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At A Meeting of free Houlders and other Inhabitints of the town of Derryfield Decembr 22= 1766

Voted William mo Clintok Modrator

Voted one the 2 artical not to Reaies any money for Prichinge thies year

Voted note to Reaies any money for Necrisey Charges In Bhalf of the town for thics year

Voted one the fourth artical in the warant not to Reaies any mony for to provid wightes & mireshers for the town one the fifth artical the accoumptes was Reead but now vot was paste one them and they Remaien on Sitled Recorded March 2= 1767

John Hall Town Clark The Copay of the Liste in Lawfull mony for year 1766 of the Polls & Estates David M° Night.

0 8 James Me Night

0 10 5 John Ranie Esqr (?)

0 5 4 John Goffe Esqr.

1 5 9 Samuel Moors

0 4 Capt John Moors

11 8 William Nutte

6 0 John Grifen

5 4 Benjmen Backer

4 31 Josephe Gorge Sergent Abrham Mirall

6 1 Abrham Mirall Jun"

4 104 Johnathon Mirall

5 7 Ezekiel Stivens.

9 1 Benjmen Stivens

O Handrey Bllisdal

0 7 3 Thomas Hall

0 0 6 Thomas Russ

0 6 4 John Riddall .

0 4 6 Sergent James Riddall

0 7 Capt John Stark

0 17 Einsin James mo Cawallow

0 6 10 Einsin Samuel Starke.

0 4 3

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John Hutchen

0 4 0 Levt Daniel M° Nieall.

0 11 4 Sergut Ebinezer Stivens .

0 9 3 Josephe masten.

0 7 4 Leyt John Hall . .

1 1 9 Benjmen Stivens

0 ny Daineal Hall.

0 4 Samuel Hall .

0 0 54 Alix M°Clintock .

0 5 8 James Hornor

0 4 3 David Stirrate

08 53 William Mo Clintock Jun?

0 4 84 Sergt William Mo Clintock

0 13 11 John Mc Clintock

0 4 John Dickey ·

0 6 10 William Gembeal

0 10 10 Capt Alixander Mo Murphey .

0 11 ņ Samuel Boyd

0 6 10 Serge Nethainel Boyd .

0 5 9 Widow Boyd . .

0 1 1 Mickel M° Clintock

0 10 James Pirceas

0 5 0 William Hall

0 4 8 Cap' William pirham

0 8 4 John Pirham

0 8 4 Elizer Robens

0 7 13 Chrles Eemerson

0 12 0 John Harve.

013 33 William Pirham Jun'.

0 5 V James Ramsey

0 4 0 Robrt M° Clure .

0 0 3 John Eacken.

0 0 4 William Smith .

0 0 6 Einsin Alix Bller

0 9 9 Recorded Febry 1767

pr me John Hall Town Clark

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As a matter of local record the following action of the General Assembly of New Hampshire in 1766 relative to Goffe's ferry is inserted here.—ED.

Province of New HampshireGEORGE the third by the Grace of God of Great Britain France & Ireland King Defender of the Faith &ca

