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3-ly to See if the Town will Abate Ebenezer Stavens the 2 his Reats Which is in Captn Parhams List.

and this Shall be your Safacant warrant

geven under our hands and Seal at Derryfield this 2th Day of January 1775.

Samuel Boyd
John Parham

Select Men

Hillsborough s s Derryfield January the 16th Day 1775

this is to Certifi that I have geven warning to all the free Houlders Inhabitants of Said Town of the Time and place and Lands of Meeting agreeable to the Vote of Said Town for Warning Town Meetings

Certified by me William Parham Constable
Recorded this 18th Day of January 1775

David Starret Clerk

Hillsborough s & Derryfield January the 16th Day 1775

at a Meeting of the freehoulders Inhabitants of Said Town Legcly Called and Convined in their Meeting house on Said day

Voted Capt. John Stark Moderator of Said Meeting.

Voted on the Second articul nut to Sand a man to Exeter but that the Select Men Sand a Latter to Said Exeter and Insert in Said Later that the Said Town will be their Eiquel proporcion of money that Shall hearafter arise toward paying the Cost of the General Congrass as aney other Town in the Province.

Voted on the third articul not to abate Ebenezer Stavens his Reats. Recorded. this 18th Day of January 1775,

David Starret Clerk

Province of New Hampshire Hillsborough s s

(Seal) To Cape William Parham Constabl for the town of Derryfield

Greeting You are Hereby Required In his Majestyes Nam to Warn a Meeting of the free Houlders & Inhabitants of

sd town that they meet at ther Meeting House upon Monday the Sixth day of March nixt at teen of the Clock in the fore


1-ly to Chouse a Moderator to Regulate Said Meeting

2-ly to hear the town acounts Read & to approve or disaprove of them

3-ly to Chouse all thier town offecers for the Curnt year

4-ly to See what method the town will take in order that the the Elwives may have afree Libirty to pass and Repass at all propr Seasons from Meerimack Rever to Meassi peacik Pond in Great Cohas Broock in Said town as Liekwayes to Act on Som proper Method for the Preservation of sd fish

5-ly to See how Much money the town will Vote for priching for the Insuing year & to apoint a man or men to provid Prichien

6-ly to See what Method the town will tack for the Soport of Elizabath Massey for the Insuing year

7-ly to See if the town will Vote to pay Jury that may have to attend at Court or sessions for the Insuing year as yousal

8-ly to See if the town will Vote that the Warning for tow and Jury Meetings for the Insuing year be as yousal

9-ly to See if the town will Vote to Chues a Man to Represent us In Countey Congress

10-ly to See how Much Money the town will Vote to Rease to Repeair the Meeting House In Peart to mack dowers and Leay the Allors and one Gless window on the North Seied of Said House

11-ly to See what the town will Vote Capt John Stark for his Representing the town at the Countey Congress

12-ly to See if the town will Chouese a Committey to Bring the the Seclet Men and Constables till Accoumpt for the Money Reased Sines the Last Setelmeent By a Committe as allso the Money Recoverd from John Hall In Behalfe of the town By Law

And this Shall Be your Sucfant Warrant

given under our handes and Seal at Derryfield the 20 day of Febr 1775

James Mc Cally
Samul Boyd
John Perham

Select Men. Recorded this 2th day of Novb' 1775

John Hall town Clark Hillsborough Derryfield March the 6 Day 1775

thes are to Certifi that I have Given Warrning to all the freehoulders & Inhabitents of Said town of time place and Endes of Meeting Agreabel to the Vote of sd town for warning town Meetings Certified by me

William Parham Constable

Recorded Noy! 2th 1775

John Hall town Clark


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Hillsborough s s

at a Meetieng of the freehoulders & Inhabitants of Derryfield Legely Called and Convenaed on the 6 day of March 1775

Voted Cap' John Stark Moderator of Sd meetin

Cap' John Stark and John Hall Chosen Commesonrs to Exaimen the Select mens Accoumptes for the Year 1774 the Sum of money in the Constables Liste for

df Said year is in Lawfull money

34 00 09 00 the Province tax for Said year as they say 03 120.00 the Countey tax In Sd year Dito

