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Province of New Hampshire To Ebenezer Stevens Constable for the Town of Derryfield in the Province of New Hampshire Greeting:

In his Majestys Name you are Required to Levey and Collect off the Severill persons Named in the List hearwith In Commited unto you Each one his Respective proportion tharein Sett Down the Sum totel of Said List of Assessment is a Tax Laid on the male Polls Esteats and Incomes of the Inhabetants of the afore Said Town of Derryfield for the Support and maintainance of Said Province and the Remainder of Said List for Defraying the Chirges of Said Town for the Present year and you are to pay to the Treasurer of Said Province for the Time being the Sum of Fourthteen Pounds Five Shillings Lawfull mony on or Before the Twentyfifth Day of December Nixt Insuing the Date Hereof and Pay the whole of the Remander of Said List to us or our order, or the Selectmen for the time Being or thair order and make up the whole of your Collection of the whole Sum of Said List at or Before the First monday In February Nixt and if any person or persons Named in Said List Shall Neglect or Refuse to pay the Sum or Sums whereat he or they are there In Respectively assessed you are to observe and Follow the Directions in the Law In Levying and Collecting the Same

Given under our Hands and Seal at Derryfield afore Said the Twenty Fifth Day of November in the tenth year of His Majestyes Reign Ano, Que Domini one Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Nine.

William mac Clintok
John Moor
Alexander Mac Murphy

Select men Recorded this 27th Day of November Ad: 1769

David Starrett Town Clerk

Province of New Hampshire To Ebenezer Stevens Constable for the Town of Derryfield in Said province Greeting

you are hereby Required In his majestes Name to warn all the free Holders and Inhabetents of this Town Qualefied by

In anuell meeting och nixt at the following a

Law to Vote In anuell meetings to meet at the meeting house upon the first mounday of march nixt at teen of the Clock In the fore noon then and thare to act on the following articuls (viz)

1,ly to Chouse a modarator

2ly to heare the Town Accounts Read and approve or not approve of tham

3ly to Chouse all the Town offecers For the Currant year 4ly to See if the town will Vote the Commettee that was Chosen to Defand the Town against the action Levin John Hall has Commanced against tham that they or Either of tham Shall Have power to prosecut and Defand the town aginst Said action with power of Substituseon

5ly to See what meathod the Town will take for the suport of Elisebath massey for the Currant year and har child,

6ly To See how much money the Town will Raise to pay for preaching for the Currant year

ply To See how much money the Town will Raise to Defray the charge of the presant year,

8ly to here any accounts that may be Justly Laid In against the Town and allow or Disalow tham,

9ly to vote how town meetings Shall Be warnned for the Currant year, and make Due Return of this presipt and of your Doings thair In unto us at or before the Said first Monday of March Nixt,

Aand this Shall be your Sufficant warrant Given under our hands and Seal at Derryfield this Fifteenth Day of february In the tanth year of his Majestyes Reign anno Que Domini 1770

William M° Clintok
Alex' Macmurphy
John Moor

Select Men

Recorded this 4th Day of December Ad: 1770

David Starrett Town Clerk

Province of New Hampshire Derryfield March the 5th Day Ad: 1770

By Vertue of this presipt I have Given warning to all the free holdors and Inhabtents of Said Town of Time and places of meeting according to the vote of Said Town for warning Town meetings and the articuls thairin assarted

pr, Ebenezer Stavens Constable Recorded this 4th Day of December Ad: 1770

David Starrett Town Clerk

Province of New Hampshire At a meeting Legaly Called of the freeholders and Inhabatents of the Town of Derryfield Hald march the fifth Day 1770

Voted Cap'n John Stark moderator of Said meeting

Voted on the Second Artticul In the warrent to Alow Every artticul of the Town accounts for the year Ad: 1769. as apered By the Committes as they have ben Read In the following mannor (viz) Februery the 24th Day 1770 We the Committee Chosen by a Vote of the In Habitantes of Derryfield to Exeming the Selectmens Accounts meet with Said Select men and Constable and Capt Bouth their Lists and finds the Sum of £41:1:6:2 collected from the freeholders and Inhabitants of Derryfield By the Select men of Said Derryfield In the year 1769

