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of this presept and of your Doings there In unto us at or before the first monday of march Nixt and this Shall be your Suffishant warrant

Given under our hands and Seal at Derryfield this Eighteenth Day of February In the Eleventh year of his majestes Reigen anno, Que Domini, 1771

William Mac Clintok
Alexander Mac Murphy

Select Men

Recorded this 11th Day of march Anno, Que Domini 1771

David Starrett Town Clerk

Province of New Hampshire Derryfield March the 4th Day Ad: 1771

By Virtue of this presept I have Given warning to All the free Holders and Inhabitantes of Said Town of time and places of Meeting According to the Vote of Said Town For Warning Town meetings and the Artticuls theirin Asgarted.

pr. Banjamin Baker Constable Recorded this 11th Day of march Ad: 1771

David Starrett Town Clerk

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Province of New Hampshire Derryfield March the 4th Day Ad: 1771 At A meeting of the Free Holders and In Habitants of the Town of Derryfield affore Said Legely Caled and assembeled In the Meeting House on Said Day

lly Voted Captn John Stark Moderator of Said Meeting

Voted to Ajourn this meeting Into Livin John Halls House then Meet According to an ajournment the Moderator and Clerk present and the Meeting Caled

Voted on the Second articul In the warrent to alow the Town accounts for the year Ad: 1770, as they Have Ben Rad In Said Meeting in the following order (viz)

Province of New Hampshire March the 2th Day, Ad: 1771, John Hall and Natheniell Boyd Been Chousen by a Vote of the Inhabitants of Derryfield at their Last Anuel meeting to Eximin the Accoumpts of the Select Men and Constable for

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seys Child


the year, Ad: 1770, and the Totel Sum of the List Shown to us By the Select Men of the above year is £27:17:5:2

1 Credet By the province Tax .

5 4 6 0 January 29th Cor" Goffe and Willm MacClintok 5 0 0 0 to David Starrett for taking the Invoice . 0 6 0 0 to Dito Abatment for a Cow .

0 0 6 0 to Will MacClintok Juner for Elizabeth Mas

0 6 1 0 to Willm Mac Clintok for his Sarvise as Selectman for the year Ad: 1770.

0 14 0 0 to Capin John Moor for his Sarvise as Select man for the year Ad 1770,

0 10 0 0 to Capt Alexander mac Murphy for his Sarvise as Selectman for the year Ad: 1770 .

0 14 0 0 to Banjamin Baker for warning Widow mac

farland out of Town and Keeping Widow Crombey and three Children and taking tham to Londonderry and other Servesses alowed By the Selectmen the sum of .

1 1 0 0 to Willm Mac Clintok to Elizabeth Massey for Shous

. 0 5 0 C Ditto to 2 Shiftes 0:6:0 one patticot 0:6:0 & one short gound 0:3:0.

0 15 0 0 to Willm Mac Clintok Juner for taking Elizabeth Masseys child ..

5 13 11 0 to abatment of John Burdues Rates .

0 4 11 0 to John Hall for Intertaining the minastars. 0 18 9 0 Dito to Said Hall for Sateling accumpts with the Selectmen .

0 2 0 0 to Nathenill Boyd for Sateling accumpts with

the Selectmen and Counstable in Behalf of the Town- .

. 0 2 0 0 to Cor" John Goffe three dolers and Five Shil

lings to pay for preching and for horse and chais to Londonderry.

1 300

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March the 4th Day Ad: 1771

We Have Examined the above accoumpts and has seen proper Vouchers for all as is above Set Down and thair Remains In the Constables hand the Sum of £4:16:3:2

Livtn John Hall and
Nathel Boyd Committee

Voted on the Third Artticul In the Warrent, David Starrett Town Clerk for the Insuing Year, 1771

Voted Three Select man for the Insuing year 1771

Voted on Said Artticul, William Mac Clintok Cap's Alaxander Mac Murphy and Captn John Moor Said Selectmen for Said ycar, 1771

Voted on Do: Samuel Boyd Town Constable for Said year, 1771

Voted on Do: Micheal Mac, Clintok, William Parham Juner, Capt. Alexander Mac, Murphy, Samuel Moor, and Enan James Mac Caley, Surveyors of High Wayes for Said year Ad: 1771

Voted on Do: Joseph George, and Micheal Mac. Clintok Tything men for Said year, 1771

Voted on Do: the Selectmen, Fances veouers and prisers of Dameges for the Said ycar, 1771

Voted on Do: Capth John Moor, Natheniell Boyd, and Livtn John Hall, Sarveyors of Lumber for the Said year, 1771

Voted on Do: David Starrett, and Capt" John Stark, Counters In Behalf of the Town with Said Selectmen and Constable for the Said year, 1771.

