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do de Madrazo, Luis Alvarez. Austria-Hungary. fants Arabes," 13,900 francs. Meissonier, “ Les Albert Hynais, Jules de Payer, Rodolphe Ribarz. cuirassiers (1805, painted in 1878), 190,000 England. — Sir Frederick' Leighton, Edward francs, Duc d'Aumale; “ Dans les fossés d'AnBurne-Jones, Henry Moore, Alma-Tadema, Hu- tibes, 44,500 francs, American Art Association; bert Herkomer, J. C. Hook, W. Q. Orchardson, Le vin du curé," 90,000 francs ;

Le peintre James McNeill Whistler, Stanhope A. Forbes, et l'amateur,” 63,000 francs: “ Jeune homme B. W. Leader, John R. Reid, J. J. Shannon. écrivant une lettre," 65,500 francs; “ Jouers de Italy.–Filippo Carcano, Leonardo Barzacco, boules à Versailles," 71,000 francs; “ Les trois Angelo Morbelli. Germany.-Wilhelm Leibl. fameurs," 42,000 francs; La descente des vaRussia.-Constantin Makovski, Vinceslas Szy- ches,” 37,100 francs; “ Berger ramenant son troumankovski, Georg Lehmann, Alexis Harlamoif. peau,” 43,000 francs; “La Basse-cour, 36,200 Finland.-A. Edelfelt. International Section. francs. -Arturo Michelena, Zacharie Zakarian.

The sale of the collection of Auguste Dreyfus, Paris: Miscellaneous.-One of the most im- comprising 116 numbers, in Paris in June, realportant art sales of the century was that of theized 861,000 francs. Some of the best prices obSecrétan collection, consisting of a large number tained were: Troyon, “ Le passage du bac” (sold of the best examples of the modern French in 1872 for 32,500 francs), 100,000 francs; “La school and of some good “old masters.” The route du marché” (for which Troyon received sales amounted in the aggregate to 6,045,165 2,500 francs), 62,000 francs. Meissonier, “ Jeune francs. First day, 3,651,000; second day, 1,901,- homme lisant," 20,700 francs. Édouard Dé355; third day, 492,810. The following is a par- taille, Bonaparte en Egypte" (Salon of 1878), tial list of the prices obtained for some of the 31,500 francs. Berne-Bellecour, “ Les tirailleurs modern French pictures at the sale, which at- de la Seine au combat de la Malmaison, 1870." tracted buyers from all parts of the world : 25,000 francs. Théodore Rousseau,“ Paysage Corot, “Le matin,” 56,000 francs; “ Biblis” (the du Berry;" 48,500 francs. Vibert, " Le départ painter's last work), 84,000 francs; “Le soir,” des mariés,” 45,500 francs. Vautier, “ Noce 16,000 francs; “L'Étang,” 6,100 francs. Cour- Alsacienne,” 40,000 francs. bet, “ La remise de chevreuils" (Lepel-Cointet The sale of the studio effects of the late Alexsale, 35,000 francs), 76,000 francs. Daubigny, andre Cabanel, in Paris, May 22 and 25, produced “ La rentrée des moutons,” 42,000 francs; in the aggregate, 141,081 francs. Of the pictures, " Ruisseau dans la forêt,” 15,100 francs. De- « Cleopatra trying Poisons on Prisoners concamps, “ Joseph vendu par ses frères,” 40,500 demned to Death,” brought 20,000 francs; “The francs ; " Les singes experts," 70,000 francs; First Ecstacy of St. John Baptist,” 12,500 francs; " Le frondeur,” 92,000 francs ; “ Bourreaux and “ The Triumph of Flora,” 3,000 francs. turcs," 33,500 francs ; Bouldogue et terrier A bronze replica of Bartholdi's statue of “ Libécossais," 46,000 francs. Eugène Delacroix, “ Le erty Lighting the World,” one fifth the size of retour de jouers de boules à Antibes," 60,000 the original in New York harbor, was erected, in francs; “ Écrivain méditant,” 45,000 francs; July, at the Île des Cygnes, Grenelle. The figure, “ La lecture du manuscrit,” 39,000 francs; “Le which is 11.40 metres high, is elevated on a mole liseur en costume rose,” 66,000 francs; " Troupe of masonry beside the bridge. It is a gift to the de Mousquetaires,” 36,600 francs ; “ Le fumeur city of Paris by American residents. en costume rouge,” 33,500 francs ; “Le liseur London : Royal Academy. — The twentieth blanc," 36,000 francs; “Le baiser," 17,000 francs; winter exhibition was noteworthy as containing "Le peintre,” 29,000 francs; “Causerie," 26,000 no pictures of the Italian schools, being mainly francs ; Portrait de Mme. Sabatier,” 7,100 devoted to the Dutch school and to English francs; “ Récit du Siége de Berg-op-Zoom

