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5ly to See what Demensuiens thy Will vot to Buld sa meeting hous

6ly to See if the town will vote to Chues a Committey to Cary on the Bulding of Saied meetien houes

7ly to see if the town Will vot to Raiese Eany money for Preching this year & How mouch

and this Shall be your Suffecant Warrant Givien under onr hands and Seall Dated at Derry field this Secound Day of September 1758

William Perham
William mo Clintok
Abrham miral

Recorded this 3 Day of march 1759

John Hall town Clark

At a meeting of the freeholders and Inhabitents of the town of Derryfield Holden Septembr y 21=1758 agriebal to the fore goieng warnien meet at the Barrn of John Hall Inholder In Saicd Derry field

1ly Voted Capt Alix' mo murphey modrator
2ly Voted to Buld a meet Houes this Present year

3ly Voted to Buld the meetienhoues on John Hall Land Joyineng the Rod Leding to thomas Hall ferry and amies | kege falls

4ly Voted to Rese Six Hundered pounds to Carey on the Bulden of the sd meetien Houes

5ly Voted to Reaise Saied meeting IIoues fortey feet In Lenth thirtey fave feet in Brenth

Oly Voted to Chues a Comitey to carey on the Bulden of Said meeting Houes

ly Voted Capt William Perham & Levt Hugh Stirlen and John Hall the Comitey to Carey on the Bulden of the above Saied meetien Houes

Voted to Dissmise the Seventh artical In the Warent
Recorded this 3 Day of march 1759

John Hall town Clark

A Rood or Highway Lead out In Derryfield Octobor yo 15 1759 (Begining at the North Eind of Hugh Sterling Barn Runing Near a Norwast Point By marked trees upon the North Said of Saied trees to the Banck of the Interveall and then Runing upon a wast pointe by marked trees to Meramack Rever to a white assh tree marked H

Noot Said Rood to be three Roads wide and Six Roods wide upoun yo River Bank fore Rodes from Low water mark)

William Perham
Abrham mirrall
William mo Clintock

Scelat men Recorded this 10 Day of Junery 1760

John Hall town Clark

Derryfield Septmber y® 1 1758

Lead out a highway Roning as followeth Begining at the highway betwixt ye Secound & third Lot In the firest Reang &Runing Southerlay betwen ye two lotes to a Borge & So by marked trees à Lounge the Wast Sicad of yo Borge to a Small Broock & Southerlay by marked trees to Sezer Griefiens land at ye Norwast Courner & So to his Houes and So by marked trees to the Lien Betwixt London Derry & Derryfield

the Rood is two Roodes wide & we allowe half a dollor pr aeeker for the Land tacken oupe by the Rood to the man houes Land it Gowes one

William Perham
William mo Clintock

Seelet men Recorded thies 10 Day Junery 1760

John Hall town Clark

Province of Newhampshier To Benjamen Stiphens Counstabl for the town of Derryfield Greeting

you are Hearby Required in his Majestyes name to Warn all the freehoulders and Inhabetants in the town of Derry

field that they meet at the Barrn of John Hall Inhoulder in Sd town upon the first monday In march next at teen of the Clock in the fornoon then & there to acct one the following Perticqulars (viz)

1 to Chues a modrator to Regluat Said meeting

2ly to Heare the town a Coumptes Red & to aprove or Disaprove

3ly to Chueas ther Town officers for this presen year

4ly to See How much Moneay the town Will Raies for Defraying Nesiseary Charges for the Present year

5ly to See how much money the town Will Raies for Preachen for the present year and Likwies to See if the Will Chuas a man or incnn to provied Preachien for thies present year

Gly to Hear the Report of the Commitey that was to Examien the a Coumptes of the Seclet-men and Cunstabels from the year 1751 till the year 1758

7ly to See What the town Will Done With Elizabath Masey and acct ther one

and thies Shall Be your Sufient Warrant Given ounder ouer handes and Seale thies tenth Day of feb? 1759

