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7ly to See if the town will Reas any moneay for to Defray Charges for the present year & how much

8ly to See whether y® town will do anythinge towards ye Repearing of the meetenghous & what menthed thy will take in Repearing Said houese for yo presente year

9ly to hear ye town accounts read

10ly to act on any other peurtukulers thy think proper when meet

and this shall be your Sufficent warnet

given under our hands and Seals a Derryfield Febry ye 16— 1761

William m Clintock
Abraham Merrill
Hugh Sterling

Seelt Men

Febuary 26— 1762
Recorded pr me

John Hall Town Clark

Province of Nowhamshire In obidence to the wothien preiesept I have warned all the frechoulders & Inhabitantes of time and plaice of meeting & the articals heirin a Serted Pr me march 2— 1761 James Piters Counstable Recorded Febry 26— 1762

pr me John Hall Town Clark

At a meetien of the freehoulders and other Inhabitants of the town of Derryfield Legaly meet agrieabel to a for gowen worrincng-marche 2— 1761

Voted Capt W Pirham Modrator
Voted John Hall town Clark
Voted Capt W Pirham
Voted John Hall
Voted Thomas Ruse

Seclet Men for ye Cornt year

Voted William Gembel Cunstable this year
Voted Davited mo Night

Voted Samuel Qumbey
Voted Mickell m® Clinock

Tyethinmen for the presen year

Voted Chariels Emerson
Voted Robrt Dicky
Voted Dainel mNieall
Voted Joseph Gorge

Surviers of Hegwayes

Voted John Hall tack the Invoices of the Poles & Estates Voted the Seelet-men fencs vewers

Voted the Sccletmen to Be Prayeseors of Dameges Don In in Clouhs*

Voted James Ridell Davietd Stiret Dear Keapers
Voted Abrham Mireall Survier of Lumber
Voted Thomas Ruse Seller of Leathor
Voted William Pirham Juner James umphra Houg Revies

Voted Chariels Eamerson Davited Stiret Count wothe yo Secletmen

Voted one ye thirde artical that if Elizer Robiens Give the Secletmen of Derryfield for year 1761 a Suficent suekrety a Cordien to Law to Kieep ye afor Sd town Ever free of any Cost or Chargess Eaver arisen or Comen one sd town a pone y® a Count of a chield that sd Robens had 18 monthes of the widow woods then the town will Peay Sd Robens Seventy fave poundes old tenor & if the Sd Elizer Robens Dow not Complay wothe the true Intente of this vote not heave any money from the Inhabitantes of sd town

Voted one the forthe artical ounhundred poundes old tenor for Prechien for y® courent year

Voted one ye fifth artical for the Seeletmen to Provied Prichen

Voted one the Sixth artical In the Warrning for the minesters to Loge at John Hall


Voted to ajourne this meeten till the Last Day of marche at teen of the Clock In the for Noon at the meeting houes In Saied town

Marche 31= 1761 meet a Corden to the ajouirment the Modrator and Clark Bothe Present and the meeting Bing opened

Voted Hugh Stirlen Survier of Higwayes
Voted to heave fave Seclet men for the Courent year
Voted Adam Dickey & Hugh Stirlen Seclet-men

Voted to ajourne this meeten till the Last mondeay in June Nixt a teen of Clock in the for Noon in the meetenghoues in sd town

June 29—1761

Meet aCordien to the adjournment the modrator and Clark Bothe Present and the meeting Bing opened

Voted one the Seventh articeal forty pounds old tenor for to Defreay Nesery Charges for yo present year

Voted one the Eight articeal to Repir the meetinghoues this year Sow fare as to Shout oupe all the uper windows and the wast & East Dowers & macke a rofe* Dower on y Sowhe Sied and under Pin ga houess this courent year

Voted that ther be thre Pillers ounder every Siell in the Insied of the houese

Voted to peay John Dickey Eightay Poundes old tenor for ounder Pinen yo aforSd houes & his Complayenes woth yo above vote

Voted one the Ninth artcal till allow the town aСoumptes as foloweth Voted to allowe one the fishery aCoumpt

380 Voted to allowe of ye Borod money

274 4 Voted to allowe of abatmentes

57 19 6


the totel of what meney yo Secletmen red

& pied out

£719 3 6



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Remenes in James Piters Counstabls hands of ye Liste Comited to hiem

£1010 101 Voted to the Secelet men for ye year 1760

30 0 0 Voted to John Hall for macken ye Reates .

6 0 0 Voted to sd Hall for macken yo meetinghoues

Retis for three years Seperate yearly & Recorden the seame .

12 0 0 Voted to Sd Hall for Expinces for intertien the minesters

25—0 Voted to Sd Hall for Counting woth ye Secletmen

2 0 Voted for advice to the Seclet men

4 Voted to the Reva Dainel Michiel for one Days Prichen

20 Voted to ye Revd Timothy Wallkor for 2 Dayes Dito

48 Voted to Hugh Stirlen for tacken ye Invices 6 Voted to Sd Stirlen for Providen prichen

3 Voted to Davied Stiret for Sitelien woth ye Secletmen

2 Voted one the thenth artical In the warent to Pramelet Lienns woth London Derry from Chester Lien to Lo-Dr wast Lien

Voted the Seclect men Be Judges of the ounder Pinen of the meeting houes

Voted that a warranen for Town meetens Shall Be Lawfull for this year To Be Set up a Con] John Goffs Thomas Ruse and John Hall Recorded Febury 26—1762

John Hall Town Clark

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Province of Nowhampshir To William Gembel Constabl for the town of Derryfield Greeting

You are Hear By Required in his Majestys Name to warrn all the free houlders & Inhabetants in the town of Derryfield that thy meet at the meetinghouese in Sd town upon the first Mondy in march nixt at teen of the clock in the fornoon then & ther to acct on the following Perticqulars (Viz)

1ly to Chues a Modrator to Reglaut Sd Meeting
2ly to Chues there town officers for the present year

3ly to See if the town will Reas money for Pericahing and how much

4ly to See if the town will Reas mony for Defraying the town Charges for the present year and how much

5ly to See if the town will Reas any money towards finisheng the meetinghouese & how much

6ly to see if the town will vote to feance the Grave yeard and clier what is Neseray to be Done about the meetinghoues

Yly to See if town will Vote to Peay to m' John Dicky for what Repicars he dide to the meetinghoues mor then he was obliged to by his Bargoun with the town

8ly to see if the town will vote that a warrning for town meetinges Shall in this town be Lawfull to Be posted on the Meeting Houes for the futer

9ly to Hear the town a Coumpts Read & to a Prove or Dise a prove as the town Shall think fiet

And this Shall Be your sufecant Warrant
Given ounder our hands and Seal this 11 day of feb" 1763

Wm Parham
John Hall
Adam Dicky

Seclet Men Recorded March 5th 1763

John Hall Town Clark

Province of Newhampshir By Virtue of this pricept I Have warned the freehoulders & Inhabitantes of Derryfield of time & places & the articals hear In aserted

pr me Wm Gembel Counstable march 1th1762 Recorded March 5= 1763

John Hall Town Clark

At a Meeting of the free Houlders & Inhabitants of the town of Derryfield Legaly assembled the fires Moundy of March 1762 at the Meetinghouese of sd Derryfield

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