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Voted John Dickey Constable for the Corrent year

Voted Capt. William Parham, Capto Samuel Moore, Joseph Farmer, Levta John Hall, and Joseph George for Commettee of Safty and Inspecttion for the Corrant year

Voted Captn Samuel Moore, Thomas Newman, En Samuel Stark, Daniel Hall, Levin Samuel Boyd, and William Parham, Junier for Surveyors of highways for Said year

Voted Capt. Samuel Moor, Leyt John Parham, and Leytn Samuel Boyd, to take care, that the Elwives have a free pasBege agreeable to the Late act of the General Cort of Said State

Voted Zaccheus Richerdson, and Zacharia Holden Tything men

Voted Daniel Gillman Sealer of Lather for Said year

Voted Daniel Gillman, Jonathan Merrill, William Parham Juner, and John Russ for Hogg Reves for Said Year

Voted David Starret, and Ensn Joseph Sanders Town Counters

Voted David Starret, Ensn Joseph Sanders, and Capt. Samuel Moor, Survayers of Lumber for the Currant year

Voted on the fourth Dito sixty Dollers for priching for Said year.

Voted M' Benjamin Baker, and David Starret for to Provide priching for the above money

Voted but at the adjournment voted Leyth John Parham to Provid Priching in Lue of Mr Baker, as he Refused to taake the oath of fidelity to this State

Voted to adjourn this meeting to the first Monday of April Next at Twelve of the Clock to Leptn John Halls house

April the 6th 1778

Then meat according adjournment the Moderator and Clerk present and the Meeting opned

then Voted on the fifth Dito to Dismis it at present

Voted on the Sixth Dito to Chouse a man to take adminnistration on Elisabath Masseys Esstate (Viz) David Starret, and that he be Invested with full Power of Substitucetion in Behalf of Said Town to Prossecut for Said Estate in Order that it

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may be Recuvered for her Support agreeable to a Late act of the General Court of this State

Voted on the Seventh Dito to pay the Petit Juryers as formerly

Voted on the Eight Dito that Town Meetings and Jury Meetings be Warned as usuel till forder Orders

Voted on the Ninth Dito to make Ebenezer Stavens Concederation above his agreement for fancing the Grave yard, and the Town tuk it into Concederation and Voted to alow the Said Stavens £2404020 Lawful as a Concederation for the above Service

at Said Meeting by Vartne of a Request made by James Perice Constable to Said Town, praying for sum alowence for his ExStrordennery Service as Constable in Said year, and Said Town tuke the Same into Concederation and Made the Said Pairce a Concederation of £3–0–0,40 Likwase Elisabat Massey Was Strock off to Capth William Parham for one year fron Said adjournment he Being the Loest Bider, and that he the Said Parham is to furnish her with the Whole of the Said articuls which Willm Parham Junier furnished her with the year 1776 in Cecon for her Comfort to the Setesfecttion of the present Select Men for Which he the Said Parham is to Receve out of this Corrant years assesment the Sum of £5-2-0-0 Recorded this 15th of April 1778

pr David Starret T: Clerk


The List of Reats Commeted to John Dickey Constable for the Town of Derryfield, 1778, Each mans Name and Sum is as followeth. (viz)

d Capth William Parham

3 10 6 Levtn John Parham.

3 13 6 John Harvey

3 19' 6 Lemuel Harvey

1 6 6 Enoch Harvey

0 19 10 Charles Emerson

3 3 0 William Parham

3 18 5




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William M°Clintok .
David Starret.
William Gambell
John Dickey
Benjamin Crombie
Captn Alexander M Murphy
Leytn Samuel Boyd
William Boyd
Moses Crombie
Moses Merrill .
Micheal M°Clintok .
James Pairce.
John Hall.
Daniel Hall
George Graham
Daniel Gillman
Caezer Griffen
Samuel morrison
General John Stark
John Hues
Enn Samuel Stark
John Ray
John Russ
Joseph Griffen
Ezekiel Stavens
Abraham merrill.
Nathaniel merrill .
Joseph George.
Benjamin Baker
Abraham Merrill Junier
Jonathan Merrill .
John Griffen
Theophilus Griffen
John Griflen Junier
William nutt
Enen. Joseph Sanders
Benjamin Moor
Col. John Goffe