works of the first half of the present century. (medallion, size of five-franc piece), 20,100 Among the former were a noble group of Remfrancs; L'Amateur de peintre,” 15,100 francs; brandts from Buckingham Palace and from the " Hussard appuyé sur son cheval,” 16,000 francs. collection of Sir Richard Wallace. Among the J. F. Millet, “L'Angelus,” 553,000 francs, English pictures were works by Turner, ConAmerican Art Association ; “ Le retour à la stable, Collins, Dyce, R. C. Leslie, etc. Two fontaine,” 20,600 francs. Th. Rousseau, “ La rooms also were devoted to a loan collection of hutte des charbonniers," 75,500 francs; La portraits and subject pictures by Frank Holl, ferme sous bois," 58,500 francs ; · Jean de the lately deceased academician. Paris,” 42,000 francs; “Le printemps," 33,000 The one hundred and twenty-first annual exfrancs. Troyon, “ Le passage du gue,” 120,000 hibition of the Royal Academy contained 2,196 francs; “ Vaches au pâturage,” 45,000 francs; works, selected from about 6,000 contributions, " Le chien d'arrêt," 70,000 francs; Pâturage including 1,264 oil paintings, 301 water-colors, Normand,” 31,500 francs; Christophe Colomb” 111 miniatures, 138 works in black and white (San Donato sale, 80,000 francs), 36,000 francs; and engravings, 200 architectural drawings, and * Tigre surpris par un serpent,” 35,500 francs; 182 sculptures. ** Desdémone maudite par son père.” 15,000 The principal positions in the first room were franes. Diaz, “ Diane chasseresse,"71,000 francs, occupied by Sir Frederick Leighton, Sir John American Art Association ; “ La descent des Millais, and Frederick Goodall. Of Sir FrederBohémiens,” 33,000 francs; “ Vénus et Adonis," ick's contributions, “ Invocation " (54 x 34) rep36,000 franes ; Vénus et l'Amour;" 17,800 resents a young priestess in white robes standing francs. Jules Dupré, “ Bords de Rivière,” 40,- with uplifted arms in the attitude of invocation. 000 francs. Fortuny, “ Fantasia Arabe," 24,300 Offerings of grapes are on the altar before her, francs. Engine Fromentin, “ Gorges de la and in the background are marble columns. In Chiffa, 43,000 francs; “La chasse au faucon," • Greek Girls playing at Ball” (45 x 78) two girls, 41,000 francs ; “L’Alerte," 25,700 francs; En- in flowing draperies which exhibit their form,

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are playing on the terrace of a house, against a watching the buxom lasses hanging around their background of purple mountains and inlets of favorite, the doughty trumpeter. the Adriatic. The figures and landscape are Hubert Herkomer's "The Chapel of the Charbathed in summer light. "Sibyl," a third pict- ter-House" (6 feet 7 inches x 8 feet 10 inches) ure represents a dark-haired sibyl sitting in a recalls, in some respects, the painter's “ The Last grotto, her head resting on her hand. Smoke Muster,” exhibited in 1875. The pensioners are curls upward from a tripod near her, and scrolls assembling in the chapel before the Sunday servlie at her feet.

