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tention. Heard he was practic- acquainted with Francis Burke, ing in Washington, was the rea- and have some knowledge of the son for my sending on; he was skill and capacity with which successful and attentive, and he treats his patients. Was with was considered skilful in the use him when he attended the cases of the medicines.

of cholera which occurred in Cross-eramined. We gener- French alley. Was with him ally steam until the patients be- there, both day and night, for come nauseated, or until we dis- some time, and always found cover from their expression a him successful, very attentive fullness of the stomach. We and kind. Burke and myself atthen remove them from the tended eight cases in French steam, if in the steam box, if alley, and cured six of them; they are lying, we still go on some of which were very desperwith the steam. These are the ate cases, and the physicians said general rules, and I should con- they could not be cured. Have sider them as sufficient guides in been with him at other and vaall cases. We calculate that the rious places, where he was atcirculation will be increased in tending patients afflicted with the certain cases. In violent fever, cholera, and have always seen the pulse will be softened. I the same attention on his part think our heating medicines under every circumstance. He equalize the circulation through- left his business and started out out the whole system. This is a at the time the cholera appeared rule in our system, and I never in this city-and when he was knew the rule to fail. The ef- much engaged in his business. fect of it is to cause the system Consider him a discreet, sensible to expand, and to cause it to cir- man; a man of strong mind and culate the blood more freely. We discreet judgment-So much so, never apply steam without the that when I am at a loss how to accompanying medicines. This treat any patient I might have, I is another general rule which we always apply to him for advice, nerer depart from. While the what course to pursue. He is patient is under the effects of thought by those who have used the steam, we apply stimulating Thomson's medicines, and are acmedicines. Lobelia is a stimu- quainted with him, to be a skillating medicine. Cayenne pep- ful practitioner, a strong-minded per also stimulates, and uni- man of good sense. Judge of formly regulates the circulation. the quantity of steam which we

Mrs. James. Have passed apply to the patient by his through two courses of the symptoms while under the treatThomsonian practice and de- ment. When he finds himself rived a high degre of benefit relieved or nauseated, it is then from their effects. Could not customary to draw the steam off. attribute it to anything else, but Have seen no instance where it believe that it was this system has not produced nausea. We which was of such great service use our judgment to direct us to me. It was applied under the how long to continue the steam; direction of Mr. Williams. and, in making up this judg

Samuel F. Reynolds. Am well ment, we have reference to the

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symptoms of the patient. Have good health, sufficient to attend seen no instance where we have to my ordinary business. On not given relief. Wherever I 25th September was again taken have seen Thomson's medicines very ill with the same sort of administered, I have always abscess of the lungs, and also found that they have had the the bilious fever. Was so ill effect which was intended. We that my friends who were around inquire into the general feelings thought me in a dying state, and of the patient, in order to direct wrote a leter to my father, inthe length of time necessary to forming my family of the situcontinue the use of the applica ation in which I was, and their tions.

expectation of my death in a Miss H. Y. Williamson. Was short time. In this situation, indisposed in 1829, and remained sent for Mr. Burke; he took me so until 1830. Was attended by through a regular course, and several regular physicians in the it had such an effect upon me as State of Pennsylvania. Their I had never before witnessed;

second time they came they de- this time. Lay for two weeks so clared that nothing could be ill as not to be able to help mydone to relieve me. My disease self, and all the time I found Mr. was an abscess of the lungs and Burke very attentive and kind. an enlargement of the heart; and He came frequently, and seemed it was the opinion of the phy- to feel great interest in my imsicians that I could not possibly provement and encouraged me be cured. In August, 1831, my by the assurance that he thought

consequence of which was fre- tion and kindness to me was such quent bleeding from the lungs that I said I would rather see and great weakness. On the him than any other person in the 16th of September, I arrived in world. Thought I was at the Baltimore. Went to my uncle's, point of death, and had not the who lived on the Fall's road. most remote idea of recovering. Then took three courses of Mr. Burke's attention was Thomsonian medicine, which was greater than I ever received from attended to by Mrs. Coates, and any physician, although I had from this treatment I experi- been attended by several, and I enced great relief, and found got better from the commencethat I was getting much better. ment of his attendance. Know Then came under the care of by the discharges that I had the Mrs. Williams; and after having abscess and bleeding from the been under her charge for some lungs, and this was the opinion time, I found such health as I of my physicians in Pennsylhad not enjoyed for four years, vania. Had a violent fever and remained in pretty good about five days before I took the health until last fall, when I was medicines. Took six teaspoonagain taken with the same com- fuls of lobelia, as strong as it plaint, and was attended by Mr. could be made, in the course of Williams, his wife, and Mr. three or four hours. When I Burke. Was again in pretty came to Baltimore I weighed


seventy-eight, and my recovery time, but never have made a was so great that when I recov. regular business of practicing it, ered I weighed one hundred and and the more I have investigated fifty-four. Now enjoy better it, the better I am satisfied of health than I ever did before; the mistaken treatment of the my physicians in Pennsylvania faculty.) The man said his wife said I had an abscess, and that and child had the cholera, and I could not recover. So great is that they lived in Wagon alley, the change in me I do not think and that if I would consent to my friends in Pennsylvania will come and see if anything could know me.

be done he would give anyEdward Needles. It has not thing he was able. Told him I been long since I became ac- did not practice for money, but quainted with Francis Burke; that as he was so anxious I only since the introduction of should go, I would see if I could the cholera into this city. Con- do anything. Went to his house sider him a man of intelligence, and found five children-two of a smart man, an astute man, and them sick, and the mother, Mrs. a man of good judgment. My Oram, totally collapsed. She wife was under his treatment; was speechless and unable to she was relieved by him in a move. The man said that he was short time. Consider him very told Mrs. Oram was so far gone skilful in his practice.

