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Voted Capt Alixander Mc Murphey
Voted Sergent Ebinezer Stivens
Voted John Hall

Secelet Men

Voted James Mc Nighte Constable

Voted to ajourn thies meeting to John Hall Houese for half a ouer

the Modrator and Clark present & the meeting oupned

Voted Mickel Mc Clintock Hendry Blisdal Charless Emerson Joseph Gorge Surviers of higwayes

Voted Joseph Masten William Nutt Taything Men

Voted the Sicelet Men fences viwers & prayesors of Damiges in the town as the law Direkes

Voted Elizer Robens & James Riddell Dier Keepers
Voted Ebinezer Stivens Survier of Loumber
Voted Thomas Russ Sieler of Leather

Voted Mickeal mo Clintock Elliezer Robens Sitel accoumpts with the Siceletmen for year 1766

Voted the Sicelet Men tack the Invoice of ye polls & Estates

Voted Joseph Gorge John pirham Samuel Boyd Hoge Reaves

Voted Capt William Parham Clark of the Market

Voted to ajourn this meeting till the laste Monday of march at teen of the Clock in the fornoon till Be Hield in John Halls Houese

Monday the 31th Day of March 1766 Meet according to adjornment the Modrator and town Clark Present & the Meeting being opned

Voted Capt William Parham Survier of higewayes
Voted David Mc Night taything man
Voted James Pearces Hoge Reave

Voted thirtey Shillens Lawfull Money for to Defrayinge the Charges for the Courant year

Voted fave Poundes Lawfull Money for prichien for the Courant year & ye Secelet Men provied the prichien

Voted to Diesmies the fifth artical for the Reason that the coumpts was not Rendered in the meeting By the Sielet Men & Counstable not Bing prepard

Voted to Dismies the Six artical for the Reason the Comitey Did note Bringe foret any accoumptes

Voted on the seventh Artical that the Inhabitantes of the town pay the Coste that william pirham Jun' was Put two by Lawe by Reason of hies not paying the province tax aCording to the time fixt in hies warrent Recorded thies fierst Day of Juley 1766

John Hall Town Clark

Province of Nowhampshier To James mc Nieght Constable for the town of Derryfield Greetinge

You are hereby Required in hies Majesties Name to warn all the Free Holders and Inhabitants in the town of Derryfield that they meet at the meeting-House in Said town upon friaday the 27th Day of this Instant June at two of the Clock in the afternoon of Sd Day then and there to act on the following Particulars Viz

1 to Chuse a Modrator to Regulate Said Meeting

2ly to See if the Inhabitants of the a fore sa town will vote to Repaier their Meeting Houese thies year and how far Either by Labour or otherwiese

3ly to See if the Inhabitants of the town will vote to fence their Graveyard and in what menor

4ly if the town vote to have any of the afore Said artical or articals Done and in that Case to Chues a Committee to get the afor Sd work perfected

5ly to See what Method the town will take get the accts of the town these four years Back that are not Settled ajested and to vote thereon

6ly to See if the town will allow Warnings for town Meetings to be Lawfull to poste the Coppies of the Warrants at the usual Places for the present year

And thies Shall be your Suficient Warrant

Given under our hands
Dated at Derryfield this 9 Day of June 1766

Alix' mc Murphy
John Hall
Ebenezar Stivens

Seclet Men

Recorded July 1766

John Hall Town Clark

Province of Now Hampshire June 27th 1766

By Vertue of the within warant I have warned all the freeHolders and Inhabitants of the town of Derryfield of the time and place of meeting acording to Law

James mo Night Counstable Recorded July 1766

John Hall Town Clark

At A Meeting of the free Houlders and Inhabtantes of Derryfield Legaly warned and asmbled on 27 Day of June 1766 at there Meeting Houese in Sd town

Voted Thomas Russ Moderator
Voted to Cary on thies Meeting by poleing
Voted to Repear the meeting Houese in part thies year