ice. The aim of the painter has been to deSir John Millais contributed “Murthly Water” pict types, not portraits, and each face is sup(40 x 63), a Perthshire landscape on a sunny day posed to offer a suggestion of the owner's past in autumn, with trees and hills in background career. It has been purchased by the trustees and the Tay at left with a boat drawn up and of the Chantrey Bequest for £2,200. two sitting figures on the bank. The scene is Solomon J. Solomon, the painter of “ Niobe,” near Dunkels, where the painter has his fishing. one of the successes of last year, exhibited anAnother picture " The Old Garden " (45 x 68) rep- other immense canvas (11 feet x 7 feet), entitled resents an old-fashioned Scotch garden in au- “ Sacred and Profane Love." Above, an angel tumn. A fountain with water flowing into a shelters with her wings an allegorical group of basin from the mouth of a dolphin, on which husband, wife, and child; below, in the foreis mounted a Cupid, is in the foreground, and in ground, a nude beauty lures a victim to destructhe background, over high walls, behind which tion, pelting him with roses while she drags him rise yews, cypresses, and close-cut box hedges, over a precipice. part of a manor house is seen.

Other noteworthy contributions were Edwin Frederick Goodall's chief contribution, “ Lead- Long's “ Jairus's Daughter," " Preparing for the ing the Flock: Early Morning, Cairo,” a Bedouin Festival of Anubis,” and “ Alethe," the attendshepherdess blowing a pipe and followed by a ant of the sacred ibis in the great temple of Isis a flock of sheep, with the walls of Cairo and the at Memphis, the young priestess beloved by AlPyramids in the distance, hung between Sir ciphron, and heroine of Moore's poem, The Frederick Leighton's two single-figure pieces. Epicurean"; Luke Fildes's “ An Al Fresco ToiAnother work entitled “ The Day of Rest at the let,” representing a group of women in gay VeneOld Home," illustrating a stanza from Tennyson's tian costumes in the court-yard of an old palace, * Palace of Art,” represents a picturesque Queen one of whom is having her hair combed ; landAnne house, with lawns and meadows, and a scapes and sea-pieces by Peter Graham, J. C. brook with a horse drinking in the foreground. Hook, Colin Hunter, G. D. Leslie, Henry Moore, The place has belonged to the Blackwell family and Briton Riviere; and portraits by G. H. for two hundred years.

Boughton, Herkomer, Ouless, Sant, Millais, John W. Q. Orchardson's principal picture, “ The S. Sargent, and John Pettie. Young Duke" (4 feet 10 x8 feet), represents the London : Grosvenor Gallery.-The winter dining-hall of a French noble in the time of exhibition was a continuation of " A Century of Louis XIV. The young duke is seated at the British Art,” begun last year. It was made up middle of a cross-table, while his guests are rising largely of well-known works, such as Wilkie's with glasses raised to drink his health. This “ Blind Man's Buff” and Penny Wedding," picture was one of the successes of the year. Reynolds's “Crossing the Brook," Constable's

Alma-Tadema exhibited a characteristic pict- Lock," Turner's “Calais Harbor,” and “Gainsure, “At the Shrine of Venus,” showing two borough's “The Mall.” It contained also pastels Roman ladies, one reclining and one sitting, on by Romney, Cotes, Gardner, Russell, etc.

couch in an inner room of a barber's shop. In The thirteenth summer exhibition of the Gros. the background, through a small corridor, are venor Gallery, containing 416 numbers, includseen others waiting, and at the left one enters, ing oil and water-color paintings, pastels, and offering to the shrine of Venus the customary sculptures, was attractive, though conspicuous offering-a flower.

by the absence of many prominent names forFrank Dicksee's " The Passing of Arthur” merly connected with it. Among the noteworthy (5 feet x 8 feet), is a Tennysonian rendering of the pictures was Sir John Millais's "Shelling Peas ” legend. The body of the king, his armor glisten- (51 x 41), a fair girl, with flaxen hair, seated, ing in the moonlight, lies supported by the three shelling peas into a china bowl. It is dedicated queens, in the middle of the barge, which, to Sir Frederick Leighton. George II. Boughmanned by spectral oarsmen, is just pushing off ton's “ Under the Harvest Moon” (53 x 31), reprefrom a reedy shore.

