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Col Todds heirs or moor.

0 3 0 0 Capt. John Gragg

0 18 0 0 Lot N° 14.

0 3 0 0 Lot No 15.

0 3 0 0 Reyd Thomas Parker Hall and Col. Joseph Blachards heirs

0 18 0 0 John Stuerd.

0 10 0 0 James M Gregre Couper.

0 5 0 0 John M°Clintok

0 5 0 0 Col mark Hunking Esq' Lot No 83 .

0 3 0 0

9 18 0 0 Recorded this 26th Day of February 1778

pr David Starret T: Clerk

State of New Hampshire Hillsborough s 8 To James peirce Constable of Derryfield

(Seal) Greeting You are hereby Required in the name of the Goverment and people of the State of New Hampshire to Collect the Several Sums of money Carried against Each mans name in the Within List there with Commeted to you to Collect and you are to follow the Derettions of the Law of this State, Intiteled an act to Astablish an Equetable method of making Rats and Taxes & Determing who shall be Legel Voters in Town and parrsh offairs passed the Second Day of July 1776. and pay the Sum Tottal to the Select men for the Time Being at or before the Last Day of May next Insuing

fail not as you will answer your Defalt under the peneltyes of the Law in that Behalf made and provided,

Given under our hands and Seal this 23th Day of fabruary 1778.

John Goffe
Benjamin Crombie
Ebenezer Stavens

Select Men Record this 26th Day of February 1778

pr David Starret T: Clerk

State of New Hampshire Hillsborough s 8

To James Peirce Constable of the Town of Derryfield You are Required in the name of the Goverment and People of the afore Said State to Warn all the Inhabitants and freehoulders Quallifyed by Law to Vote in Town Meetings that they meet at the Meetinghouse in Said Derryfield on Monday the Second Day of March next at teen of the Clock in the forenoon then and there Whan mat,

1st to Chouse a moderator to Goveren sd Meeting 2-ly to hear the Town accompts Read and Vote thereon

3-ly to make Choice of all Town offecers for the Corrant year

4-ly to See how much money the Town Will Raise to pay for priching to the Inhabitants for the Corrant year, and if aney who Shall Suply the Pulpet and vote thereon

5-ly to See how much Money the Town Will Raise to Defray Town Charges, and for the Support of the poor of the Town for the Currant year

6-ly to See if the Town Will Chuse Som person to take adminrstration on Elisebath Masseys Estate and Quallify him for that purpos that her own Estate may Support her

7-ly to See if the Town will pay the petit Juryares as formerly also to the Select Men Extrordanery Charge

8-ly to Vote how Town Meetings Shall be warned for the futer

9-ly to See if the Town will alow Ebenezer Stavens a Consideration for fencing the Grave yeard

John Goffe
Benjamin Crombie
Ebenezer Stavens

Select Men Hillsborough ss

this May Certifi that I have posted Coppyis of this Warrent agreeble to the vote of Said Town

Certified by me

pr. James Peirce, Constable Recorded this 25th Day of March 1778

pr me David Starret Town Clerk

Hillsborough, ss at a meeting of the free foulders and Inhabitants of the Town of Derryfield Legely Called and Conveind on the Second Day of March 1778

Voted Levto John Hall Moderator of Said meeting then Voted to ajourn this Meeting to Said Halls House Insently met according to ajournment the moderator and Clerk present and the Meeting Called

then Voted on the Second articul of the above warrent to alow or Except the Town accompts for the year 1777, as the may hereafter epear in the following order (viz)

Hillsborough ss Derryfield February the 23th Day Ad 1778

We the Subscribers Meat on Said Day with the Select men and Constable for the year 1777 and cast Both Lists and finds the Sum of £132=13=4 in the first List which was Commetted by the Select Men to the Constable Bearing Date the 10th of June 1777, and was Laid on the Inhabitants and freeholders of Said Derryfield, on porpose for to Pay the Town Bounty Voted to the Connentel Soldiers Ingaged in the Contenentel Service for three years Said Constable Discharges him Selef of Said List in the menner following (viz) Paid to Levto John Parham for preveledges to

Robert MoNights wife he being Returned for one of Said Solders the sum of

2 2 0 0 paid to Said Select Men as by there Recept 119 0 6 0 paid to Barber Lessly by abatment of his Rat 1 0 8 0 aid to Alexander Irwing by abatment of part of his Rat.

