828
Treaty with Brazil, Vienna, 16th of June, 1827
Necessity of a public minister at Vienna, in 1781. p. 484. Wm. Lee, commissioned to repre-

sent Congress of the United States at Vienna. p. 471.—Retires from Vienna
Holy Alliance, treaty of, between 1. Austria, 2. Prussia, 3. Russia, to lend one another, on
every occasion, and in every place, assistance and support; other powers may be received
into the Holy Alliance

Holy Alliance, additions to Secret Treaty of Verona, 22d November, 1822, ratified by Aus-
tria, France, Prussia and Russia

See Great Britain.

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