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thers, brothers, and sisters of such volunteers as may have died or been killed, or may die or be killed, in service, authorized by the above-recited act: Prorided, That said bounty shall be paid to the following persons, and in the order following, and to no other person, to wit: First, to the widow of such deceased soldier, if there be one. Second, if there be no widow, then to the children of such deceased soldier, share and share alike. Third, if such soldier left neither a widow or child or children, then, and in that case, such bounty shall be paid to the following persons, provided they be residents of the United States, to wit: First, to his father, or, if he shall not be living, or has abandoned the support of his family, then to the mother of such soldier; and if there be neither father nor mother as aforesaid, then such bounty shall be paid to the brothers and sisters of the deceased soldier, resident as aforesaid.

Sec. 3. That that part of the sixth section of the act' above recited, which secured to the widow, if there be one, and, if not, the legal heirs of such volunteers as die or may be killed in the service, in addition to all arrears of pay and allowances, a bounty of one hundred dollars, shall be held to apply to those persons who have enlisted in the regular forces since the first day of July, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, or shall enlist in the regular forces during the year eighteen hundred and sixtytwo, and be paid to the heirs named in this act, and that the bounties herein provided for shall be paid out of any money appropriated for bounty to volunteers.

[Approved, July 11, 1862.]

CHAPTER 148.- Approved, July 11, 1862.-Vol. 12, p. 537.

An Act for the establishment of certain national arsenals. That there be, and hereby is, established a national arsenal at Columbus, in the state of Ohio, at Indianapolis, in the state of Indiana, and on Rock Island, in the state of Illinois, for the deposit and repair of arms and other munitions of war.

(Sec. 2. $100,000 for each of these arsenals appropriated. ]

I Chap. 9, 22 July, 1861.

out prejudice to the right of such soldier or enlisted man to the pay due bim at the date thereof, and report the same to the adjutant-general and the surgeon-general.

[Approved, May 14, 1862.]

CHAPTER 80. — Approved, May 20, 1862.– Vol. 12, p. 403. An Act to authorize the appointment of medical storekeepers and chaplains of in

pitals. That the secretary of war be authorized to add to the medical department of the army medical storekeepers, not exceeding six in number, who shall have the pay and emoluments of mili. tary storekeepers in the quartermaster's department,' who shall he skilled apothecaries or druggists, who shall give the bond and security required by existing laws for military storekeepers in the quartermaster's department, and who shall be stationed at such points as the necessities of the army may require: Provided, That the provisions of this act shall remain in force only during the continuance of the present rebellion.

SEC. 2. That the President of the United States is hereby authorized to appoint, if he shall deem it necessary, a chaplain for each permanent hospital, whose pay,' with that of chaplains of hospitals heretofore appointed by him, shall be the same as thet of regimental chaplains in the volunteer force, and who shall be subject to such rules in relation to leave of absence from duty as are prescribed for commissioned officers of the army.

CHAPTER 93.- Approved, June 2, 1862.–Vol. 12, p. 411.

An Act to prerent and punish fraud on the part of officers intrusted teith mabay

of contracts for the government,

That it shall be the duty of the secretary of war, of the secretary of the navy, and of the secretary of the interior, immediately after the passage of this act, to cause and require

1 Who shall give such bonds as the secretary of war may require, by sec. 16, chap. 201, 17 July, 1862.

? For pay, &c. of all chaplains, see sec. 9, chap. 200, 17 July, 1862.

3 The operation of this act was suspended until the first Monday in January. 1461, by chap. 203, 17 July, 1862, posl.

Very contract made by them, severally, on behalf of the korernment, or by their officers under them appointed to mako such contracts, to be reduced to writing, and signed by the contracting parties with their names at the end thereof, a copy of which shall be filed by the officer making and signing the said contract in the " Returns Office" of the Department of the Interior (hereinafter extablished for that purpose as koon after the contract is made as possible, and within thirty days, together with all bids, offers, and proposals to bim made by per. sons to obtain the same, as also a copy of any advertisement he may have published inviting bids, offerx, or proposals for the same; all the said copies and papers in relation to each con. tract to be attached together by a ribbon and scal, and num. bered in regular order, numerically, according to the number of papers composing the whole return.

