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ing: Provided, That the mother, wife, and children of such man or boy of African descent shall not be made free by the operation of this act except where such mother, wife, and children owe service or labor to some person who during the present rebellion has borne arms against the United States, or adhered to their enemies by giving them aid or comfort.

Sec. 14. That the expenses incurred to carry this act into effect shall be paid out of the general appropriation for the army and volunteers.

Sec. 15. That all persons who have been or shall be hereafter enrolled in the service of the United States under this act shall receive the pay and rations now allowed by law to soldiers according to their respective grades: Provided, That persons of African descent who under this law shall be employed shall receive ten dollars per month and one ration, three dollars of which monthly pay may be in clothing.

Sec. 16. That the medical purveyors and storekeepers' shall give bonds in such sums as the secretary of war may require, with security to be approved by him.

[Approved, July 17, 1862.]

CHAPTER 202.—Approved, July 17, 1862.—Vol. 12, p. 600.

An Act to allow and pay to the state of Missouri the amount of money expended by

said state in the arming and paying of troops employed in the suppression of insurrection against the laws of the United States.

That the state of Missouri shall be entitled to a credit against the direct tax apportioned to said state by the “ Act to provide increased revenue from imports, to pay interest on the public debt, and for other purposes,''? approved August 5, 1861, for all sums of money expended by said state in the arming, equipping, subsisting, and paying of troops organized under the ordinances of the convention of said state, passed during the year 1861, and employed in concert with the Federal authorities in suppressing insurrection against the United States, and enforcing the laws thereof.

Sec. 2. That, for the purpose of ascertaining the amount due to said state for moneys so expended, the secretary of war shall, immediately after the passage of this act, by commission or otherwise, cause the accounts to be examined, and a report made to him of the amount due, which being approved by the secretary of war, and by him certified to the secretary of the treasury, the amount thereof shall be allowed to said state, and deducted

1 Appointed by authority of chap. 80, 20 May, 1862.
? Chap. 45, vol. 12, p. 292.

from the amount apportioned thereto by the aforesaid act, and the remainder only, if any, shall be collected as therein prescribed: Prorided, Tbat, in the adjustment of accounts under this act, no greater rate of compensation shall be allowed than was provided for by the laws of the United States applicable to the arming, equipping, subsisting, and payment of volunteers, in force at the time of the enrolment of such troops of Missouri.

Sec. 3. That if said state shall assume and pay into the treasury the balance of said direct tax, if any, at such time as may be fixed by the serie tary of the treasury, or should said expenditures be found to be equal to the tax, the deduction or discount of fifteen per centum, as prescribed in the fifty-third section of the said recited act, shall be allowed on the wbole amount thus apportioned.

[Approved, July 17, 1862.]

CHAPTER 203.-Approved, July 17, 1862.-Vol. 12, p. 600.

An Act to suspend temporarily the operation of an Act entitled " An Act to prevent and

punish fraud on the part of officers intrusted with making of contracts for the gorersment,approred June second, eighteen hundred and sixty-tro.

That the operation of the act entitled “An act to prevent and punish frauds on the part of officers intrusted with making of contracts for the government," approved June 2, 1862,' be, and the same is hereby, suspended until the first Monday of January, 1863.

RESOLUTION 1.- Approved, December 24, 1861.–Vol. 12, p. 611.

Resolution expressive of the recognition by Congress of the gallant and patriotic service

of the late Brigadier-General Nathaniel Lyon, and the officers and soldiers under kis command, at the battle of Springfield, Missouri.

That Congress deems it just and proper to enter upon its records a recog. nition of the eminent and patriotic services of the late Brigadier-General Nathaniel Lyon. The country to whose services he devoted his life will guard and preserve his fame as a part of its own glory.

That the thanks of Congress are hereby given to the brave officers and soldiers who, under the command of the late General Lyon, sustained the honor of the flag, and achieved victory against overwhelming numbers at the battle of Springfield, in Missouri; and that, in order to commemorate an event so honorable to the country and to themselves, it is ordered that each regiment engaged shall be authorized to bear upon its colors the word “Springfield,” embroidered in letters of gold. And the President of the United States is hereby requested to cause these resolutions to be read at the head of every regiment in the army of the United States.

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RESOLUTION 9.-Approved, February 6, 1862.– Vol. 12, p. 613.

Resolution in relation to allotment certificates of pay to persons held as prisoners of

war in the 80-called Confederate States.

Resolved, That the secretary of war be authorized to procure from such officers and enlisted men of the United States army as are now or hereafter may be held as prisoners of war in the so-called Confederate States, from time to time, their respective allotments of their pay to their families or friends, certified by them in writing, and only [duly) attested in pursuance of such orders as may be made for that purpose by the secretary of war, and upon which certified allotments the said secretary of war shall cause drafts to be made, payable on the city of New York or Boston, to the order of such persons to whom said allotments were or may be made, and to remit said drafts to the address of such person as may be designated in said allotment tickets.

