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brimstone used in that way were placing blankets around would remove cramps. He was him, and gave him a little comexceedingly alarmed, and to my position. There was no dismind, frightened, and said, charge from the bowels while I "Pray, gentlemen, don't leave remained. I cannot explain exme.” The brimstone was simply actly how I can distinguish a held in the hand; a roll of it cholera groan. It is a groan of about four inches long. Had great distress, and I was sure heard from those to whom I had the groan I heard proceeded recommended it to be tried in from some one laboring under this way, that it had proved the cholera. Am no professor, serviceable. Never tried any- only in my own family, where thing in this way except brim- I make use of Thomson's medistone, in order to prove whether cine entirely, and no consideraany other hard substance tion should deprive me of it. 15 clenched in the hand would re- has always answered the purpose move cramps, and do not know I intended it should. Did not whether it would or not. My feel Hazelip's pulse while I was impression was, and always has there. Took hold of his arms. been. that it is the brimstone Use the Thomsonian medicines which has this effect. Gave it to myself. Took a little nerve powhim in one hand, and sent and der this morning, expecting a got the other, which was also keel-hauling from what I had given to him.

seen Dr. Cole undergo when he After this, he covered himself was called up. Own a right, up in blankets, and no person and am a member of the took it from him that I saw. Friendly Botanical Society. One

I examined the man while he of the provisions of becoming a was on the steam cot. He then member is, that we are bound to complained of cramps; his face give all important information was a little flushed. Did not re- to others who may purchase the mark his eyes. The flushed face rights, and may become members is not always an accompaniment of the society. There is some of the cholera until after steam- other information more than is ing. He said that he had obtained from Thomson's book, cramps. Do not know it, except which we are bound to communi. from his assertion, that he had cate to each other, but which I violent cramps, and I should do not feel at liberty to tell here. judge that they were violent The Deputy Attorney General. from hearing the cry in the The witness should be directed to street. Do not positively know declare what this information of that the cry proceeded from importance which the member3 Hazelip, but believe it did, as profess to communicate to each I knew it was some one who had other was. The publication of the cholera. He shook; whether Thomson shows upon its face from fright, cholera oy spasms. that there is other important inI know he was much alarmed. formation connected with the When I went into the room, his practice of this system; and to arms were not covered; they obtain which, he refers those who purchase the book to some decide, and we are sure the jury other source. Now it is neces- cannot. And we would ask, what sary to a correct understanding is quackery? We are sure that of this question, that the court we are unable to decide what it and jury should understand the is. Altogether, the question nature of the information, and must come to the language of the the object in referring to another indictment, which is specific, and source to obtain it, instead of the to these specific charges the inbook itself. This was important vestigation must be limited. The to be known in this case, to de- testimony, therefore, proposed to cide how far these men are prac. be produced, is not relevant to ticing a system which the knowl- the case. edge they have of it proves to Mr. Pope. There are privi. them is pernicious in its effects, leges attached to the memberand this information should be ship of the Friendly Botanic Socommunicated to us to enable us ciety which I do not feel at libto understand the tendency oferty to state. Have understood the administration of the system that Burke holds one of these of practice which we are now in rights. It bears date, I think, vestigating.

