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Sec. 10. That the proviso to the second section of the act approved Mareh second, eighteen hundred and twenty-seven, entitled "An act? giving further compensation to the captains and subalterns of the army of the l'nited States in certain Casex," shall be so interpreted as not to include lieutenants who hold the appointments of adjutant and regimental quarter. manter

Sec. 11. That so much of any army regulation as given to any sutler a lied upon any part of the par of the subdiers, or a right to appear at the pas-table to receive the soldier's pay from the paymaxler, shall be, and the Name in hereby, abrogated; and all regulations extending the rights and privegen of mutler beyond the rules and articles of war shall be, and hereby are, abrogated.?

Sec. 12' That the President of the l'nited States be, and he hereby is, authorized, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, to add to the pay department of the army two deputy paymaster-generals, with the pay and allowances, cach, of a deputy* quartermaster-general, and ten paymasters, with the pay and allowances, cach, of' a paymaster of the army; and the otticers so appointed shall give such bonds as the President whail, from time to time, direct: Proruded, That the deputy pay. manter generals shall, in addition to paying troops, superintend the payment of armies in the field.

Suc. 13. That the officers of the pay department shall have rank corresponding with the rank to which their pay and allow. aners are a similated: Prorised, That paymasters shall not in virtue of much rank be entitled to command in the line, or other statf departments of the army: Prutuled, alxı, That the right 10 command in the pay department, between otheer having the mame rank, shall be in tavor of the oldest in service in the department, without regard to the date of commuisklon under which they may be acting at the time.

Snr. 11 That all pay master hervatter to be appointed by the President for the volunteer mertee of the United States hail be nominated to the senate for contirmation to sub office

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Sec. 15. That the non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates of the regiment of dragoons authorized to be raised by an act entitled “An act to raise for a limited time? an additional military force, and for other purposes," shall receive the same bounty as is allowed to the non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates of the other regiments authorized to be raised by said act.

Sec. 16. That the President of the t'nited States be, and is hereby, authorized to add to the ordnance department, whenerer be shall deem it expedient to increase the same, two captains and six first lieutenants, who shall be entitled to receive the same pay and allowances as officers of those grades, respectively, now belonging to that department, to be disbanded at the close of the war.

Sec. 17.4 That when any non-commissioned officer shall distinguish himself, or may have distinguished himself, in the ser. vice, the President of the United States shall be, and is hereby, authorized, on the recommendation of the commanding officer of the regiment to which such non-commissioned officer belongs, to attach him by brevet of the lowest grade of rank, with the usual pay and emoluments of such grade, to any corps of the army : Provided, That there shall not be more than one so attached to any one company at the same time; and when any private soldier shall so distinguish himself, the President may in like manner grant him a certificate of merit, which shall entitle him to additional pay at the rate of two dollars per month.

Sec. 18. That there shall be added to each of the regiments of artillery two companies, to be organized in the same manner. and who shall receive the like pay and allowances in every respect, as authorized by existing laws; and in addition to the four companies authorized by the act of March second, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one, to be equipped as light artillery, the President is bereby empowered, when he shall deem it necessary, to designate four other companies, one in each regiment, to be organized and equipped as light artillery; and each regiment of artillery shall be allowed two principal musicians, with the rates of pay provided by law for the principal musicians in the regiments of infantry.

1 Chap. s.

? See March, 1821, chap. 13, sec. 1, and 5 April, 1839. chap. 67, and 3 July, I chap. 162, and 19 July, 1848, cbap. 104; and sec. 3, chap. 42, 3 August, inol, for further increase. 3 See 22d section of this act.

See 4 August, 1854. cbap. 247. 5 See 2 March, 1821, cbap. 13. sec. 2, and 17 Jupe, 1850, ohap. 20, and sec. 22 of this act.

6 Chap. 1.

Sec. 19. That the officers and men of the light artillery, when serving as such and mounted, shall receive the same pay and allowances as provided by law for the dragoons.

Sec. 20. That the provisions of the sixth section of the act entitled “An act respecting the organization of the army,” &c., approved August twenty-third, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two, which allow additional rations to certain officers of the army, be, and the same are hereby, so extended as to embrace the quartermaster-general and adjutant-general of the army from the date of the act.

Sec. 21. That, for the purpose of avoiding unnecessary expenses in the military establishment including volunteers, the President of the United States be, and he is hereby, authorized, in case of failure in filling the rank and file of any regiment or regiments, to consolidate such deficient regiment or regiments, and discharge all supernumerary officers: Provided, That officers so discharged shall be allowed, in addition to the mileage already authorized by law, three months' pay to each.

