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"In the name and virtue of the thirteen Younighted States of North America."

County rule so hastily improvised continued until January 5, 1776, when a more permanent organization was effected at Exeter by a convention of delegates from over the state. Derryfield had prepared for an emergency by chosing a committee May 15, 1775, “to look after the libertys of the people.” This board consisted of Captain Alexander MacMurphy, Lieutenant James McCalley, Ensign Samuel Moore, Ebenezer Stevens and John Perham. The committee was the same in object as that ordered by the Provincial Congress within a month and called the Committee of Safety, and a forerunner of the last. On the 27th of June following their May election another meeting was held, when John Harvey, Lieutenant James McCalley, Samuel Boyd, Ensign Samuel Moore and John Hall were selected for the committee. Derryfield was classed with Goffstown for the purpose of electing a delegate to attend the congress at Exeter, and the election was made in the meeting-house of that town. The following were selected as a "Committee to Give Instructions”: Col. John Goffe, Robert McGregor and David Starrett of Derryfield; Thomas Shirley, John Harvell and Captain James Carr of Goffstown. Committees of Safety were chosen in Derryfield as late as 1779.

As late as May 22, 1780, we find a vote taken towards raising soldiers for the American army, whatever cost arising from the work to be met by the town. Thus, through all the vicissitudes of the long and sanguinary struggle, whether with the men she sent to the brunt of battle, or with those who met the arduous duties at home, old Derryfield was never for a moment faithless to her trust. It seems fitting that this volume of Records should close at this time.


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