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Voted Binjmen Stivens Constabel

Voted Adame Dickey William Nut & Nehemiah mo Niell tything men

Voted that the Seclct-men be fence vewers this year
Voted that John Hall Shall take the Invoice this year

Voted that Ebinezer Stivens James Riddell Elizer Robens & John Hall Be Sarveyers of highwayes

Voted Robert Dickey Ezekel Stivens William pirham Hog Reves

Voted Levt Hugh Stirelen John Hall to coumpt woth yo Seclctmen this year

Voted Thomas Russ Be Scaler of Lethar
Voted Capt William Perham Clark of the Market
Voted John Hall Pound Keepier
Voted James Humphra Dieer Keepier

Voted that this meetieng be ajorned till the 30 Day of this Instant at teen of the Clock in the foornoon at John Hall houess in Sd Derryfield

March the 30 Day

meet according to ajornment and the modrator and Clark being present and the meeting being opened

Voted to Excues Ebinezer Stivens from bing Survayer
Voted Alixander mo Clintok Dieer keeper

Voted Archibald Stark William Pirham & William mo Clintok that thy aprieze the Damiges Done In fiellds

Voted Sergent Abrham mirall for Survayer of Boords plank Joyes & timber

Voted for Defraying Charges for the Present year Sixty Pounds old tenor

Voted not to peay John Barrenet Eaney money for the timber put In Cohas Brige Recorded this 2 Day of march 1759

John Hall town Clark Province of Newhampshier To Binjmien Stivens Counstabel for the town of Derry field Greetieng

(Seal) You are Hearby Required In his majesteys Neam to Warren all the free Houlderes and in habitants in the town

of Derryfield thai they meet one the thirtey Day of this Instent at twallve of the Clock of Sd Day at the Barrn of John Hall In Holder of sd town then & there to acct one the following Perticqulars (viz)

lly to Chues a modrator to Reglut Said meetieng

2ly to Heave all the towns a Coumpts Read & to aprove or Disaprove of the Same

3ly to See if the Town will Chuese a commitey to Call all the Constabels and Seclet men that is not Lawfull Laye Discharge By the town till acoumpt of the money coluceted from the in Habitents and freeholders of the Sd town

4ly to see what the town will Dow Cone Serrening the Warent and Liest that is in Binjmeien Hidelly hand

5ly to See if town will Chueas a man to Provid prechien if ther is Eany money in the Hands of the town

6ly to See if the town will allow the Present Seclet men to peay Eaney old Dedtes ore Rigeieges that is one the town

Yly to See if the town will allow a Warirneng for town meetiens to Be Lawfuell to be posted oupe in Some publick Place in the town for thies year

and thies Shall Be your Sufient warent Given ounder our Hands and Seall Dated at Derryfield march ye 13— 1758

William mo Clintok
Abrham Mirall


Recorded this 2 Daye of marche 1759

John Hall town Clark

Provinces of Nowhampshier march 30th 1758

According to thies pricesept I have warned the Inhabitents and freebolders of the town of Derryfild acourding as the Law Diricets

Binjmen Stivrens Counstabl

Recorded this 3 day of march 1759

John Hall town Clark

At a meetien of the free houlders & in Habitents of the town of Derryfield Legealy warned and assembled one the 30 Day of march 1758 at the Barrn of John Hall Inholder in sd Derryfield

Voted William mo Clintok modrator

Voted to ajourn this meetien to be hield In John Hall Houes

Voted to peay Conol John Goffe Sixtey wan pounds old tenor to peaye the Revernt Binjmen Buttler for priching

Voted to peay the Revirent Samuel mo Clintok Sevin pounds old tenor for prich In the year 1756

Voted to peay Conol John Goffe twontey Eight pounds Eigh Shillens old tenor which sa Goffe acnoileges to Be In full of all his Demands that hee his aginst the town of Deeryfield