Cradet to Said Select men

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the province Tax of Derryfield for Said year

1769 is . . . . . . . . . . . . . to David Starrett for Two years taking the

Invoice and two Days on Halls Case .. to Elezer Robbens for Selectman In the year

1767 and taking the proportion and Numbering the people ......... to Captn mac murphy as Committee and

Counter and Expances .. ... .. to Capta moor on Halls Case . . . . . . .

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to William aac Clintok as Selectman In the

year 1769 . . . . . . . . . . . 0 10 0 0 to William mac Clintok as Counter . . . . 0 10 0 0 to Conel Goffe to Thonton and on Halls Case . 1 13 0 0 to Capto Moor as Selectman In the year, 1769 0 10 0 0 to Capth mac murphy as Selectman In the year,

1769 is . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 5 0 0 to Conel Goffe as Committee And Expences .. 0 15 7 0 to Captn mac Murphy for preching. ... 3 12 0 0 Paid the Constable for warning out William

Goffe & wife . . . . . . . . . . . 0 q 0 0 to Nathaniel Boyd as Select man In the year,

1767. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0 9 6 0 Dito for Six Days Counter and Expences .. 0 15 0 to John Hall for the minestors Expences.. 0 18 0 0 to Said hall for Exeming the Selectmens ac

counts . . . . . . . . . . . . 0 2 0 0 to Said Halls expences on messas account .. 0 1 10 0 to Jems Russ Abated . . . . . . . . . 0 2 9 0 to Nethaniell Boyd for Examineng Selectmons Accounts

0 2 0 0 Capt. Stark five days Counting with former Constabls . . . . . . . . . . . . 010

0 10 0 0 William Halls Recept In Full . . . . . . 3 y 3 0 to Alexander mac Clintok as Selectman in the year, 1767. . . .

· · · · · · . 0 9 6 0 to William mac Clintok for Clothing and and

Shous for Bet messey . . . . . . . . 019 90 to Solaman philps for priching In the year,

1768. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 to John parhams order for keeping Bet Massey 3 wekes not Scen .........


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March the 5th Day 1770 We the Committee Found orders for the payment of £33:6:10. paid for the use of the Town

as they appered to us By the Selectmen of Said Town for the year 1769.

John Hall Nathaniell Boyd Committee men

Note I am not Shouer that the above account Signed By the Committee is the one that was Rad Before the Town In Said mecting By Reson that it came not Into my Hands Before the Second Day of March Instent after night and Cap me Bak from Recording the Votes of Said meeting untill the 4th Day of March 1771

Voted on the third articul In the warrent David Starrett Town Clerk for Said year

Voted on Said articul William Mac Clintok Captn Alexander mac murphy and Captn John Moor Select men for Said year Ad: 1770

Voted Benjamin Baker Town Constable for Said year Voted to Ajourn this meeting to Levth John Halls House

Meet again according to ajournment the moderator and Clerk present

Voted Abraham merrill William Nutt Joseph macfarland William Mac Clintok and Leven John Hall Surveyors of High ways for Said year

Voted John Griffen and James Perce Taything men for Said year

Voted the Select men Fances Vouers and prisers of Dameages for Said year

Voted Abraham Merrill Samuel Moor and Nathaniell Boyd Surveyors of Lumber for Said year

Voted Livin John Hall and Nathaniell Boyd Couters with the Selectmen In Behalf of the Town for Said year

Voted David Starrett Commissiner of Assessment for Said year for which he is to Receve Six Shillings Lawfull money from the Town for Said Sarves

Voted John parham Joseph George and John Cuningham Hogg Reves for Said year

Voted to Ajourn this meeting to the First Tusday In April to Levin John halls House at Teen of the Clock In Said day

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