Sec. 22. That all? the officers appointed, and the additional force authorized to be raised, under this act, shall be discharged at the close of the war with Mexico, except the officers of the ordnance authorized by the sixteenth section, and the two companies to each regiment of artillery authorized by the eigbteenth section of this act.

[Approved, March 3, 1847.]

i Chap. 186.

2 The discharge as to officers named in the 2d section was repealed 19 July, 1848, chap. 104, sec. 3, and the proviso of the 3d section of the act of 1848 was repealed 2 March, 1849, chap. 83, sec. 4, as to the adjutant-general's department; and for increase and organization of the adjutant-general's, quartermaster-general's, ordnance and other departments, see the acts of July, 1862; and again, for new organization of the adjutant-general's office, see chap. 200, 17 July, 1862.

CHAPTER 66.—Approved, March 3, 1847.-Vol. 9, p. 203.

An Act to amend an Act entitled An Act to provide for the better organization of the department of Indian Affairs," and an Act entitled " An Act to regulate trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes, and to preserve peace on the frontiers," approved

June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and thirty-four, and for other purposes. 2. Penalty for introducing into the Indian country and selling spirituous liquors.

Indians made competent witnesses. 3. No annuities, moneys, or goods to be distributed to Indians while in a state of intoxication.

SEC. 2. That the twentieth section of the “ Act to regulate trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes, and to preserve peace on the frontiers," approved June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and thirty-four, be, and the same is hereby, so amended, that, in addition to the fines thereby imposed, any person who shall sell, exchange, or barter, give, or dispose of, any spirituote liquor or wine to an Indian, in the Indian country, or who shall introduce, or attempt to introduce, any spirituous liquor or wine into the Indian country, except such supplies as may be neces. sary for the officers of the United States and the troops of the service, under the direction of the war department, such person, on conviction thereof before the proper district court of the United States, shall in the former case be subject to imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years, and in the latter case not exceeding one year, as shall be prescribed by the court, according to the extent and criminality of the offence. And in all prosecutions arising under this section, and under the twentieth section of the act’ to regulate trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes, and to preserve peace on the frontiers, approveni June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and thirty-four, to which this is an amendment, Indians shall be competent witnesses.

Sec. 3. And no such annuities, or moneys, or goods, shall be paid or distributed to the Indians while they are under the influence of any description of intoxicating liquor, nor while there are good and sufficient reasons for the officers or agents whose duty it may be to make such payments or distribution, for believing that there is any species of intoxicating liquor within convenient reach of the Indians, nor until the chiefs ar head men of the tribe shall bave pledged themselves to use a.l

I Chap. 161. ? Chap. 161. See act of July, 1862, chap. 24, a substitute for sec. 20 of chap. 16:

their influence and to make all proper exertions to prevent the introduction and sale of such liquor in their country.

[Approved, March 3, 1847.]

RESOLUTION 5.-Approved, March 2, 1847.--Vol. 9, p. 206.

Resolutions giving the thanks of Congress to Major-General Taylor, and the officers and

men under his command in the late military operations at Monterey. Thanks of Congress tendered to Major-General Taylor, his officers and meh.

A gold medal to be struck and presented to General Taylor.

Swords to be presented to Generals Butler, Henderson, Twiggs, Worth, and Quitman.

A sword to be presented to the nearest male relative of General Hamer.

The President to cause the foregoing resolutions to be communicated to General Taylor, and, through him, to the army under his command.

RESOLUTION 7.-Approved, March 3, 1847.–Vol. 9, p. 206.

A Resolution to refund money to the States which have supplied volunteers and furnished

them transportation during the present war, before being mustered and received into the service of the United States.

That the secretary of war be, and he is hereby, authorized and required to cause to be refunded to the several states, or to individuals for services rendered acting under the authority of any states, the amount of expenses incurred by them in organizing, subsisting, and transporting volunteers previous to their being mustered and received into the service of the United States for the present war, and for subsisting troops in the service of the United States, without waiting for deductions to be made from the pay of said volunteers.

CHAPTER 6.- Approved, January 26, 1848.-Vol. 9, p. 210.

An Act to provide clothing for volunteers in the service of the United States.

That in lieu of the money3 which, under existing laws, is allowed to volunteers as a commutation for clothing, the President be, and he is hereby, authorized to cause the volunteers to be furnished with clothing in kind, at the same rates, according to grades, as is provided for the troops of the regular army i See 2 June, 1848, chap. 60, sec. 1. 2 All claims under this resolution supposed to have been settled. 3 $3.50 per month by sec. 6, chap. 29, 18 June, 1846; and see sec. 5, chap. 9, 25 July,

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