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town meetings that they assemble and meet at the meeting house In Said town on tusday the Twelveth Day of february the Next at two of the Clock in the after noone of Said Day to act on the following articals (viz)

1to Choose a Moderator to Regulate Said Meeting

2dly to Draw one man from the Box to serve as a Pettit Juryor (?) at the Court to Be holden at amharst on the Last Tusday of february Next.

Make proper Return of this warrant and of your Doings to my Self on or Before the Day for holding Said meeting

Given under my hand and Seal at Derrifield this 28 Day of february 1782

Asael Smith T Clerk Pursuant to the foregoing warrant the town meet at Time and place and voted Ezekiel Stevens moderator

21 Drew from the Box mr Benjamen Bakar to Serve as the affore Said Juryor Recorded March ye 2d 1782

pr Asael Smith T. Clerk State of Newhampsher Hills Borough SS

To Joseph Farmor Constable of the Town of Derryfield greeting

you are hear by Required in the Name of the Gouerment and people of this State to warn all the freeholders and other Inhabitants of Derryfield Quallifyed By Law to vote in Town meetings to meet at the meetinghouse in Said Derryfield on monday the fourth Day of march Next at teen of the Clock Before noon to act on the followings (viz)

1rst to Chooes a moderator to Regulate Said meeting

201y to hear the accompts of the Town for the year past 1781 and to approve or Disapprove of the Same as they think proper

3dly to Choose all The Town officers for the Corrant year

4thly to see if the Town vote to Rais aney money for preching the present year and how mutch

5!to See if the Town will vote to abate mr Moses Merrall his Rates in the Constables List or aney part there of

6thly to See what Method the Town will take to Preserve a free passage for the fish in Grate Cohass Brook the Currant year

rythly to See if the Town will vote to hear the Greevences of the Selectmen about Some money that they Lost in the year that mr James Peirce was Constable

gthly to to See what method the Town will take to Support Elizebath Marcy the Present year

gthly to See what method the Town will take to Call Town Meetings the Present year

Make Proper Return of this warrant and your Doings there on on or before Said Day for Said Meeting

hearof fail not

Given under our hand and Seal at Derryfield this Seventhteenth Day of February 1782

John Hall
Jonathan Russ
Samuel Moor

Select men

March the 4th 1782

At a meeting of the freeholders and other Inhabitants of the Town of Derryfield Legally warnd and Conveand the Town proceeded in the following manner

1thly voted Levt John Little moderator voted to Carry on by prox

21 Voted to pospoon the Second artical of the warrant to the ajournment of this Meeting

voted to ajourn this meeting to Levt John halls west Room Emediately

Levt Halls west Room

the Town met according to ajournment the moderator and Clerk present and the meeting opened

3 Voted Asael Smith Town Clerk

Voted Cap Sam' Moor Johnathan Russ Ensign Joseph Sanders

Select men voted Sam Stark Constable

voted to Carry on this meeting By hand vote

voted Levt John Perham James Pierce John Russ Theophlis Griffin Nathaniel Merrill Ephraim Stevens John Dustin

Survayrs of highways


voted Isrial young and Enos webster tythingmen

Voted Ensign Joseph Sanders and Capt Sam' Moor Survayrs of Lumber

Voted Enos Webster and Cesor griffin Ebenezer Newman and Isaac Huse Hog Reaves

Voted Levt John Little & John Goffe Counters 4thly Voted to Rais twenty Dollars for preaching 5thly voted not to abate Moses Merrill his Rates Voted Lev' John Perham to provide Preaching

voted to ajourn this meeting to the 25 Day of this Instant march at twelve oClock of Said Day at this Place

March the 25th

the town met according to ajournment the moderator and Clerk Present and the meeting opened

voted on the Second artical of the warrant that the Town Do exsept of the Report of the Counters and Do allow of the town accompts as they Stand Recorded hear after (viz)

Derryfield march the 12th 1782

we the Subscribers Being Chosen as Counters to Recon with the Selectmen in Behalf of the town of Derryfield have Proceeded as followeth (viz)

1 ly we have Cast the Several Lists of Rates Committed to the Constables and fiend them thus the first Silver Rate .

14 3 0 3 the Second Silver Rate

4 19 y 2 the minister Rate is

16 13 10 the town Rate is

48 19 0 the Soldier Rate is .

87 10 3 the Beaf Rate is

67 18 8



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total 240 3 5 1

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men .

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past is

Total 416 12 11 2 the Constable Clears himself in the following

manner (viz) By Recepts from the States Treasurer

331 3 2 2 By orders of Diferant kinds from the Select

Y? 7 0 2 there Remains in the Constables hands in hard money

162 16 4 there Remains in the Constables hands of paper New Emition :

85 9 9 the Selectmens accompt for Sarvie the year

13 19 0 Levt John Perham his accompt for Bording ministers is.

2 16 2 Levt John Little and asael Smith Charges the

town for Serving as Counters to one Day and half Eatch 1781

0 12 0 Ens Joseph Sanders & Asael Smith Charges for Lik Service 1782

0 16 0 Levt John Little and Ensign Sanders and Wil

liam freto Chargis the town for Exammining mr Gormans accompt as a Constable that he wos at in Selling nonresidents Land Six Shillings per man

0 18 0 Asael Smith Joseph Sanders

Town Counters


also the Town voted to allow the five men that the Select men hired to Drive Beaf Cattle to Londonderry two Shillings pr man 0: 10: 0

Voted on the Sixth artical that there Shall Be three men Chosen and authorized have full power and Lawful authorrity to Clear the Brook Called Cohaes Brook from all things that Shall ubstruct the Passage of the Elewives up or Down and that the Cost of the Same Shall Be paid By the oner of the Said ubstruction also that no person Shall Ketch aney Elewives within Sixty Rods of the mouth of Said Brook under the penalty of paying a fine of fifteen pounds for Every offence So Committed

also voted that Capt Sam' Moor Levt John Perham and Mr James Pierce Be & Committy on oth to prosecute the Same yly voted to Dismiss the article

8 voted Cape w Perham to have Equill to 20 Bushils of Indeon Corn to Keep Elizebeth Marcy this year

gly voted to warn town meetings as visual also voted to allow the Constable 20 Dollars for his Servis Recorded this 28 Day of march 1782

pr me Asael Smith T: Clerk

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