17th April, 1827. Have gone The CHIEF JUSTICE. We are through a course of medicine anxious that the case now be- myself on the Thomsonian sysfore us should be understood as tem. First I took composition; not an investigation of any sys- then I took composition again. tem of medicine. Some latitude The third remedy is sometimes had been allowed in the investi- an injection. Lobelia comes gation, but it was only by con- next, cayenne pepper comes sent of the parties; but when an next; next in order we throw it objection was raised to the ques- up. Sometimes we take a good tion, we were bound to say we drink of anti-canker tea, next did not consider the question as about half a pint of good porrelevant to the case. If the in- ridge. The porridge won't come vestigation was to be allowed to up. Then we take a little more proceed, and the discussion of composition, number 6, or caythe different systems of practice enne, at discretion. Then take a pursued, were permitted, there little more porridge. I make is no knowing where the case mine of corn gruel, and use with would stop; it would never be it a little molasses. Then we terminated. The Court has seen throw up again, but the porridge that different professors and dif- won't come up. But we must go ferent schools of medicine differ back; I forgot the steam. We upon questions of practice in take the steam before the emetic. this room, and who should de- This is my experience and prac. cide between them? We are tice, and generally after the innot competent to say whether jection. Injections always opThomson's system is better than erate. We always steam before the old, or whether the old is the emetic. We apply the steam better than Thomson's. This is before we empty the stomach. a matter which the Court cannot We take the emetic to cleanse the stomach. What we call can- a man on the steam cot, underker is a mucous substance, which going the Thomsonian treatcomes from the stomach. We ment. He complained very much apply the steam from five to of spasms and cramps in his twenty-five minutes. Have ap- arms and legs. Bell only was plied it that long on myself, but present when we first went in. never have taken it longer. Have Burke was not present. Bell taken it when I was slightly un- was rubbing his arms with numwell. Have gone through a regu- ber 6, for the purpose of allaylar course when I have been ing the spasms. Expressed my slightly unwell. Have never opinion that the current of air had a very severe attack since in the room would do more harm I have been in possession of a than the rubbing would do good. right. The certificate is dated His arms were exposed as far as 27th March, 1830, and I have the elbows. The steam was innever had any severe sickness troduced at his feet. Mr. Pope since I have taken these medi- pulled out of his pocket a roll cines. The first time I was very of brimstone, and put it into ill was in 1819. Had the yellow Hazelip's hand; he seemed too fever. The next severe attack I warm. Examined his feet and had was in going to the Western thought it was warmer than was country, in the year 1825. Have necessary. Advised Bell to renever been very sick since. Have duce the steam, and he did so been very well since 1830. Have by turning it off. We remained had no serious spell since, but about fifteen minutes. He comhave been frequently slightly plained of pains in his arms and sick, and have made use of these legs for five or six minutes, and medicines. Whenever I have felt then seemed relieved, and ceased unwell, I have taken Thomson's complaining. After this Burko medicines, and they have proved came in, and said he had been always beneficial. Have had after medicine. He then gave a better health since than I ever dose of composition, and in a had before. Had for several few minutes he was considerably years what they call the con- easier, and not in so much pain. sumption, and it is to Thomson's Have seen cases of cholera durmedicines I attribute my presenting the epidemic in this city. health.

Was called to, I think, eight Elijah Stansbury, Jr. Was cases. Thought them cases of with Mr. Pope on his visit to cholera. Other persons thought Bell's; we went there together. So, and expressed their opinion Mr. Pope called at my house, that they were cases of cholera. and we came up; and in going Was unwilling to risk my own up Second street, heard some judgment; called on Mr. Myers moaning. Pope remarked it and Mr. Williams, whom I had must be a cholera patient. Do known frequently to have pracnot know which proposed to go ticed in cases of cholera, and in. Pope appeared to be ac- with great success. Would say quainted with the cholera groans. unhesitatingly that the exhibiWe walked upstairs, and found tion and symptoms of the case of Hazelip, and those I have at green plant to prove effectual tended, had a striking similar in cases of the most violent inity; they had all cramps, and flammation of the eyes. Believe were measurably the same. Gen- that our standard writers who erally took such persons as I un- have treated of lobelia, have dertook through a whole course, labored under a great mistake. but not all. Never applied steam Dr. Waterhouse and others who to the system generally, except have treated of it seem to have by means of the application of confounded it with another hot bricks to the body and feet. plant. The lobelia inflata is not Never had an opportunity of poisonous, as many have deusing the steam bath. When I scribed it. Cattle will eat it at have applied the steam, I have all times; but the lobelia carcontinued it until the spasms dinalis spoken of by Dr. Bigewere removed. Have sometimes low, I have never known cattle been obliged to continue it for to browse upon. These two they four hours at a time. Give the have confounded together, when composition first. Have had a they are very different plants, right about three months; not and their effects are entirely difbefore the epidemic. I com- ferent. Have never known a menced in consequence of the plant of the lobelia cardinalis to illness of my wife. Myself and be browsed upon; this is the Mr. Williams attended her. plant which Dr. Bigelow has deCramps and spasms were what scribed. Have taken lobelia myI judged the cholera by. Have self several times, and have frefound the tongue very cold. quently administered it with sucHazelip's pulse was fuller and cess to others. In a case of quicker than I generally found hemorrhage of the lungs of one

