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Province of New Hampshir: George the Second by the grace of God of Great Britain I'rance and Ireland Kingdefender of the faith &

To all to whom these Presents Shall Come Greeting

Whereas our Loyal subjects Inhabitants of a Track of Land within our Province of New Hampshire aforesaid Lying partly within that part of our province of New Hampshire Called London Derry in part and in part in Chester and in part of Land not heretofore granted to any town within our Province afore Said Ilave IIumbly Petitioned and Requesed to us that they may be Erected & Incorporated into a township and Infranchized with the same powers and Priviledges wich other towns within our said Province by Law have and Enjoy and it appearing to us to be Conducive to the general Good of our said Province as well as of the said Inhabiteints in Particular by maintaining good order and Encouraging the Culture of the land that the same should be done

Know ye therefore that we of our Especial grace Certain Knowlege and for the Encouragement and promoting the good purposes and ends aforesnid By and with the advise of our trusty and well beloved Benning Wentworth Esq' our Governour and Commander in chief and of our Council of our Province of New Hampshire aforesaid have Erected and

ordaind and by these presents for our hiers and successors Do will and ordain that the Inhabitants of a tract of land aforesaid or that shall Inhabit and improve thereon hereafter Butted and bounded as follows viz Begining at a pitch pine tree standing upon the town Line Betwen Chester and London Derry marked one Hundred and thirty four bing the Bounds of one of the sixty acre Lotts in said Chester being the south Eaist Corner of Said lott thence Runing South in to the townshipe of Londonderry one hundred and sixty Rods to a stake and Stones thence Runing weast to Londonderry North & South line thence Runing south upon Londonderry Line to the head line of Litchfield to a stake and stones thence Runing upon the head line of Litchfield to the Bank of mirremeck River thence runing up said River as the River Runs Eight miles to a stake and stones standing upon the Bank of said River thence Runing East south East one mile and three quarters through land not Granted to any town untill it comes to Chester Line thence Runing tow miles and an half & fifty two Rods on the same course into the township of Chester to a stake and Stones thence Runing south four miles and on Half to the bounds first mentioned all which Lands within said bounds which Lyes within the townships of Londonderry and Chester aforesaid not to be liable to pay any taxes or Rates but as they shall be settled and by thes presents are Declared and Ordained to be a town Corporated & are hereby Erected and in Corporated into a body Politick and a Corporation to have Continuance forever by the name of Derryfield with all the powers & authorities Priviledges Immunities & Infranchizes to them the said Inhabitants & their Sucessors for ever always Reserving to us our heirs and successors all white Pine trees growing and bing or that shall here after grow and be one the Said tract of land fit for the use of our Royal Navy Reserving also the power of Dividing said town to us our heirs and successors when it shall apper necessary & conveniant for the Benefiet of the Inhabitants thereof

and as the several towns within our said Province of New

Hampshire are by Law thereof Enabled and authorized to assemble and by the majority of votes to Choose all such officers as are mentioned in the said laws we do by thes Presents nominate and appoint John mo murphy to Call the first meeting of the Inhabitants to be heeld within the said town at any time within twenty days from the date hereof giving Legal Notice of the time place and design of holding said meeting in said town after which the annual meeting in Said town Shall Be held for the Choice of town officers and forever on The frist monday in march annually

In testimony whereof we have caused the seal of over said Province to Be hereunto affixed

Witness Benning Wentworth Esq' our Governor and Commander in Chief of our said Province the third Day of September in the year of our lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and fifty one and in the twenty fifth year of our Reign

By his Excellencys Command with the advice of the Council

B Wentworth Theodore Atkinson Sec'y

Province of New Hampshire

Entred & Recorded in the Book of Charters this third Day of September 1751 Page 79 & 80

P theodore Atkinson Secy Recorded pr me

John Hall town Clark

Whereas his Excelency Benning Wentworth Esq" Governour and Commander in Chief in and over the Province of New Hampshire with the advise of the Honourable his majesties Council was pleasd to make and Erect part of the township of Chester and part of the township of Londonderry and a tract of Land Belonging to the Purchasers of John tuffton mason Esq" Right of the waste Lands into a township by the name of Derryfield and at the Same time

have appointed me the subscriber to hold the first meeting in said township for Choies of town officers By virtue of which these are therefore to notify and warn the Proprietars free holders and Inhabitants of Said Derryfield qualified by Law to meet at the House of m' John Hall in Said town Inholder upon Monday the twenty third day of this Instant September at twelve of the Cloik

Ist To Chuse their town officers for the present year and for your so doing this shall be your sufficient Warrant

Given under my hand this ninth day of September in the twenty fifth year of majesties Reign anno Dom: 1751

John macmurphy

To Mr John Hall of Derryfield

Province of Newhampshire at a meeting of the Proprietors freeholders and Inhabitants of Derry field assembled at the house of John Hall in said town at ther first meeting upon monday the twenty third day of September anno Dom: 1751 By his Excelencys Direction in the Charter* for Said town

*This charter included nearly eighteen square miles of the south-west portion of Chester, about nine square miles of the north-west part of Londonderry, and the unincorporated strip of country lying between these towns and the Merrimack River known as Tyng Township, but more frequently spoken of as “Old Harry's Town.” This contained about ten square miles, but one-fifth of this tract, called Harrysborough, by some oversight or design, was not taken in, but was added at a later period.

The action for the establishment of a separate township was first agitated by the inhabitants in the vicinity of Amoskeag Falls. Chester seems to have readily seconded the movement for the reason that it would remove along with a good slice of territory quite a number of Scotch Irish Presbyterians, who were particularly obnoxious to the Congregationalists living in the town. Already a religious warfare had begun, to be transplanted to other scenes by this act of incorporation of the new town. Londonderry was not in favor of losing so much of its territory, but made no united effort to check, the current of events.--Ed.

ship Dated September y® 3d 1751 according to the Dircition
in said Charter by his Excelency Comand of the Subscriber
Issued a notification for Choise of town officers upon the
aforesaid day and the aforesaid house and the people being
assembled first voted unanimusly that thire shall be five
Selectmen Chosen to Serve in said town untill the first
monday in march next &
2odly voted John Goffe Esq' First Selectman

William Perram Ditto Selectman
Nathanel Boyd Ditto Selectman
Danel m nieal Ditto Selectman

Eliezar wells Ditto Selectman 3ally for town Clark John Ilall

41 Commisioners for assessments to Examine the selectmen acountes Willam m Clento and William Stark

5ly for Constable Robert Anderson
6ly for tithingmen John harvey & William Elliet

gly for survayers of High ways abraham merrile & John Riddell and John Hall

gly for Invoice men Chearls Einerson and Samll martien *gly for S touards moses Wills & William Gemble 10' For Dear Kcipers Charls Emerson & Willm Stark 11' for Culler of Stavs Benjm Stivens

12 for servayeing of Boords Plank Joyst & timber abraham merrill Recorded per me

John IIall town Clark

Province of New Hampshire to Robort andrson Constable for the town of Derryfield Greeting

you are hereby Required in his majestyes name to warn all the freeholders and Inhabitants qualifyed by Law in the town of derry field that they meet at the house of m' John Hall in said town upon tuesday the twenty Six Day of this Instant Novembor at ten of Cloke in the fore noon then and there to act on the following particlars (viz)

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