Voted on Do: John Parham, and William Nutt, Hogg Reves for the Said year, 1771.

Voted on the Fourth articul In the warrant to Rase Some money for priching, for the Said year, 1771 but No Sum mentioned

Voted on the Fifth articul In the Do: to alow the agants accounts Relating Liviu John Halls Case as they Have been Rade and that they Shall Be Paid to each Man thair Respecttive Sums as apers In the accounts, (Viz)

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per mile


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Cor" John Goffe as agent for the Town of Derryfield D'

My account of Time and money I Expanded in Carrying on the Lawsute for the Town of Derryfield, against Leyto John Hall 1769 Sept to time five Days at the Infereor Cort at 2 / per day

00 10 000 to Traveling feas one Hundred miles at 2 pance

00 16 08 0 to Half a Ginne to M' parker as a Fee

00 14 00 0 24th Novbr to Wating on the Rule of Cort at

Samuel Tompsons one day 2 %; my Hors
Hier 3 / and Esq' underwood for Summons

for Evidences and His attandence 8 / .. 00 13 000 to a Fee to mr autherton half a ginne

00 14 00 0 to Charge and Expance at Tompsons

00 18 00 0 1770 27th Febry to Moses Senters whan the Rul

for Derryfield Case was to be Hald their one Day my Salf and Hors

00 03 00 0 to Cash paid Santer for my own and william mac Clintoks and witness Expances

00 12 00 0 to Esq' Underwood for Summones

00 04 00 0 For a Man and Hors to Gow to Esq' Lovewells 00 12 000 to a Day in Giting paper and prepairing for Tryal.

00 02 00 0 to a Fee to one parson

00 06 00 0 1770, 1th Sep to Esq" Underwood for fouer witnesses

00 02 00 0 to a notifycation

00 01 00 0 to Charge and Expance while Swaring Eve

dence and the Esq" din' at my House 00 06 00 0 to one Days attendance my Salf

00 02 000 1770. Sep" at the Inferer Cort twelve Days at 2 / per Day

01 04 00 0 Traveling fees on IIundred Mils at 2 p per mile 00 16 08 0 Extra Charge

00 06 00 0 to my Expance at portsmouth .

01 04 00 0 to mr pickren fee 2 dol" mr Lowel fee 2 Dolers 01 04 000


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01 10 000 00 06 00 0 01 04 00 0 01 04 00 0

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1771 Feb" at the Supperor Cort to a Coppy of

the Case to M' Ring to Mr Lowel-1 Doler as a fee . to Mr Pickren—4 dolers as a fee . to 12 Days at 2*/ per Day. to our Eating and Loging and Hors Keeping

as pr Marches Bill for Capt. John Stark and

David Starrett Extra Expences to traveling fees one Hundred miles at 2 p. per



05 02 00 0 00 06 00 0

00 16 08 0

£21 19 000

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the above is the whole of the Coris account-E. Exceptd

£ di Cap' John Stark account as Evedence attend

ence at Samuel Tompsons in Londonderry 1 Day and Travling fees 24 miles at 24 per mil

00 05 06 0 to 1 Day attendence and 1/6 traveling fees at Moses Senters in Litchfield 19 miles at 2

00 04 06 0 to your attendence at portsmouth upon Som

ance at the Supperer Cort and Traveling fees 100 miles at 2 ° per mile . .

00 16 08 0 to 6 Days attendence at 1/6 per Day at Said Cort

00 09 00 0


per mile

£01 15 08 0 the above is the totel of Captn Starks account E Excepted

£ $ df Captn John Moor attendence first Rule Corte

1 Day 18/6 to the 2 Rule at Santers 1/6

00 03 000 attendence as a Evidence 1st time 1/6 the Sec

ond time for the Supper or Corte 1/6 travling fees 18 miles 2 d.

00 16 00 0 the the totel Cap Moor account E Ecxcepted 00 09 00 0


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