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Petition of II adley and Kidder addressed to the General As

sembly, 1759. The Humble Petition of Benja Hadley & John Kidder of Derryfield in said Province, by their Attorney John Goffe Esq" Shews, That your Petitioners, Viz, Benja Hadley had a serve Viz, John Whicherweed, & John Kidder a Brother Viz, Benjamin Kidder, on whose estate the said John has administered, who voluntarily Inlisted themselves in the service & pay of this Governm under the Command of Cap' Richard Emary In the year 1757 In the Expedition against Canada, & were at Fort Wm Henry where after a Seige of seven Days, said Fort surrendered, after which the Indians took their Guns from them stripped them of all the Cloaths they had Excepting what was lost at the surrender of said fort, & Carried to Canada, and at the end of four months residence there, & many Complicated sufferings they were sent to Rochell In Old France, where they died In Goal, a perticular acct of their Losses Is herewith Exhibited.

Wherefore your Petitioners by their Attorney John Goffe Esq' Humbly prays That their Circumstances & Losses of so much Time &c to their master & surviving heirs, may be Considered & that your Excellency & Honours would in your Great Wisdom & Goodness Grant them a Quantum Meruit or such Gratuity as may In some Measure Compensate for the Misfortunes aforesaid, & they will as In Duty Bound Ever pray &c

John Goffe In Behalf of Benj" Hadley & John Kidder [Gosse presented a power of attorney from John Kidder and Benjamin Hadley on printed forms (Nos. 251 and 252), and the following bills.-ED.]

Things that Sargent Benjamin Kidder had & Lost at the Surrender of fort William Hennery which I fitted him out with (Viz) one New duble brested Jacot of nub Cloth £10- 0-0 Do one flowered Sarge

2- 0-0 1 pair of Leather briches

3-15-0 1 Gunworth 10 dollars

15- 0-0 2 pair of Stockens 3£ old Tenor 2 pair Shoes

4-10-0 15/ new tenor a pair 3 shirts viz one fine £3 2 woolin a 2/4

7- 8-0 one pair Trousers

1-10-0 Hanker chife flowered



Total New Tenor


True accompt Errors Excepted per

John Goffe attor.

which I am Ready to attest to if Required

[Hadley's account is similar, and amounts to £21, 10, 0. It was sworn to before John Goffe, January, 1759.]

Letter from Col. John Goffe to Gov. Wentworth relative to

Trespasses and some Sharp Practice at an Election in Derryfield, 1766.

Derryfield, Sept. 1st, 1766. May it please your Excellency

I went at the Request of Masons Proprietors to the Society Land between Pettersborah & Hillsborah to see where the Trespassers had ben at work & whose Lots they had Improved upon & found they had cleared, at least cut a grate deal of Timber down, had built a camp upon Solly & Marches & on Meservey & Blanchards and your Excellencys Lots on the west side of Contucook River they have don a grate deal of work fenced it all In with a Considerable Good Runing fence havo built a camp on it & altho' no body was their when we were their yet we are prity sure that Doc Perry is the man that has Trespassed upon your lot & petty it is that he should not be

prosecuted as he Is the Ringleader of all the Rest, the [re), and as son as they Git to work again I have 2 men Ingaged to see them at work & acquaint me with their names. The Land is Exceeding Good but I think your Excellencys is superior to any at that part of the Society Land and that maid them fellows Covet it it is certainly worth mony-I intended to have wated upon your Excellency when the Infert Cort set but I hurt my self when up their with heat and laying out in the Wet so that I have not ben well sence I came from their. Your Excellency may Remember that we In Derryfield petitioned the Gen" Cort for an act to call a town meeting for the choice of town officers which when I cald John Hall with Colo Barr who have strived all that is in their power to Injure me of late & at the meeting Colo Barr cam on porpos to affront me & Colo Barr Hiered voters for John hall with Large promises and Webster a Trader at Chester hall Hierd I have by good Information to come to Threaten his detters in town, if they did not vote for Hall he could not stay upon them &c, so that upon the whole with their Influence hall obtained eighteen voters be side him self and there was eighteen voters on the opposite side of the most substantial men in town so that when they had don all they could that could not git hall any oslice without voting for himself nor none that was chosen that day & several Recd Deeds from Colo Barr & others that day to make them voters which I suppose held them no longer than that Night for I am confident they would not Trust them A shilling ever expecting to Git it.--And as soon as the meeting was over John Hall told Esq* Sheepard the moderator that he had Beat Goffe now & he would have a commission of the peace In spite of anybody that should oppose it for Colo Bar & Maj Emerson and Mr Webster with his friends at the Bank would procure it for him-now may it please Your Excellency if such an Insulting fellow (for I have heard him Insult the whol Gover“) many times and a man that has Live 30 or forty years upon a place & could never Raise half his provision, to Git that post would strive for to make mony by it and put the people into confusion for work he dont Incline to & is allway contriving unjust ways to maintain his luxery & I am very sure

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