03 15 11 00 Voted to Be Reased for Prichieng In Said year 15 00 00 00 Voted to alowe the town Clark for the Curent year

00 09 00 00 Voted to alow the Select Men for ther Serves 6 Shillens pr man for said year

00 18 00 00 Voted the Jurerys ther fees William Nutte and

John Dickey Eziekel Stivns Abraham Merall

02 08 0 0 Abeted Nethainl Boyd one ox

00 01 1 2 Abeted John Dickey one Micer

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Voted John Hall ten Shillens Expenes inter

tienen the Minestrs & two Shillns for Eximen

the Select Mens accoumptes in Sd year 00 12 0 Voted Capt John Stark two Shillens Dito .00 2 0 Voted Samuel Boyd tackien the Invoice in sa year

00 6 0 Voted Samuel Boyd Money payed to M Gorge Gillmor for Prichien .

01 10 0 Voted John Perham for prichen By Said Gillmor 00 18 0 Voted William perham Ju' for Intertienen

Ellezabath masey as By aformor agreement 03 00 0

£10 5 3 ther Remaiens In the Constable hand of the

towns money for the year 1774. not yeat Saitled or allowed of By the Commesonrs or the town twonteythree Poundes fifteen Shillens and Sixpencs Lawfull mony

. £23=15= 6= Voted John Ilall town Clark Voted three Select Men for the Present year

Voted Capt John Stark Capt John Moors & Joseph Gorge Selet Men for the Curent year

Voted David Starret Counstabl for the Cournt year
Voted to Ajourn this meeting to John Hall House

the Meeting oupened and Called Acordin to ajournment the Modrator and Clark present

Voted James Pirces Ebnizer Stivns Einsin Samuel Morrs Ebinzer Costor Eziekel Stivns Leve James MoCally Survers of Higwayes

Voted the Select Men fences vowers and Prayesors of Damiges In fieldes for Said year

Voted thomas Numan tayethien Man for Said year

Voted Einsin Samuel Moor Ebnzer Stivns Samuel Boyd Surviers of Lombor

Voted Ebnezer Costor Daniel Hall Johnathon Mirrel Hoge Rives

Voted Con' John Goffe Leve James M.Cally Comesonrs to Sitel the Select Mens Accoumpts for the year 1375

Voted Samuel Boyd William Nutt Deer Keepers

Voted on the forth Artical in the Warrant to Cllier Great Choass Brrock from the Mouth in Said Brrock to the Pond that the Ellwifes May Have a frre Pashed oup and down Said Brrock in Senicbl times of ther Runien

Voted the Select Men is to See the Brrock Clleared

Voted to ajourn this Meetien till the tenth day of Apriel at two oClock In the Afternoon at John Halls House

Apriel 10=1775

then mect Acording to Ajournement the Modrator and Clark present and the meeting Oupned

Voled on the Second Artical Cape William Pirham tayethien


Voted to dismis the fifth Artical in the Warrant

Voted on the Sixt Artical to pay William Mo Clintock two pounds two Shillins Lawfull mony for hies Logen and Boordicn Elizabath Mascy for Twallve Monthes In a Sutabel maner & to Retorn hir with as good Cloas as Said M'Clintock get hir woth

Voted on the Seventh Artical to pay the Jurey Men as Uesal

Voted on the Eight Artical the Callen of Town Meetings & Jury meetins be as Uesal

Voted on the Ninthe Artical a man to Represent the town at the County Congrs

Voted Cap. John Stark to Represent the town at County Congress

Voted to Dismis the tenth Artical

Voted on the Elliventh Artical to pay Cape John Stark two Poundes Eight Shillens Lawfull money for his Atendences at the Countey Congress

Voted on the twallve Artical to Chues a Comunitey to Eximen the towns aСoumptes Sinces the year 1769 or last. Commitey for that busns

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