SEC. 2. That it shall be the further duty of the said officer, before making his return according to the first section of this art, to athx to the same his affidavit in the following forin, sworn to before some magistrate having authority to admi. nister oaths: "I do solemnly swear (or atfirm, that the cory of contract hereto annexed in an exact copy of a contract made by me personally with

; that I made the same fairly, without any benefit or advantage to myself, or allowing any such benefit or ativanta, corruptly to the maid

- or any other person; and that the papers accompanyink include all those relating to the maid contract, as required by the statute in such cave made and provided." And any officer convicted of falsely and corruptly swearing to such atli lavit shall be subject to all the pains and penalties now by law indlicted for wiliul and corrupt perjury.

SEC 3. That any officer making contracts, as aforesaid, and failing or Deglectink to make returns of the same, according to the provisions of this art, unless from unavoidable accident and not within his control, shall be deemed, in every care of Nuh failure or belect, to be guilty of a mindemeanor, and, on con. viction thereof, shall be punished by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars for more than five hundred dollars, and be imprisoned for not more than mix months, at the discretion of the wurt trying the same.

Sec. 4. That it shall be the duty of the secretary of the interior, immediately after the passage of this act, to provide a fit and proper apartment in his department, to be called the “ Returns Office,” within which to file the returns required by this act to be filed, and to appoint a clerk to attend to the same, who shall be entitled to an annual salary of twelve hundred dollars, and whose duty it shall be to file all returns made to said office, so that the same may be of easy access, filing all returns made by the same officer in the same place, and numbering them as they are made in numerical order. He shall also provide and keep an index-book, with the names of the contracting parties, and the number of each and every contract opposite to the said names; and he shall submit the said index-book and returns to any person desiring to inspect the same; and he shall also furnish copies of said returns to any person paying for said copies to said clerk at the rate of fire cents for every one hundred words, to which said copies certificates shall be appended in every case by the clerk making the same, attesting their correctness, and that each copy so certified is a full and complete copy of said return; which return, so certified under the seal of the Department, shall be evidence in all prosecutions under this act.

Sec. 5. That it shall be the duty of the secretary of war, of the secretary of the navy, and of the secretary of the interior, immediately after the passage of this act, to furnish each and every officer severally appointed by them with authority to make contracts on behalf of the government, with a printed letter of instructions, setting forth the duties of such officer under this act, and also to furnish therewith forms, printed in blank, of contracts to be made, and the affidavit of returns required to be affixed thereto, so that all the instruments may be as nearly uniform as possible.

[Approved, June 2, 1862.]

CHAPTER 109.- Approved, June 18, 1862.-Vol. 12, p. 431.

An Aet proeiding that the officers of volunteere shall be paid on the pay rolls of the

regimente or companies to which they belong. That company officers of volunteers shall be paid on the muster and pay rolls of their company, party, or detachment, and not otherwise, except when such officer may be on detached service without troops, or on leave of absence

CHAPTER 127.-Approved, July 2, 1862.– Vol. 12, p. 502.

As Act to proride for additional medical officer of the rolunteer verrice.' That there shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, forty surgeons and one hundred and twenty assistant surgeons of volunteers, who shall have the rank, pay, and emoluments of otficers of corresponding grades in the regular arıy: Prorulut, That no one shall be appointed to any position under this art unless he shall previourly have been examined by a board of medical officers to be appointed by the secretary of war, and that vacancies in the grade of surgeon shall be tilled by selection from the grade of an intant surgeon on the ground of merit only: ind proridad, furthur. That this act shall continue in force only during the existence of the present rebellion.

SEC. 2. That from and after the passage of this act brigade. surgeons shall be known and designated as surgeons of volun. teens, and shall be attached to the general medical staff under the direction of the surgeon-general; and hereafter such appointments for the medical service of the army shall be appointed xurgeons of volunteers.

Sre 3. That instead of one "Hamistant surgeon," as provided by the second section of the ait of July 21, 1-il, each regi. ment of volunteers in the service of the l'pited States shall have two assistant surgeons.

ee chap. 33, 16 April 1862. Ichapy, but see, fut eavalry regiments, ser. II, chap 201, 11 July, 1*2.

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