William Perham
William mo Clintock
Abraham Merall

Seelct Men Recourded thies firest Day of March 1760

John Hall Town Clark

At a meeting of the freehoulderrs and Inhabitentes of the town of Derryfield meet agrieabeal to the foregowen Warrinen a Levt John Hall Barrn In Sd Derryfield march 5th 1759

Voted that William mo Clintock be modrator

Voted to ajourn the Secound artical till all the town officcars are Chosen

Voted John Hall Be Town Clark

Voted Capt William Pirham and William mo Clintock & Abraham Mirrell Seelct Men

Voted Thomas Russ Be Constable
Voted to ajourn this meetien till John Hall Houss

Voted William Geambel & James mo Night & Nehemiea mo Niell be Tything meen

Voted that the Secelet Men Be Fence Vewers
Voted that John Hall take the Invoce thies year

Voted Capt William Pirham & Ley Hugh Stirlen and L" John Mooress and Einsin Robrt Andrson Be Sarveyers of Higways

Voted James Pierceas & William Pirham Junr & Ezeekeal Stiphenss Hog Revies

Voted Levt Hugh Stirlean Sealer of Leather Voted Capt William Pirham Clarke of the market · Vot John Hall John moors Elizer Robiens Dieer Keepiers

Voted the Secelet men to aprices the Daimeages Don In fields

Voted Ebinizer Stipheness Survier of Bordes Joyes & Timber

Voted Levt Hugh Stirllen & John Hall to Seetel Acoumptes woth the Secelet-men

Voted fortey Pouindes old tenor for Nesserey Charges

Voted one Hundred Poundes old tenor for prichien thies year

Voted Conal John Goffe & Capt Alix mo murphey to provied prechien till the Hundred pounds old tenor that is voted be Spent

Voted to Ajourn this meetin till the Last monday In march at John Hall Houes at teen of the Clock In the for noon

Accordingly monday the 26 Day of march 1759 meet a Ccording to ajournment at John Hall Houes & the modrator & Clark Being present and the meeting Being opned

Voted to aprove of all the Coumptes of the Secelmen as they Have Been Reead for the yeare 1758 which amouintes to the foull of what was collected in sd year

Voted to Chues a Counstable In the Rome of thomas Russ as hie his not apiered to Let the town now wother he will Serve as he was Choues by a vot of the town at ther anuel

march meetien to Serve a Counstable In the town of Derryfield for ye year 1759

Voted that Thomas Russ Shall peay the fiennas the Law Dirieckes for not Quilifien him Self a Cording to Law to Serve a Counstabl In the town a Cording to the vote of sa town

Voted Chaircls Eamerson & Benjmen Hedley Taything


Voted John Hall to provied prichien a Lonnge woth Conol John Goffe and Capt Ali* mo murphey till the money be spent that is voted for the present year

Voted one the Sixt artical to allow the Report of the Commity that was Choues to Sitel all the a Coumptes In Behalf of the town wothe the Counstables & Secelet men till the year 1758 and to Record the Saiem In the town Book as it hies be Read

Voted to ajourn thies meetien till ye Last monday In apireal at tow a Clock In the Eafter nooan at John Hall Houes Recorded may 1759

John Hall Town Clark

Province of Newhampshier Juen 26 1759

agriebrel to the powr Granted to uss by a vot of sa town to Exaimen The Seelet men & Counstble a Coumpts till yo present Deat & to allow or Disallow aCordien as we juge to be righ for ye Beenifit of the town we Sirtify that we have accted aCordien to our troust Invisted in ous & findes all y® for minched Seelct men & Counstabls Proprly Discharged by Resetes from the provincs traishour for peart of the money & by aplayien the Rest of the money for the uese of the town

William Parham
William Mcc Clintok
Abraham merrill
John Hall

Commity Recorded Febuary 6- 1761

John Hall Town Clark

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