of my neighbors, who had been Roger Brooke. Have used no under a course for years of the other medicines in my family for usual remedies, and at last detwo years than the Thomsonian termined not again to apply for medicines, and have also given medical aid, I was solicited to them to some of my neighbors administer, and I felt the reand friends who have urged me sponsibility of the case. Having to do so. The plant lobelia, read Dr. Waterhouse and the dewhich has been so often spoken fense of Thomson, and having of, I have known from my boy- confidence in him, I was induced hood under the name of eye- to try them, and checked it in bright, a name given to it for less than three hours. The pa. its great virtues in curing in- tient got up, eat heartier than I flammation of the eyes. It has did, and used active exercise, and proved very effectual in curing is now in good health. He was diseases of the eye, and I have as white as the wall. He statel known it to be applied after all that he discharged more the last the remedies recommended by time than at any previous time. the regular physicians have I thought that if I could equalfailed, and to succeed. Have ize the circulation, I might sucknown one application of the ceed. Some medical gentleman


said it would stop itself. They hilarated and enlivened for the then tried to pursuade him whole day. Have a cold and there was, in a large one, less dyspeptic stomach, and find it danger than in a small one. I did serviceable to take a little caynot use lobelia in this case; I enne. In case of violent pains, used cayenne, No. 6, composition a half teaspoonful will afford repowder, ginger tea and steam. lief. One of my neighbors was This stopped the hemorrhage. taken violently with spasmodic My object was to get the circu- cholera, and sent for me to lation equalized. It was about administer relief. I sent my 9 o'clock that I was sent for; son with directions to give the blood continued to discharge half a teaspoonful, to obfor some time; it was checked serve its effects, and if it before 12 o'clock. It returned, was borne well, to repeat it. however, and continued to dis- The person was in violent pain; charge, and appeared as if he the husband was so frightened was puking it up. It was blood that he could render no asfrom the lungs, I have no doubt. sistance, and the full teaspoonThe blood was florid, or light ful was given in mistake. The colored.

consequence was, she was reI have never had reason to

lieved, and soon well. Have suppose any injury



result found cayenne pepper the most from the use of lobelia. Have permanent, powerful and purest taken antimonial wine, tartar


tartar stimulant known. Other stimuemetic and ipecacuanha as an

lants shatter the nerves. When emetic, but I consider that lo I had typhus fever, my physician belia is much the easiest medicine gave me brandy. Brandy is not to effect that object. It relieves so good as cayenne in such cases. the stomach without any of the This I have learned, as well nauseating feeling which the from my own experience as from others produce. The doses of the medical authorities. I have lobelia are generally a teaspoon- studied the nature, and consultful at a dose of the powder, and ed authors on the subject of to be repeated in ten or fifteen cayenne. Rees' Cyclopedia has minutes. Have taken myself an article on it. A gentleman three doses: and repeated them lately read authorities to guard in that time sometimes as high me against using it, and attemptas seven teaspoonfuls. It some- ed to satisfy me that it had times operates on me the first or injurious effects. Dr. Wright second teaspoonful. Believe it is also represents it as being very of importance to have it fresh. effective in some fevers which Have used cavenne pepper in prevail when no other medicines my own case, and always carry can have the same effect. A work a bottle of it with me. Am sub. by Dr. Wright, of Barbadoes, ject to depression of spirits, and treats of the good effects of cayfind it necessary to have it with enne in some particular diseases. me. If I take a little of it in Never had the smallest reason to the morning, it causes a glow suppose it has done any injury. over the whole system; I feel ex More than twenty persons

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