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1 to make Choise of a moderator

2 to Rese mony to defray the Charges that m" John Hall his been at in obtaining a Corporation for Said town and to Chuse a Comitey for Examining and allowing his accoumpts

3 to see if the town will Reise mony to pay for preaiching & how much

4 to See how much money they will Raics to defray other Charges that have or may arise for this year

5 to see if the town will buld a Pound and where they will order it to be bultt

6 to See if the town will allow a warning to be Lawfull to be Seet up at the most publik place in Said town for Town meetings

and this shall be your sufficent warrant

Given under our hands and seeal this fourth Day of November 1751

William Parham
Nethaneal Boyd
Daniel mc Niell
Clizer Wells


Recorded pr me

John Hall town Clark at a meeting of the freeholders and Inhabitences of the town of Derry field held in said Derry field November the 26 1751 agriebel to the foregowing warnen

11 Voted thomas Gorge modrator

215 upon the second article of the Warent Voted that M John Hall Be paid all the money that a Commitey upon the Examination of his accompts Shall allow to be his Just due for obtaining an In Corporation for this town and the Commitees names are as followeth

John Goffe
Willem mc Clento
Willem Perham

3ly Voted twontey fore Poundes old tenor to be Resed to paye fore Priching for thies present yiear

41 Voted to Rese 12 poundes old tenor to defray the Charges that may a Riese for thies present yiear

51 Voted that this artikely shall Bee past not to Bueld a Pound for thies yiear

6! Voted that a Copey of the warnt for warning town miteness Bee set oup at John Goffe John Hall Benjmin hidles houeses till a places for holding the Publick worship Bee Riketified

Recorded pr me

John Hall town Clark

Province of Newhampshire To Robert Anderson Constable for the Town of Derryfield in the Province aforesaid Greeting

In his Majesties name you are Required to Levy and Col. lect of the several persons in the lists herewith Commited unto you Each one his respective proportion therein set Down. of the Sum total of Such Lists Being a tax or assessment granted and agreed upon by the gd Town of Derryfield regularly assembled to pay for the Charges of the Charter and to pay for Preaching and to pay all other Charges that may arise this year and to pay the Same to us the subscribers Select men for the Town aforesaid the several Sum or Sums you Shall So Levy and Collect and to Compleat and make up your aComptes of your whole Collection of the wholl Sum at or before the second Day of march next and if any person or Persons shall neglect or refuse to make payment of the sum or sums whereat he or they are respectevely asessed or Set Down in ga Lists to Distrain the Goods or Chattles of the Sd Delinquint or Delinquints to the vallue thereof and the distrise or distresses so taken you are to keep by the spase of four Days at the Cost and chargs of the owner and if the owner do not pay the sum or sums so asessed upon him or them within the sa four days the distress or distresses so taken you are to expose and openly sell at an outcry for payment of the tax and Charges notice of such sale Being posted in Some publick place in said town twenty four hours beforehand and the overplush if any there be

arising By Sd sale besides the ga asessment and Charges of taking and keeping the Distress or Distresses to be Immediately restored to the owner and for want of goods and Chattels whereon to make distress you are to seize the Body or Bodys of him or them so refusing and him or them Commit unto the common Goal of gd Province there to remain untill he or they pay and satisfie the several sum or sums whereat he or they are asessed respectively as aforesaid and this shall be your sufficient Warrant given under our hands and seal at Derryfield Dated January the fourteen Day and in the twenty fifth year of his Majesties Reign Anno: Dom: 1752

John Gofte
William Parham
Daniel m° Niell

Select Men Recorded this 3 dy of february: 1752 pr me

John Hall town Clark

Derryfield August 16 1761* Then Laied out a higwaye or Road for use of the town Beginceng at abrock wher thcr is a Brige one In alix mo Clintocks Land and sou Runing by marked trees as the Road is trod to the Sandy Biehe at masopicezek Pond which Road is allowed to Be three Rods wide Sd road is lead out the the Day & year above by us. the subscribers

Wm Parham
John Hall
Hugh Sterling

Seelet Men Recorded feb" 24 1763

John Hall Town Clark

*Following his entry of records of February 3, 1752, Mr. Hall seems to have left half a page blank, and eleven years later, when he was still town clerk, he filled in this space with this and the succeeding item, which accounts for the fact that they are not given in chronological order. Several notices of marriages and births scattered through the book were inserted in this irregular manner.-Ed.

Derryfield August 16 1761 Then Laied out a higewaye or Road for the use of the town begineng at the Southe Sied of m' Elizer Robens houes at a Pien tree Stand a bout Six Roads from said Robines Dlower marked H then Runen Southerlyd By marked trees to London Derry Line to apin tree marked H or as near to sd marked trees as good Ground will allow Sd Road is allowed and Laied out the Day and year above three Roades wide by us

Wm Parham
John Hall
Adam Dickey

Seeclt Men

Recorded feb 24 1763

John Hall town Clark

Octobor ye 13 1751 then laied out a highway or town Rhoad for the use and Benifit of said town then Beginen at the town line then Runing By marked trees to willem perhams land and throw saied perhams land to the Eist land of John Hawes houes to a Brige Caled perhams brige then Runing N: E: by marked tries to Barber liselics land then Runing northerly upon saied lisley land to a pine tree marked I then Eisterly a Crose willem Elletes land By marked trees to a Rode recorded by Chaster or as near to said marked trees as good grouend will allow

Not saied Rhoad is alloued and laied out three Rhoudes widelaid out by us

Deniel mo Niell
Nethanel Boyd
Willem Perham

Sellect men Recorded this 2 daye of Desember 1751:

pr me John Hall tow Clark

Octobor ye 3 1751 then laied out a highway or town rhoad for the use and benifit of said town Beginin at Chester

line at pine tree marked H then Runing by marked trees to a Brige upon Amoskige Brook wher the Rhoad now gows then by marked trees ase the rhoad now goes to Daniel mo Niells to a pine tree marked: 136 or as nier to the marked tree as good ground will allow

Not* saied rhoad is alloued and laid out three Rhouds wide laied out by us

Daniel Mc Neill
Nethanel Boyd
Willem Perham


Recourded this 2: dcay of Desember 1751

pr me John Hall town Clark

Derryfield October ye 3: 1751

then laid out a higway or town Rhoad for the use and Benifit of said town Beginin at a pine tree marked 136 standing at the Eaist eand of Deniel mo Niells houes from thence by marked trees to the wast Eand of John mo Niells Barn from thence to amoskege falls as the Rhoad is now troad from thence as the Rhoad now goes to the wast eand of John Rihedes houes from thence by marked trees to the Eaist Eand of archbald Starkes houes as the Rhoad now goes from thence by marked trees to abrook nowen by the name of Coborans brook or as near to saide marked trees as good grouend will allow

Not saied Rhoad is alloud and laied out three Rhoudes wide laied out by us

Daniel mo Niell
Willem Parham
Nethanel Boyd


Rechourded this 2: Deay of Desember: 1751

pr me John Hall town Clark

*"Not,i. e.: Note. See following instances.-Ed.

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