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Payd to Said Comitty that is to Say Tow Hundred pounds in Curant money & three Hundred Pounds in labour & stuff As said Comity Shall Require it, acording to their respective Preporshion's Likewise Voted that Said Comity proceed to the Bullding of yo fore Said Meeting House by the first of Siptember nixt which will be in the year 1755

5ls Voted that yo Publick worship be Holden at M John Halls till the money allredey Voted be Expendid

61 Voted that this articke be Dismised

als Voted that the Seventh artickle be ajurned till the first Tusday of Nouembr nixt at Twelve of Clock at y® House of John Hall Inholder in Derryfield

Nouember ye 5th meet acording to ajorment at.y® House of John Hall Inholder

Voted upon the Seventh artickle of the warant yt John Hall & Robert Anderson have Eight pounds old tenor for taking the Invoice for the tow years by past

allso Voted that John Hall have Eight Pounds old tenor for three years Serves as town Clark for the town of Derryfield

allso Voted that the acoumpt for the year 1751 is aproved of by thc Town

Allso Voted that John Ridell have six Pounds old tenor for his trouble in obtaining Preching for the year 1751 & 1752 & yt Nethenell Boyd have one pound old tenor for ye like Serves

Allso Voted that Willem Mac Clintock have Four pounds fifteen shillings old tenor for Intertaning the minesters

Allso Voted that Alex' macMurphy have tow pounds one shilling & six pence old tenor for his his Expences ye year 1752 on the town's Busness

Also voted y Alex' macMurphy have Tow pounds old tenor for taking the invoice for the provence Reats & making oth to Said Invoice

Allso Voted that ye Selectmen have four Pounds old tenor for there Expences in making the Reats for the year 1753

Allso Voted that Alex' macMurphy have eighteen pounds three Shillings old tenor for obetaning the Ele wive crib & making a Constable's Staff & taying man's Staff

Allso Voted that Alex' macMurphy have nothing for his Jurney & Expence to Portsmouth to Save the town from the presentment of the Road leding past Amosschige falls & 80 on by Hadleys mills & so on to Leechfield Line

Allso Voted that Alex' macMurphy have nothing for tow jurneys to Portsmout upon the Busness of the forgoing Road

Allso Voted that Willm Perham have nothing for his Jurney & Expences to Portsmouth to prevent the foresaid presentment of Road

Allso Voted that Elezear wells have one pound ten shillings for his Expences on Town Busness &-CRecorded pr

Alexi MacMurphy Town Clark

Province of New Hampshire To Benjmen Hadly Constable for the town of Derryfield Greeting

(Seal) Your are herby Required in his Majestyes Name to warn all the free Holders & Inhabetants Quallifyed by law in the town of Derry Field that they meet at M* John Hall's Barrn in Said town upon monday ye twenty Third of this Instant at Twelve of the Clock then & there to acct on ye fowling Pirticqulars viz

lly To Chuse a moderator to Regulat Said meeting

2ly at the Request of a Compent noumber of the Inhabetants of this Town where In they Pray that ye Remaining part of the money not yet Expendid that was Voted for Preeching at the last Anuell meeting may be apleyd to some use so as the Inhabetants may have the Benefit of Said money, & to See if the Inhabetants will Reconsider ye Remaining pairt of Said money by a Vote to be appropreated to the Building of the Meeting House in part of the money allredey Voted for that use

zly To See if the town will Vote that ye Select.Men perambelat the Lines of the Town at the Expence of the town

4ly To See if the town will Choose a Comity to take a Deed of M' John Hall for the Land to Seet the meeting House upon

And this shall be your sufficent warant Given under our hands & Seeal this fourth Day of Desember 1754

Willo Mc Clintock
Alex' MacMurphy
John Hall

Scelect Men

Recorded pr

Alex' MacMurphy Town Clark



Province of New Hampshir Acording to y within warant I have warned all of yo freeholders & Inhabetants of the town of Derryfield acording to the vot of yo town for that purpos of time & pleace for said meeting

pr Benj men X Hadly Constable . At a Meeting of the free Holders & Inhabetants of the town of Derryfield holden Desember y® 234 1754 Agreable to the fore Going warant meet at yø Barn of John Hall in Said Derryfield

lly Voted that Archbald Stark be moderator for said meeting

Allso Voted yt this be a legall meetting

2ly Voted that ye Second artickle in warning be Reconsidered as it has Refrance to the artickle in ye March warant Relating to ye Vote for preching

