Praizily Beautiful!

Sampul Depan, 1 Jun 2006 - 116 halaman
PRAIZILY BEAUTIFUL Is a collection of intimate poems, inspirational and motivational messages, and uplifting prayers. The purpose of this book to aid and assist the many Nations of people in their walk towards Spiritual Growth and Intimacy with God. These insightful writings are truly a blessing and have been a vital part in teaching many people how to keep their God-Given purposes in focus and how to Stand in any situation and circumstance. Publisher's Note: Crystal Renee Daniels is an avid believer that once people come into the knowledge that God has created all to be victorious and winning in life, then many will begin to see themselves as the Leaders God created them to be and not the failure life wants them to believe. Author's Note: The mouth of the Lord is continuously Kissing us from His heart to ours. And so I asked, Lord How May We Kiss You back? The Lord answered, Through the Fruit of Your Lips

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Beautiful are
Love is Boundless
Give Kisses to the Lord
Focus of My Heart
Who is Him my soul loves?
Eyes of the Soul
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