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Montgomery, Ala., May 21, 1901. In compliance with the terms of an Act entitled "An Act to Revise and Amend the Constitution of the State of Alabama," approved December 11th, 1900, there assembled in the Hall of the House of Representatives in the Capitol in the city of Montgomery on this, May 21st, 1901, at 12 o'clock noon meridian, a Convention, composed of duly elected and accredited representatives of the people of Alabama, for the purpose indicated in said Act. Hon. Thomas N. McClellan, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, as directed by the enabling act, called the Assembly to order promptly at the noon hour, and appointed the Secretary of State, Hon. Robert P. McDavid, to act as Secretary of the temporary organization.

The Chief Justice referred the attention of the mem-
bers to the Aet providing for the organization of the
Convention, and from a list of duly elected delegates,
which had been certified to him by the Secretary of State,
he called the names of the members, all of whom came
forward and enrolled themselves as follows:
Messrs. D. C. Almon,

D. S. Bethune,
W. A. Altman,

Samuel Blackwell,
John T. Ashcraft,

B. Boykin Boone,
Wm. H. Banks,

Leslie E. Brooks,
J. H. Barefield,

Cecil Browne,
W. H. Bartlett.

Thos. L. Bulger,
J. Robert Beavers,

John D. Burnett,
C. P. Beddow,

John F. Burns,

John A. Blais, H. W. Cardon, A. H. Carmichael, M. S. Carmichael, G. H. Carnathon, D. C. Case, Reuben Chapman, James E. Cobb, W. T. L. Cofer, E. W. Coleman, Thomas W. Coleman, Thomas J. Cornwell, B. II. Craig, R. M. Cunningham, Herbert T. Davis, John A. Davis, S. H. Dent, Edw. W.deGraffenried, J. B. Duke, B. T. Eley, John C. Eyster, T. M. Espy, Chas. W. Ferguson, Wm. C. Fitts, A. S. Fletcher, J. M. Foshee, J. M. Foster, Newman II. Freeman, John A. Gilmore, W.F. Glover, Edward A. Graham, Joseph B. Graham, L. W. Grant, John W. Grayson, Charles H. Greer, L. F. Greer, C. L. Haley, William A. Handley, Geo. P. Harrison, John T. Heflin, J. Thomas Heflin, J. C. Henderson, Evans Hinson, P. W. Hodges, 0. R. Hood,

W. P. Howell,
A. C. Howze,
W. B. Inge,
E. C. Jackson,
Samuel C. Jenkins,
John C. Jones,
James McLean Jones,
Richard C. Jones,
Thomas G. Jones,
John J. King,
James T. Kirk,
W. W. Kirkland,
Wm. N. Knight,
John B. Knox,
R. B. Kyle,
E. W. Ledbetter,
Lawrence W. Locklin,
Tennent Lomax,
J. Lee Long,
T. L. Long,
Robert J. Lowe,
W. T. Lowe,
Gordon Macdonald,
Lee McMillan,
Geo. H. Malone,
J. T. Martin,
J. C. Maxwell,
A. H. Verrill,
Charles H. Miller,
Joseph N. Miller,
Milo Moody,
E. R. Morrisette,
W. 0. Mulkey,
Joel D. Murphree,

C. NeSmith,
J. D. Norman,
Norvelle, R. Leigh, Jr.
Joseph Norwood,
Wm. C. Oates,
Emmet O'Neal,
John W. O'Neill,
Henry Opp,
Rufus A. O'Rear,
Dabney Palmer,
George H. Parker,

John H. Parker,
James P. Pearce,
Erle Pettus,
E. A. Phillips,
Harry Pillans,
P. H. Pitts,
John H. Porter,
John F. Porter,
John F. Proctor,
Henry Fontaine Reese,
N. P. Renfro,
Lewis H. Reynolds,
R. J. Reynolds,
J.J. Robinson,
John A. Rogers,
C. J. Rogers, Sr.,
Wm. H. Samford,
W. T. Sanders,
John W. A. Sanford,
George A. Searey,
Henry C. Selheimer,
J.O. Sentell,
J. B. Sloan,
Gregory L. Smith,
MacA. Smith,

Morgan M. Smith,
Michael Sollie,
George A. Sorrell,
N. B. Spears,
Robert E. Spragins,
J. H. Stewart,
S. L. Studdard,
W. H. Tayloe,
J. F. Thompson,
Watkins M. Vaughan.
Boswell deG. Waddell,
Richard W. Walker,
Thomas H. Watts,
John B. Weakley,
James Weatherly,
Frank S. White,
W. W. Whiteside,
E. D. Willet,
A. E. Williams,
Gesner Williams,
Jere N. Williams,
E. P. Wilson,
Massey Wilson,
James J. Winn.

The Chief Justice then administered the following oath to the whole body, standing, it being in the language of the oath presented in the Enabling Act, towit:

“I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and I will honestly and faithfully perform the duties which are now to devolve on me as a delegate of this Convention, so help me God."

Upon motion of Mr. Harrison, of Lee, the Convention then adjourned until 11 o'clock A. M. on tomorrow.

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