A View From the Pew: A Tribute to Pastors

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Morgan James Publishing, 2007 - 168 halaman
""There are many others who are called into many dimensions of Christian service: missionaries, evangelists, Bible teachers, Sunday school teachers, and others; but no one touches two young hands, with God, to join them in a lifetime relationship in the way that a pastor does: No one touches the head of a tiny babe at the moment of christening to ask God to bless and sustain until that later day of accountability: No one touches the feverish hand or forehead of the hospital patient with words of hope and comfort: No one reaches forth his hand to touch the hardwood or metal beneath a floral arrangement to speak those final, earthly words - no one, in the same way as a pastor."" - Joyce Proctor Beaman

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Joyce Proctor Beaman, a lifelong resident of Wilson County, was a teacher in the public schools of North Carolina for thirty-five years. Church has been a part of her life for more than twice that length of time - going back to her ""baby-in-a-blanket"" days. Even though she is the author of five previously published hardback books, she felt that this was a book that she just had to write: When you read this book, I believe you will understand why.

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