Voted to Lay a good fllor in the meeting Houese & make three Good Dores and Hinge them one Said Houese and Shout upe the ounder windows and a Commadate the Meeting Houese with forms Sutabel for to Sit on

Voted to fence the Grave-yeard thies year

Voted to Chuse a Committey to perfect the worke of the Meeting-house and fence the Graveyard this year agribal to the above votes

Voted Thomas Russ Abrham Mirall Handry Blisdal Committy Voted that the Seclet men for thies corent


recive the Mony Due to the to the town and Settell all the accoumptes of the town a Cording as the Law Direcks in ther Capasity Recorded July 1766

John Hall Town Clark

Anno Regia Regis Georgn Tertn Magne Britanniee Franciee & Hiberne Sexto

An act for vacating the meetings of the Town of Derryfield for the year 1766 held there by the Inhabitants for the Choice of town officers and for Dericting & Authorizing a new meeting & the Choice of town officers for said year

(L S) Wheras Sundry of the Inhabitants of Said Derryfield have Pititioned the General Assembly Representing that Some designing men of Said Inhabitants Having Some purposes to affect Relative to the affairs of Said town which they Could not other wise accomplish hurrid on the anal meeting Sooner in the Day then is usual & before many of theprincipal Inhabitants were come to the place of sd meeting whereby a Set of officers were Chosen who were Disagrieable to the princibal Inhabitants that afterwards when the Said Inhabitants Came thy maid Choice of another Set of town affiecors who on bothe Sides wher Sworn & have proceded to act in ther Respective offices wherby the greatest Confusion was like to Insue in the town & therefore they prayd that both of Said meetings might be vacated and maid void and a new meetinge Called for the choice of town officers for this year which having ben Examined and both partys heard theron and it appearing that the affaires of gd town are by thies meanes Involved in Confusion & perplexety which would Isue in Dissotion of all the Legal Rights & preveliges of Sa town


That both the Said meetings & all the Electiones their made and the whole procedings of Each of them be and heareby is declairred to be null void and of none Effect but are utterly Vacated and Destroyed and that the persons Chosen to any office at Either and Each of Sd meetings are Hereby Disqualified & Rondred wholly uneable to act in them or any of them and it is here by further Enacted that a new meeting of Said Inhabitants Shall be called for the Election of town officers for the Currant year and all parsons Quallifyed

as the Law Directes for the Qualification of Such as are authorized to vote in the Choies of town officars in the anueal town meetings Shall be permitted Weadnesday 13 Day of augu' at 2 Clock in the afternoon if thy Shall See Caues to vote at gd meeting but all others & all minors are hereby Excluded from Voting at Said meetings as the ought to be in all Such Cascs and John Sheepard Juner of amhurst Esq? is Hereby appointed to Call and Govern Sd meeting till the Whole busness thereof Shall be Ended & that no Parson Concerned may Justly Coomplain of want of Notices the Sd John Sheepard is Hereby Derected to Give a Notification to the Last years Constable of Sd town Seting forthe the time & place Designs of holding of sd meeting with the purpous therof & that Sd meeting is Called by the authority of this act which Shall be Delivered to Said Constable at least fifteen Days before the Day appointed for holding Sd meeting and sd Constable Shall Give parsonal notice to all the Qualified Voters of Sd Town as has Some Customary times ben the there or leave a Coppy of the Sd Notifiction at the Last usual place of thc of the abod of Such of Said persons as he Cannot meet with at least ten Days before the meeting

And all the Town oflicers which Shall be Chosen pursuant Here unto Shall have the Same Power & authority as any other town offeers have Relative to the Duty of there Respective offces And the Said Constable is hereby Subjected to a penalty of three pounds for Refuseing or Neglecting his Duty herein to be Recovred by the Selectmen that Shall be Chosen by Said town for the use of Said town

Province of New Hampshir IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTAVES July gth 1766

The fore-going Bill having ben three times Read Voted that It pass to be Enacted

H Sherburne Speeker In Councel July 9th 1766

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