Voted to peay Archibald Stark two pounds old tenor In full of all his Demands

Voted to peay John Riddell two pounds old tenor in full of all his Demands

Voted to peay William Mc Clintok two pounds old tenor In full of all his Demands

Voted to peay Capt William Perham fave pounds fore Shillens old tenor

Voted to peay John Hall two pounds old tenor for Serven Siceletman ye year 1754

Voted to ajourn this meetien till thursday 20th day of A pirel at teen a Clock in the foor noon to Be holden in John Hall Houes Inholder in ga town

Apirel ye 20— 1758

meet a Courding to ajournment the modrator & Clark Being present and the meeting binge opened

Voted to pay John Hall for sitelien acoumpts woth yo Secletmen y® year 1758 (7) and taken the Invoice the year 1758 Six pounds old tenor

Voted to allow the Sume of Sixtey Eight pounds fore shillens & seven pences old tenor out of William Quimbeys List for the year 1756 as it his ben pied out by the Seceletmen for the youess of the town

Voted to allow a order of for pounds out of Quimbys List to Hugh Stirlen for taken the Invoice In the year 1757

Voted to allow the acoumpts In the year 1755 the Sum of onehundred and twall pounds teen Shillens & three pences out of William mo Clintokes List

Voted to allow a 11 pounds Sixteen Shillens & fave pences of abetments out of mickel m° Clintos List for ye year 1757

Voted to peay the Seceletmen for ther sirves In the year 1757 twonty pounds old tenor

Voted forteen pounds old tenor of Intris money to ye Sicelect men In ye year 1756 for y® provence tax pied by them

Voted fave men for a Commitey to Exaimien the towns acoumpts and to allow or Dissallow of all the acoumpts that ye find to be Just or not Just & tak Discharges & give Discharges In be half of the town.

Voted Capt Willam Pirham Sergent William mClintok & Sergent Abrham mirall & Adam Dickey & John Hall Comitey men

Voted one the forth artictal In the Waront to take the Waront and List out of Binjmens Hiddallys hand for the folling reesings that Some Pipeal are Deed and Some Removed out of the town & others Come In to the town that would Ingoy privigles wothout piayen ther Equeall preporishen. But Still allowes of the Saiem Sume of money to be Collect from the freeholders & Inhabitents of sa town & to Be aplayed for the Same youes & in the Same places when the town Stands In need of it

Voted that William mo Clintok provied prichien for thies year

Voted that the Secelet men Peay all old Rireges & detes Due by the town

Voted that a Warrine for town meetiens for thies year Shall Be Lawfull to be Set oup at John Hall Inholder in sa town

Recorded this 3 Day of march 1759

John Hall town Clark

Derryfield Auguest ye 27= 1758

To the Select-men of the town of Derryfield Gent-men freeholders and inhabitants of sd town Wee the under subcribers loking upon our Selves under a great Disadvanteg for want of a pleace of Publick Worship as wee have resing fameleys which cannot atend at other pleces and as it would be Incoregment to minesters to Com and preach with us if we were forward in getting aplace for Publick worship of god our Selves Capt Alixand mcMurphey Mickell mo Clintok John Hall

Robrt Dicky Robert Andrson

John mirall James Riddell

James Pitirs Samuel Boyd

William Pitiers John Dicky

William Nutt Binjmen Stivens

James peirse John Riddell

John Harvey
James humprey

William Pirham Juner
Lvtint Hugh Stirling Thoms Hall
Recorded this 3 Day of march 1759

John Hall town Clark

Province of Newhampshire To Binjmen Stivens Constabel for the town of Derry field Greeting

(Sel) You are Hearby Required in his majestyes name to Warn all the freeholders and Inhabetants in the town of Derryfield that they meet at the Barrn of John Hall Inholder in sa town upon thursday the twenty firest Day of this Instant at Eight of the Clock In the for noon then and ther to act on the fowlinge artecetels (viz)

lly to Chues a moderator to Regulat Said meeting

2ly to See if the free Houlders and Inhabitantes of the town will vote to Bueld a meetien Houes this present year

3ly to See What Spout of Ground the town will vote to Buld Saied meetien Houes on

4ly to See How much money the town will vote to Raies for Buldeng saied meetien houes

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