sents a girl, with dark hair and gray costume, Vicat Cole's “ The Summons to Surrender” standing beside a sheaf of wheat. Ernest A. (6 feet 2 x 9 feet 11), represents a scene in the Waterlow contributed a landscape with a woman English Channel during the fight with the Ar- and a laden horse in foreground, entitled “ A madla; Sir Francis Drake, on the quarter-deck of Heavy Load"; J. McWhirter, a study in trees, the - Revenge,” is summoning Don Pedro de Val- entitled “The Wierd Sisters ”; John Pettie, pordez, whose great galleon is in the center, to sur- traits of Rider Haggard and others; George render. A fitting pendant to this picture is Sey- Clausen, “ Plowing"; and Ernest Parton three mour Lucas's “ The Surrender,” in which Don landscapes. Pedro is shown on the deck of the “ Revenge,” London: New Gallery.- The “ Exhibition delivering up his sword to Sir Francis Drake. of the Royal House of Stuart" at the New Gal

F. D. Millet's Anthony Van ('orlaer, the lery, was one of the most interesting of the seaTrumpeter" was on the line in the same room. son, its purpose being to illustrate by pictures, It is an interior, with Diedrich Knickerbocker miniatures, and other relics the history of that smoking his pipe in the chimney corner and notable family. Among the pictures was the


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famous diptych from Holyrood, of the school of “ Heights of Suresnes,” £3,045; and Decamp's Mabuse, representing on one panel James III, Courtyard,” £2,148. Hobbema's “ Water Mill," with his son and St. Andrew, and on the other which brought £4,200 at the Hamilton sale. his queen, Margaret of Denmark, with St. George; was sold for £3,465, and the great “ Landscape." the portrait of Mary Stuart at sixteen, in mourn- which cost M. Secrétan over £10,000, brought ing for Francis II, called “Le Deuil Blanc," by only £5,760. Janet, from Windsor Castle; portraits by Zuc- United States: Exhibitions, etc. – The chero, Honthorst, Van Dyck, and Lily, and a sixty-fourth annual exhibition of the National collection of miniatures and engraved portraits. Academy of Design (April 1 to May 11) con

The second annual exhibition, with more than tained 547 numbers, including both oil and 400 numbers, showed a creditable advance on water-colors. Noteworthy among the figure that of last year and, like it, was conspicuous pieces were Edward E. Simmons's " Old Man and by the presence among the exhibitors of many Child," Robert V. Sewell's “ Fisher Folk," formerly to be seen chiefly at the Grosvenor Thomas Allen's “ Morning on the Market-Place, Gallery

San Antonio ” and “Sunday Morning in ChihuaGeorge Frederick Watts exhibited eight can- hua,” and H. 0. Walker's semi-nude“ Saint vases, among which was “ The Wounded Heron," John." interesting in being the painter's earliest work, Of landscapes, Du Bois F. Hasbrouck's “ Catshaving been originally

shown at the Royal Acade- kill Forest in Winter,” Homer Martin's “ Coast my in 1837. “Fata Morgana,” another of his of Normandy," Swain Gifford's “ The Ravine at pictures (65 inches x 47 inches) is a scene from Naushon, Mass.," and Alden Weir's “ Rugged Ariosto's “ Orlando Innamorato," representing New England,” were among the best. the personification of Fortune. “ The Wife of Good portraits were shown by F. D. Millet, Plutus” is a sleeping nude female figure, show- Frank Fowler, Kenyon Cox, B. C. Porter, and ing only the head and bust, grasping her jewels William Chase. Irving R. Wiles's “Sonata," with one hand.

which may be considered a portrait group, was Alma-Tadama exhibited three portraits, one one of the best pictures in the exhibition. of Mrs. F. D. Millet, and a picture (15 inches x The Academy prizes of the year were awarded 20 inches), called “A Favorite Author," repre- as follow: The Thomas B. Clark prize, for the senting a girl in white reading from a scroll to best American figure composition, $300, to another in pink reclining on a couch behind her. Irving R. Wiles, for his painting entitled " So

E. J. Pointer's chief work was “ A Roman nata.” The first Hallgarten prize for best picture Boat-Race," a fair-haired girl in white, seated in oil painted in the United States by a citizen with a basket of cherries in her lap, watching a under thirty-five years of age, $300, to Robert race between several galleys.

