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DAUL, a servant
P of Jesus Christ,
T* called to be an

i a one that hath received this special singular mercy

“one that hath receive apostle, separated from him to be an apostle, authorized and set apart unto the gospel of (Acts xiii. 2.) to that office of preaching the gospel, God, 37Which he had (which God had promised by the prophets that it promised afore by should now be revealed to the Gentiles as well as his prophets in the Jews, to all the world by the ministry of the apostles,) holy scriptures,).. 3, 4. Concerning the Messias, the Son of God, by 3. Concerning his hi

8. bis him sent into the world, (who according to the flesh Son Jesus Christ our Lord. which was was born a Jew, of the stock of David, but according 2 made of the seed to the spirit of holiness, or in respect of that other of David according nature in him, called his eternal Spirit, Heb. ix. 14,

(far above all that is flesh and blood,) that, I say, 4 And 3 declared to be the Son of God W

which shone in him most perfectly after, and through with power, accord, and by his resurrection from the dead, 2 Cor. xiii. 4, ing to the spirit of was set at God's right hand, the Son of God in power, holiness, by the to whom accordingly, as to a Son, all power was given [a]resurrection from by the Father.) even Jesus Christ our Lord: the dead: 5 By whom we have 5. Who hath afforded me the favour or honour to received grace and be sent as apostle of the Gentiles to all the nations of

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