4 18 6
5 5 9
4 17 1
3 10 10
2 12 3
3 10
2 14 4
2 6 10
1 14 2
1 y 10
1 ñ 10
3 12
3 10 mg
2 10 3
1 3 1
1 3 1
1 16 6
1 13 9
6 3 9
2 19 6
2 1 9
2 9 6
1 17 3
3 6 0
4 17 5
3 6 0
0 19 10
2 12 8
3 6 0
2 0 10
1 12 5
1 18 6
1 3 1
1 3 1
2 16 0
1 ry 10
4 y 9
6 1 10



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Captn Samuel Moor.
Nathanieal Marten
Zacharia Houlden
Thomas Neuman.
Hugh Tompson
Ebenezer Stavens
David Walton.
Daniel Blodget of Lithfield
David Roweal.
James Monight
James Gorman
Zaccheus Richardson
Joseph Fermar.
David Farmer

4 6 9 1 3 10 1 11 6 1 12 1 2 V 1 4 15

6 1 11 2 1 11 6 2 4 6 0 19 10 3 4 4 2 5 4 4 14 1 0 19 10

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£161 01 5

State of New Hampshire and County of Hillsborough

(Seal) to John Dickey Constable for the Town of Derryfield and County afor Said. Greeting

You are hereby Required in the name of the Goverment and people of this State Lavey and Collect of the Several Persons Naimed in the List Herewith Committed unto you Each one his Respecttive Proportion therein Sat Down,

the Sum Tottel of Said List being an act of the General Court of Said State, and a Vote of the Inhabitants of Derryfield, to Pay the Publick Charges of Said State and Town for the Currant year, to pay to the Treasurer of this State in Continentel Bills and Bills of this State at or Before the Last Day of June next the Sum of one Hundred and three Pounds Eighteen Shillings and fouer pance, and olso to pay to us the Select Men of Derryfield, and County afore Said for the year 1778, the Just and full Sum of the Remaining Part of the whole List at or before the Sixteenth Day of July next and if aney person or persons Neglect or Refuse to make payment of the Sum or Sums Whearat he or they are Respactively assed or Set Down in Said List, to Disstreain the Goods or Cattles of the Said Delinquant or Delinkquants, to the Value there of, and the Disstrants so taken you are to Ceek (p)

the Space of four Days at the Cost and Charge of the ouner and if the ouner Dos not Pay the Sum or Sums So assessed upon him or them within the Said four Days the Disstresses So taken you are to Expose and openly Sell at an Outcry for Payment of the Tax and Charges Notice of Such Sale being Posted in Som Poublek place In Said town Twentyfour owers before hand and the overploush if any there be after Said sail besids the Said assessment and Charge of Ceeping the Distresor Distreases to be Immedetly Restored to the owner and for want of Goods and Cattels Wheron to make Distreses and you are to Seacez the Body or Bodys of him or them So refusing, and him or them Commit Unto the Common Goal of Said County there to Remain untill he or they pay and Setisfi the Several Sum or Sums Whereat he or they are assesed Respecttively as afor Said,

and this Shall be your Sufecant warrent
Given under our hands and Seal at Derryfield
Dated may the Twenty Second Day, 1778

John Hall
Joseph farmer
Samuel Boyd

Select Men Recorded this 26th Day of May, 1778

pr David Starret T: Clerk

State of New Hampshire and County of Hillsborough

to John · Dickey Constable for the Town of Derryfield for the Currant year

You are here by Requrred in the name of the State and Good people of Said State to warn a meeting of the freehoulders and Inhabitants of Said Town to meet at their meeting house on friday the 22th Day of this Instant at three a Clock in the after noon of Said Day

1-ly to Chouse a moderator to goveran Said meeting

2-ly to See if the Town will Vote to Send one man to Represent them in the Convention to be held at Concord on the tenth Day of June next to form a Plean of Goverment of this State

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