To all to whom these Presents shall Come Greeting

Know ye that we of our Especial Grace, Certain Knowledge & mere Motion (by & with the advice of our Trusty & Wellbeloved Benning Wentworth Esq? our Capt. General Governor & Commandr in Cheif in & Over Our Province of New Hampshire in North America) Have giv'n & granted And by these Presents for Us our heirs & successors Do give & grant unto Our Loyal & most faithful Subject John Goffc of Derryfield in our said Prov : of New Inmpshire Esqr the sole Right of Keeping a Ferry and of Keeping Useing & Employing n ferry boat & boats for the transporting of Men, Horses Goods Cattle Carriages &ce from the Shore of Derryfield aforesd where the said John Goffe's dwelling House now stands, Across Merrimack River to the opposite Shore of Bedford, & from Beford Shore Opposite his Said House unto Derryfield Shore aforesd To Hold the said Ferry and Priviledge of a Ferry, with all Ferryage Advantages Einoulments perquisites & Profits thereunto belonging unto him the sd John Goffe Esq' His heirs, Executors, Administrators & Assigns from the Day of the date Ilercof for Ever to his & their only Proper Use & behoof for Ever Upon the following Conditions Vizt that he & they do & shall at all times Keep such boats & give such Attendance & behave as the Now (or any hereafter) Laws do or may Require. And as a further Encouragement to the sd John Goffe in and about the Premises We Will that none of our Loving Subjects do presume to molest or Interrupt the su John Goffe in his sd Ferry or set up any other ferry upon or across the sd River Merrimack within the space of Two Miles above or below the Ferry of the sd John Goffe In Testimony whereof we have Causd the Public Seal of our sd Prov to be hereunto affixd Witness our sd Governor B Wentworth Esqr the 7th day of Nobem' in the 7th Year of our Reign Anno: Domini 1766

B Wentworth By His Excellency's Commd

T: Atkinson Jun. Secry Province of New Hampshire 7th Nov 1766– Recorded according to the Original, under the Province Seal

Attest: T: Atkinson Jun Secry

Province of New Hampshire To James Mc Night Constable for the town of Derryfield Greeting

You are Hereby Required In his majestys Name to warn all the free Holders and in Habitantes of the town of Derryfield that they meet at the Meetinghouse in Said town upon the first Monday in March nixt at ten of the Clock Be fore noon then and there to act on the following artikles (Viz)

lly to Chues a Moderator to Regulate Said Meeting . 2ly to Chuse all there town oficers for the present year

3ly to See How much Money the town will Reas for Defraying the Charges of the present year

4ly to See How much money the town will Reas for to Provide Priching for the present year

5ly to Here the Town accounts for the year 1766 and to aprove or Disa prove of the Same

and this Shall be youer Sufficent warent
Given under our Hands and Seal
Deated this Ninth Day of February 1767

John Hall
Ebenezer Stavens
David M° Night

Select Men Recorded this 17th Day of June 1767

pr me David Starrett Town Clark

Province of New Hampshire March the 2th Day 1767

By vertue of this precept I have warned all the free holders & inhabitants of Derryfield of the time and Disnges of hold in Said meeing

pr me James McNight Constable Recorded this 17th Day of June 1767

pr me David Starrett Town Clark

At A Meeting of the free holders and other inhabitants of the town of Derryfield held march the 2th Day 1767

Voted David Starrett Moderator

Voted David Starrett town Clark
Voted three Select men for this year

Voted Elizer Robens Alex' M° Clintok Nathm Boyd Select men

Voted John Harvey Constable
Voted to ajourn this meeting to John halls house

the moderator and Clark prasent and the meeting being opened

Voted to Carey on the remander of this meeting by hand vots

Voted Ein James M° Caley James M° Night Charles Emerson and John M Clintock to be Servairs of highways

Voted Willm Nutt Willm hall tything men

Voted the Select men fences viewers and prizers of Damages

Voted Charls Emerson Ebenezer Stavens Servairs of Louember

Voted Captn John moors Ein James Mc Caley to Count with the Select men

Voted Leren John Hall to take the Invoico

Voted Abr merrell James parce Will“ parham Jun' Con. stables

Voted thomas Russ Sealer of Leather

Voted to ajourn this meeting to the first Monday in Apriel nixt at one of the Clock in the afternon at the meeting house in Said town

Derryfield April the 6th Day 1767

meet according to ajournment the moderator and Clark Being Present and the meeting Being opned

Voted on the Second artickle Willm hall tything man

Voted on the third artikle to Raies two Pounds Lawful money for to Defraey the Charges of the Curante year

Voted on the fourth artikle to Raies five Pounds Lawful money for to Provid Priching for the Curante year

Voted on the fifth artikle to alow the Accounts of the year 1766 February the 27th Day 1767

This Day we met with the Select men and the Constoble and fines the total of his List to be in Lawful money

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