[By resolution 10, approved 22 February, 1862, vol. 12, p. 613, the superintendent of the census is authorized to furnish the secretary of war with such war statistics as from time to time he may judge necessary for the use of his department, in order to develop, concentrate, and bring into action the mechanical and other resources of the United States, for the suppression of the rebellion, and the future defence of the government.

RESOLUTION 12.—Approved, February 22, 1862.—Vol. 12, p. 613.

Resolution tendering the thanks of Congress to the oficers, soldiers, and tamen of the

army and navy for their gallantry in the recent brilliant victories over the enemies of the Union and the Constitution.

That the thanks of Congress are due, and are hereby tendered, to the officers, soldiers, and seamen of the army and navy of the United States, for the heroic gallantry that, under the providence of Almighty God, has won the recent series of brilliant victories over the enemies of the Union and the Constitution.

RESOLUTION 16.--Approved, March 8, 1862.–Vol. 12, p. 615. A Resolution declaratory of the intent and meaning of a certain Act therein named.

Whereas, doubts have arisen as to the true intent and meaning of act numbered 18,4 [chap. 21,] entitled " An act to indemnify the states for expenses incurred by them in the defence of the United States," approved 27 July, 1861:

That the said act shall be construed to apply to expenses incurred as well after as before the date of approval thereof.

RESOLUTION 18.–Approved, March 11, 1862.– Vol. 12, p. 615.

Resolution providing for the payment of the awards of the commission to investigate the

military claims in the Department of the West.

That all sums allowed to be due from the United States to individuals. companies, or corporations, by the commission heretofore appointed by the secretary of war, (for the investigation of military claims against the Department of the West,) composed of David Davis, Joseph Holt, and Hugh Campbell, now sitting at St. Louis, Missouri, shall be deemed to be due and payable, and shall be paid by the disbursing officers, either in St. Louis or Washington, in each case, upon the presentation of the poorher with the commissioners' certificate thereon in any form plainly indicating the allowance of the claim and to what amount. This resolution shal apply only to claims and contracts for service, labor, or materials, and for subsistence, clothing, transportation, arms, supplies, and the purchase, hire, and construction of vessels.

RESOLUTION 22.-Approved, March 19, 1862.- Vol. 12, p. 616. Resolution to authorize the secretary of war to accept moneys appropriated by any state for the payment of its volunteers, and to apply the same as directed by such state.

That if any state, during the present rebellion, shall make any appropriation to pay the volunteers of that state, the secretary of war is hereby authorized to accept the same, and cau it to be applied, by the paymaster-general, to the payments designated by the legislative acts making the appropriation, in the same manner as if appropriated by act of Congress; and also to make any regulations that may be necessary for the disbursement and proper application of such funds to the specific purpose for which they may be appropriated by the several states.

1 This is an error: it should have been chap. 21. No. 18 is another act.

RESOLUTION 25.-Approved, April 4, 1862.-Vol. 12, p. 617.

A Resolution to authorize the President to assign the command of troops in the same

field or department to officers of the same grade, without regard to seniority. That whenever military operations may require the presence of two or more officers of the same grade in the same field or department, the President may assign the command of the forces in such field or department, without regard to seniority of rank.

RESOLUTION 37.- Approved, June 21, 1862.—Vol. 12, p. 620.

A Resolution to encourage enlistments in the regular army and volunteer forces.

That so much of the ninth section of the act approved August third, eighteen hundred and sixty-one,' entitled “An act for the better organization of the military establishment,” as abolishes the premium paid for bringing accepted recruits to the rendezvous, be, and the same is hereby, repealed, and hereafter a premium of two dollars shall be paid to any citizen, non-commissioned officer, or soldier for such [each] accepted recruit for the regular army he may bring to the rendezvous. And every soldier who hereafter enlists, either in the regular army or the volunteers, for three years, or during the war, may receive his first month's pay in advance, upon the mustering of his company into the service of the United States, or after he shall have been mustered into and joined a regiment already in the service.?

RESOLUTION 51.- Approved, July 2, 1862.—Vol. 12, p. 623.

A Resolution to suspend all payments under the Act approved twenty-fifth of March,

eighteen hundred and sixty-two, entitled "An Act to secure to the officers and men actually employed in the western department, or department of Missouri, their pay, bounty, and pension," and for other purposes.

That the secretary of war be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to suspend all payments under the act approved twenty

i Chap. 42. 9 For $25 advance bounty in addition hereto, see chap. 166, 17 July, 1862, sec. 3.

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