V. V. Sewell, for his “Sea Urchins"; second best W. B. Richmond exhibited portraits and “ The do., $200, to Kenyon Cox, for his “ November"; Death of Ulysses” (48 x 58), two figures, with a third best do., $100, to Frank W. Benson, for his sunset afterglow on brass moldings and armor. “Orpheus." The Norman W. Dodge prize, Hubert Herkomer was represented by several $300, for the best picture painted in the United portraits, Edward Burne-Jones by a number of States by a woman was given to Ella Condie studies of heads and figures in pencil and deco- Lamb for “ An Advent Angel.”. rative studies in blue, Professor Legros by silver- The eighth autumn exhibition of the National point studies, and C. E. Hallé by several charac- Academy of Design (Nov. 18 to Dec. 14) conteristic pictures.

tained 482 numbers. London: Miscellaneous. The art sales of The fifth annual Prize Fund Exhibition the year in London were not remarkable." The opened at the American Art Galleries, April 26. Vale of Clywd," a water-color by David Cox, Mr. Poore's “ Night of the Nativity,” to which brought £2,405; and an oil picture by J. C. was awarded the only prize given, $2,000, is a Hook, “ Kelp-Burners in the Shetlands," sold for promising work, well composed, though with £1,071. Sir E. Landseer's “ Alpine Mastiffs” nothing novel in subject or treatment. It goes (1820), brought £1,942 (sold in Ham Hall collec- to the Buffalo Academy of Fine Arts. Another tion, 1875, for £2,257). Rosa Bonheur's “ Land- good work was George De Forest Brush's "The scape with Six Breton Oxen” (Brunel sale, 1860, Moose Chase," a wild hunting scene in the Adi£1,417), was bid in at 2,500 guineas.

rondacks. At the sale of the collection of Col. M'Murdo, The Society of American Artists opened their July 13, Meissonier's La Vedette” and “Les eleventh annual exhibition on May 10 in the Mousquetaires” were bought in at 1,600 guineas Fifth Avenue Art Galleries, with 169 numbers and 1,250 guineas. Rembrandt's “Death of contributed by 99 artists. Though small, it was Lucrezia" brought £3,937. It was bought in a remarkably good exhibition, and a credit to 1826 by Sir Thomas Lawrence for 190 guineas, American art. Among the more noticeable and was sold in the San Donato sale, 1880, for works were Ernest L. Major's “ St. Genevieve." upward of £4,000. "The Laughing Boy,"

,a Walter Shirlaw's “ The Water Lilies,” Edwin 0. picture on wood, attributed to Leonardo da Blashfield's “St. Michael," Willard L. Metcalf's Vinci, brought £1,753 ; and Franz Hals's " Lady " Kousse-Kousse Market— Tunis,” Will H. Low's in Black, with Lace Collar and Gold Chain,' In an Old Garden," and Henry (). Walker's £1,680.

Philomela." Good portraits were contributed On July 13 seventeen pictures of the Secrétan by John S. Sargent, Mr. Thayer, Alden Weir, (Paris) collection were sold in London. Millet's George B. Butler, J. Carroll Beckwith, and Will"Le Vanneur” (his third picture on the subject), iam F. Chase, the last contributing“ Little brought £3,570: Delacroix's “ Giaour," £1,312; Lord Fauntleroy." Troyon's “Garde Chasse," £2,940; and his The American Fine Arts Society is a new organ


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ization incorporated in New York. It has been theuse," " La Naissance du Veau," “ The Sower," formed by the union of five artistic bodies in The Grafter,” and others. Delacroix was repNew York, viz., The Society of American Art- resented by “ Christ on the Cross,” “ Jesus on ists, the Architectural League, the Art Stu- the Sea of Gallilee,” Wounded Tiger," Les dents League, the Society of Painters in Pastel, Convulsionnaires," “ Tiger and Serpent,' Christ and the New York Art Guild. The object is the at the Tomb,” “St. Sebastian,” etc.; Corot by erection of a suitable building for the joint use “The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian,” “ The Evenof the societies.

