Sketches of the Irish Bar, Volume 2

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Halaman 70 - The landlord of an Irish estate inhabited by Roman Catholics is a sort of despot, who yields obedience, in whatever concerns the poor, to no law but that of his will.
Halaman 167 - Why should not piety be made, As well as equity, a trade, And men get money by devotion, As well as making of a motion ? B...
Halaman 15 - You do me honour overmuch : you have given to the subaltern all the credit of the superior. There are men concerned in this conspiracy, who are not only superior to me, but even, to your own conceptions of yourself, my Lord ; men before the splendour of whose genius and virtues I should bow with respectful deference, and who would not deign to call you friend — who would not disgrace themselves by shaking your blood-stained hand.
Halaman 12 - Had he heard a man uttering out of those doors such language as that by which the honourable gentleman had violated the decorum of Parliament, he would have seized the ruffian by the throat, and dragged him to the dust! What were the house made of who could listen in patience to such abominable...
Halaman 70 - Ireland; a long series of oppressions, aided by many very ill-judged laws, have brought landlords into a habit of exerting a very lofty superiority, and their vassals into that of an almost unlimited submission: speaking a language that is despised, professing a religion that is abhorred ()and being disarmed, the poor find themselves in many cases slaves even in the bosom of written liberty.
Halaman 25 - He then entered more deeply, as he said, into the case, and, flinging his judicial robe half aside, and sometimes casting off his wig, started from his seat, and threw off a wild harangue, in which neither law, method, nor argument could be discovered. It generally consisted of narratives connected with the history of his early life, which it was impossible to associate with the subject — of jests from Joe Miller, mixed with jokes of his own manufacture, and of sarcastic allusions to any of the...
Halaman 73 - A Protestant King of Ireland, A Protestant Parliament, A Protestant Hierarchy, Protestant Electors and Government, The Benches of Justice, The Army and the Revenue. Through all their Branches and Details, Protestant: And this System Supported by a Connection with the Protestant Realm of Britain.
Halaman 71 - the domineering aristocracy of five hundred thousand Protestants feel the sweets of having two millions of slaves" (the Roman Catholic body was then not one third of what the penal code has since made it), he observes : " The disturbances of the Whiteboys, which lasted ten years" (what would he now say of their duration...
Halaman 152 - In vain for him the officious wife prepares The fire fair-blazing, and the vestment warm, In vain his little children, peeping out Into the mingling storm, demand their sire, With tears of artless innocence. Alas ! Nor wife, nor children, more shall he behold, Nor friends, nor sacred home.
Halaman 297 - This accusation came admirably apropos. " What !" exclaimed the advocate of Mr. O'Connell, " is this to be endured ? Do we live in a free country, and under a constitution ? Is a landlord to commit a battery with impunity, and is a priest to be indicted for his physiognomy, and to be found guilty of a look ?" Thus a valuable set-off against Father Murphy's eyebrows was obtained. After a long debate, the assessor decided that, if either a priest or a landlord actually interrupted the poll, they should...

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