Appropriations, Department of Commerce, 1928: Hearing Before Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations ... in Charge of Departments of State, Justice, Commerce, and Labor Appropriation Bill for 1928. Sixty-ninth Congress, Second Session

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1927 - 578 halaman

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Halaman 234 - Act is declared unconstitutional or the application thereof to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the validity of the remainder of the Act and the application of such provision to other persons and circumstances shall not be affected thereby. SEC.
Halaman 241 - Now, in reference to the Secretary of the Treasury, subdivision (b) provides that — The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to (1) designate places in the United States at ports of entry for civil aircraft arriving in the United States from any place outside thereof and for merchandise carried on such aircraft; (2...
Halaman 229 - interstate commerce " shall be construed to mean commerce between any State, Territory, or possession, or the District of Columbia, and any place outside thereof ; or between points within the same State, Territory, or possession, or the District of Columbia, but through any place outside thereof, or within any Territory or possession, or the District of Columbia.
Halaman 230 - States and is not registered under the laws of any foreign country; or (2) It is an aircraft of the Federal Government, or of a State, Territory, or possession of the United States, or the District of Columbia, or of a political subdivision thereof.
Halaman 232 - States from any place outside thereof and for the merchandise carried on such aircraft, by the Attorney General as a port of entry for aliens arriving on such aircraft, and by the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare as a place for quarantine inspection.
Halaman 238 - Congress, (1) to establish, operate, and maintain along such airways all necessary air navigation facilities except airports; and (2) to chart such airways and arrange for publication of maps of such airways, utilizing the facilities and assistance of existing agencies of the Government so far as practicable.
Halaman 232 - ... such expenditures (including expenditures for personal services and rent at the seat of government and elsewhere, for law books...
Halaman 232 - Foreign aircraft not a part of the armed forces of the foreign nation shall be navigated in the 'United States only if authorized as hereinafter in this section provided; and if so authorized, such aircraft and airmen serving in connection therewith, shall be subject to the requirements of section 3, unless exempt under subdivision (c) of this section.
Halaman 233 - Aircraft" means any contrivance now known or hereafter invented, used, or designed for navigation of or flight in the air.
Halaman 232 - ... and (3) by regulation to provide for the application to civil air navigation of the laws and regulations relating to the administration of the customs laws to such extent and upon such conditions as he deems necessary.

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