Allso Voted that Said shall not go towards the Bulding of the Meeting House

As allso Voted that Willm Parham & Archbald Stark be a Comity to obetain Priching fo the Remaining part of the money not yet Expendid that was voted for Praching

3ly Voted that this artickle be Dismised for the present

4ly Voted to Chuse a Comity to take a Deed of John Hall to sete the Meeting House upon Recorded pr

Alex' Macmurphy Town Clark

Derryfield March ye 1st 1755

Then Leaid out a Road or Highway for the Vese and Benefete of y® Inhabetants of this town Beging at ye Road Leading past Robert Anderson's & John Halls' Said Road to begine upon John Hall's & Robert Anderson's Line so roning Esterly y® nearest & Best way to the Highway Land 80 Ronning a long Said road to yo Nore west Corner of the Sixtenth lot then East to the Nore East Corner of Said lot from thence north the Best way to the Sowwest Corner of the Thirtythird lot then Runing about nore east to ye Brook about ten Roods Below ye forard way then Runing Easterly to the lot number Thirtytow Allowing ye Road to be three Roods wide & wee do alow each man for his Land So taken up by Said Road ten shillings pk Acker or half so much land Joyning to him or them as wittness our hands ye Day & Year above mentoned

William Mac Clintock
John Hall

Select Men Recorded pr

Alex' macmurphy Town Clark Province of New Hamp. To Benja Hadley of Derryfield in the Sa Provence Constable of Said town Greeting

(Seal) Wheras it hase been mead to appeer to us the Subscribers tow of his Majestes Justes of the for gd Province Qurom Unnes that Thirty of the freeholders & Inhabitants of the Sa town of Derryfield by their Request Signed by yo ga Inhabitants & freeholders made to the Majes part of the Select men of Derryfield aforesaid when together did on ye third Instant Deliver & present Such applycation in writing for the Calling a meeting of the Inhabitants of ga town to be held on the 20th Day of Feb' Curt for the following articles, first to see if the town would Reconsider ye Vote Relating to the Choice of ameeting house place & make the same null and void

Also to see if the town would Reconsider that vote for Raising mony for Bulding a meeting house & order that y® Constable omitt his Collecting the same & discharge the Severall

freeholders and Inhabitents from such part of the Taxes in some proper method as shall then be tho best & that the sa Select" did on the said 3d day of Feb' curnt Unreasonbly refuse & deny the Calling a meeting for the Propritors afore sd & ye gd freeholders and Inhabitants have aplyed unto us for Warnt for the Calling of a meetting of the freeholders & Inhabitans of Derryfield afore sd for yo doing of the Busness afore ed to be held on ye first day of merchı nixt at yo House of John Goffe Esq" in Derryfield afore od at ten of ye clock forenoon

These Are Therefor in his Majit name to requre and Command you the Sd Constable to Notifie & warn the freeholders & Inhabitants of Sd town of Derryfield that they asemble at the House of John Goffe Esq' in Derryfield aforeød on Saterday the first Day of march nixt at ten of Clock forenoon then & there to act on the following artickles namly

First to See if the town will Reconsider the Vote relating to the Choice of ameeting House place & make ye Same null & void Also to see if the town will Reconsider that vote for Rasaing money for Building a meeting house & order ye the Constable omit his Collecting the Same & discharg ye Severall Frecholders and Inhabetants from such part of the taxes in Some proper method as shall then be thot best

hereof faile not & make due Return, Given Under Our hands and Seal at merrymac this six day of Febi 1755

Joseph Blanchard

Mathew Thornton

Jusces of ye peace Qromus Unes Province of New Hampshir Derryfield March yo 1st 1755

According to the within precept I have warned all The freeholders & other Inhabetants of ye town of Derryfield as y® laws Derects to meet at time & place mentoned in the precept. & for the Ends Specsfied in ga precept to Mathe Thornton Esq? Being present The major part of ye Selectmen of Said town Being presant allso

Benjmen X Hadly Constable



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