as to be beyond any hopes; but Edward N. Sweeney. Became that he wished I would try to do acquainted with Mr. Burke one something for the children. My day before the announcement of feelings were much moved on the the cholera being in Baltimore occasion, and I gave them a dose was made in the public papers of medicine, and such is the tenSince I became acquainted with dency of our medicine that as him, I had many opportunities soon as it was taken it had an of seeing him, and consider him effect. It was the medicine No. a man of judgment. Consider l; the strongest preparationhim decidedly the best Thom- and which, on account of its sonian in this city of my ac- strength, has been jocularly quaintance, except Mr. John M. termed Sampson. Told the man, Williams, and suppose he is bet- after turning round and looking ter, as he had more practice. at Mrs. Oram, that if it were my Consider him a skilful man and case, I would not give it up. He a man of good strong mind. begged me that if I thought any

One morning during the good could be done, to do it. prevalence of the cholera, heard Gave her some of the same media knocking at my door at 4 cine I had given the children, o'clock, and on opening the win- and I took a teaspoonful and a dow, a man asked me if there half of the strong lobelia and was not a doctor lived there. poured it down her throat. We Told him that he was mistaken; had to force her mouth open to that there was one further down do it. As soon as she swallowed the street, and inquired what it she moved, and I found the was the matter. (I have held a medicines had taken effect. In right under this system for some a few minutes I told them I thought it was probable she Dr. Cole. The symptoms of would recover, and I went for congestion of the lungs and Mr. Burke and Mr. Reynolds. brain might be discovered by The child lived about six days. any one acquainted with the subLeft the cases with Mr. Burke, ject. By convulsions, flushed and he attended very particu- countenance, redness of the eyes, larly and attentively to them, insensibility of the pupil of the being there nearly all day and eye to light, eyes immovable, night, and only slept upon state of the lungs, great difficulty chairs. The woman got better, of breathing, these are all sympand is now cured; I saw her yes- toms of congestion. The progterday. Also knew of another ress of congestion would have case of Mr. Burke's in which he been discovered by the pulse to was the one that administered, a certain extent. The pulse beand that with success. This was comes slower in congestion, in the case of a woman at Brom- consequence of the circulation ley's tavern, near the Marsh becoming impeded, and requires market, who had violent convul- a greater effort of the system to sions. They had been out to sustain the circulation. The find Burke; but he could not be treatment would produce a viofound. There were not exactly lent and strong circulation, then the same symptoms in all the congestion. This can always be cases, but still I believe that all discovered by the symptoms. disease is produced from the They had all manifested themsame and one general cause. Mr. selves before I got there. Burke gave her a vial full of the Abner Pope. It was between same medicines-about three 11 and 12 I was at Bell's, on the ounces—and it did not relieve. morning of Hazelip's death. We are by no means particular Judge so from the circumstance about the quantity of medicine, of soon after going to dinner. neither do we care anything Was there about a quarter of about symptoms. My brother an hour, and I dine between 1

vial of lobelia, after I did, and this all of the strongest preparation. Consider Mr. Burke as a man of good judgment, and very attentive to his patients, and that he has sacrificed much time in attending during the cholera. Hope this court will, before it adjourns, give my friend a diploma.

Ephraim Larrabee. Consider Burke a man of judgment-a sensible man; and if I were sick and at the point of death, I would prefer him to any other man. Believe him a man of judgment, and a very smart man.

Elijah Stansbury's, near the causeway, and was returning. Some time after breakfast I left home and went to Stansbury's. Stopped at E. Larrabee's on the route, probably half an hour. Went from there to Godfrey Myer's, and I think from there to Stansbury's. Don't recollect whether Myers was at home or not; stopped there but short time; and I think I went direct from there to Stansbury's. Don't know how long we were at Stansbury's; after I left there I came direct to Larrabee's to attend a committee meeting there. Was on the opposite side of the street from Bell's, and the sound the heart. Would not take the seeming to come from above in- steam entirely off. Would have duced me to look up.

reduced it, which can be done as Mr. Moffit. Did not see Mr. quick as we can turn the finger, Pope there, nor Mr. Stansbury. by turning the cock part round.

Mr. Williams. I stated that Have kept up the action of the criterion by which I should steam until the patient has comjudge the proper time to remove plained, then I have reduced it, the patient from the steam box and continued it until the object would be when nausea was pro- was accomplished. Have known duced, or indication of fullness persons kept in a high state of of the stomach. While the pa- perspiration by the use of steam. tient was confined upon the Have kept N. Hynson sitting steam cot, I would not withdraw and standing together, one hour the steam entirely; this would and a quarter, and I have kept make him liable to a chill and my wife continually under the return of spasms. I would re- influence of the steam from duce the steam, but not remove bricks, for two nights and one it entirely. Hence the difficulty day. of breathing by a pressure on



The Counsel for the Defendant said that they considered, out of respect to the court and jury, who had already been a long time considering this case, they would not examine any other of the numerous witnesses that had been summoned in support of the prisoner, and considered that enough had been said before the jury by them to furnish a clear view of the whole case.

Mr. Gill, Deputy Attorney General. Gentlemen of the Jury: The duty to perform is one of a novel character. The Grand Jury has, in the discharge of the duties and responsibilities devolving upon them, presented the prisoner at the bar, on a charge of manslaughter. The charge is one, the prosecution of which, is attended with great difficulty and delicacy, because, in its consideration, it embraces subjects involving not only the character of many individuals, but dangerous consequences to the peace and well-being of society—consequences, frequently, entirely irreparable; to discountenance which, laws were enacted, and the administra

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