0 6 11 0 paid to Joseph Griffen by abatment of part of his Rat.

0 9 8 0 By Vartue of a Petition which was Laid Before

Said town at Said meeting, Signed by, John Griffen, Nethaniel Marten, David Farmer, Benjamin Baker Junier, Benjamin Moor, thomas Newman, William Boyd, & Nethaniel Merrill, Praying for abatment of there Poll Tax which is fifteen and Eight pance, per man after Concederration the Town Voted that they Should be abated which amounts in the Whole to .

6 5 4 0


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Said year

the Total of what Said Constable has paid of Said List is

129 5 1 0 and there Remains Due to Balence Said List the Sum of

3 8 3 0 Which Sum Said Constable Gave his Note for to the Selectmen, for the Time Being then Likwayes Cast the other List Bearing

Date the 24th of December 1777 and finds the
Sum of . .

127 13 5 0
Said Constable Discharges him Selef of Said
List in the Mennor following (viz)
Paid to the States Treas' as By his Recept the
Sum of .

103 18 4 0 paid to Jonathan Merrill for Jury Services in

00 12 0 0 paid to Micheal M°Clintok for Jury Services in Dito.

0 12 0 0 By an order from Said Select Men upon Said

Constable to William Parham Junier for Ceeping Elisebath Massey one year from the first of april 1797 to april 1778.

4 10 00 paid to Ebenezer Stavens for Services as Select

man 8s and for fancing the Grave yeard, in Said year. £4-0--0. Totel

4 8 0 0 paid to Benjamin Crombie for Services as Se

lectman 8s and for Taking the Invoice 8s in

Said year, totel. paid to Col. John Goffe for Services as Select Man in Do.

0 8 0 0 paid to David Starret for Services as Clerk & Counter

0 8 0 0 paid to Levin John Perham for Counting

0 2 0 0 alowed to the Revt William Davicon for Priching one Day in Said year .

1 10 0 0 paid to Col. John Goffe for his providing for

the afore Said Robert M°Nights wife and femely as by her Recept ..

8 000

0 16 0 0

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alowed to Mr Pilsboury for Priching two Days .

in February Last to the Inhabitants of Said

Town. alowed to William M°Clintok for Provid for

Barber Lessly and femely an Stock and housrum and firewood as by his accompt the

Sum of . paid to Levto John Hall for intertaining the

monesters Who priched in Said year the

Sum of . . and in Behalf of Said Town for Going to Chas. ter to Esqr Emerson in order to Get a Coppy

of the the unemproved Land Lying in Derryfield and the Said Emersons Charg for said Coppy 88 as by the Said Halls accompt the

Sum of. alowd to Daniel Hall for Ceeping Mary Mo

Nights Child about nine Munths as By his accompt

1 16 0 0

1 12 00

10 13 0 0

£27 0 0

the Whole of the above accompt was Exeminged by us David Starret and John Parham who was appointed by a Vote of Said Town for that purpos

then Voted on the third Dito David Starret Town Clerk for

sd year

Voted three Select Men for the Corrant year

Voted Levt" John Hall
Voted Benjamin Baker
and Levin Samuel Boyd
Select Men for Said Year

but at the adjournment of Sd meeting the Town Voted to Reconcider that Vote of Benjamin Baker being Select Man or to Provide priching for Said year. as he Refusced to take the Oath of fidelity to this State, and Proceaded and made Chouice of Joseph Farmer for Select Man in Said Bakers Rume

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