Plays: Second Series: The Eldest Son, The Little Dream, Justice

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C. Scribner's Sons, 1913 - 109 halaman

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Halaman 47 - ... intention when he committed the prime act from which these subsequent acts arose; no — they are merely evidence of the weak character which is clearly enough his misfortune. But is a man to be lost because he is bred and born with a weak character? Gentlemen, men like the prisoner are destroyed daily under our law for want of that human insight which sees them as they are, patients, and not criminals.
Halaman 66 - I can't help thinking that to shut him up there by himself '11 turn him silly. And nobody •wants that, I s'pose. I don't like to see a man cry. The Chaplain. It's a very rare thing for them to give way like that. Cokeson (looking at him - in a tone of sudden dogged hostility). I keep dogs. The Chaplain. Indeed? Cokeson. Ye-es. And I say this: I wouldn't shut one of them up all by himself, month after month, not if he'd bit me all over.

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