ing Star,” « Lake Nemi," " Fauns and Nymphs,” The Metropolitan Museum of Art received The Dance of Loves," etc. ; Rousseau by “ Le. valuable accessions during the year, the most Givre-Winter Solitude ;” and the others by noteworthy being Henry G. Marquand's gift of characteristic examples. thirty-five pictures, mostly old masters, includ- The Stebbins collection, sold in New York, ing two Rembrandts, two Rubens, a Velasquez, Feb. 12, brought good prices. Some of the hightwo Van Dycks, and others by Lucas Van Ley- est were: Meissonier, « The Game lost," $26,300; den, Jacob Ruysdael, Frans Hals, Gerard Ter- “Story of the Campaign,” $3,600 : “ Captain of burg, Jan Van Eyck, Gaspar Netscher, David the Guard,” $3,400; “Stirrup Cup," $7,100 ; Teniers the younger, Francisco Zurbaran, Gains- Gérôme, “ Molière breakfasting with Louis XIV, borough, Turner, Reynolds, Constable, Bonning- $10,500 ; Vibert, “Spanish Diligence Station,” ton, and Prud'hon. Including this collection, $9,100; “ First Born," $3,100; Alma-Tadema, the property of the Museum is valued at about Queen Clotilda,” $6,100; Fortuny, “Spanish $3,000,000.

Lady,” $6,500 ; Troyon, “Normandy Castle," Other valuable gifts were: Bastien-Lepage's $3,050 ; Zamacois, *** Court Jester," $2,475 ; " Joan of Arc," and Édouard Manet's “ Boy with Levying Contributions," $7,200. a Sword” and “Woman with a Parrot,” present- The collection of Thomas A. Howell, of Brooked by Erwin Davis, and Hans Makart's “Diana's lyn, consisting of 65 paintings, was sold in Hunting Party," the gift of Mrs. Ellen Jose- New York, Feb. 27, for $74,880. C. F. Dauphine Banker.

bigny's “Evening” brought $6,150, and his Rembrandt's “The Gilder," brought to the Morning.” $4,000; Jules Breton's " Watching United States by William Schaus, has been sold the Cows," $5,000; Détaille's “ Windmill," $4,by him to Mr. Havemeyer for, it is said, $75,000, 700; Corot's • Evening,” $4,500; and a “ Marine" and presented by the latter to the Metropolitan by Jules Dupré, $4,000. Museum of Art.

The Erwin Davis collection, 143 works, sold in The Washington Centennial Loan Exhibition, New York in March, contained some famous held at the Metropolitan Opera House, New pictures-Bastien-Lepage's “Joan of Arc," bid York, in April, was one of the most interesting in at $23,400; Troyon's “ Pasturage in Norfeatures of the celebration. It consisted of a mandy,” bid in at $17,500; Delacroix's “Lion notable array of portraits of Washington, in- Hunt," bid in at $11,800; and Corot's “The cluding Stuart's,' Wright's, Trumbull's, and Ford,” bid in at $7,600. Millet's “ Haymaker' Peale's, portraits and miniatures of Franklin, sold for $9,100, and Troyon's “ Feeding the Hamilton, Jefferson, Adams, and other Revolu- Chickens” $7,500. The collection brought in tionary worthies, and a large display of valuable the aggregate $243,795. relics connected with that period.

A collection of “old masters,” mostly of the The Barye Exhibition at the American Art more obscure painters of the Spanish-Neapolitan Galleries, New York (Nov. 10 to Jan. 15, 1890), school, mainly formed by the late Don Sebastian was one of the most notable art events of the Gabriel de Borbon y Braganza, was put on exhiyear. The exhibition was organized by the com- bition at the American Art Galleries, New York, mittee of the Barye Monument Association, for in March, by its present owner, the Duke de the purpose of raising money for the erection in Durcal. The sale, April 8 and 9, was almost a Paris of a monument to Antoine Louis Barve failure, the total receipts being less than $12,000. (1796–1875), the famous sculptor. The Barye col- The monument to the Pilgrim Fathers was lection proper, numbering 453 pieces in metal, dedicated at Plymouth, Mass., on the first of wax, and plaster, with a number of water-color August. The design was made by Hammatt drawings and a few studies in oil, of which about Billings in 1853, the corner-stone was laid in half were from the collection of W. T. Walters, 1859, and the pedestal completed in 1877. The Baltimore, and the Corcoran Gallery, Washing- pedestal, which is octagonal, with four large and ton, and the remainder were loaned by Cyrus J. four small faces, is forty-five feet high. It is Lawrence, James F. Sutton, Samuel P. Avery, surmounted by a figure of Faith, thirty-six feet R. Austin Robertson, Theodore K. Gibbs, and high, of granite, like the rest of the monument. others. Together with this splendid exhibit, From the small faces of the pedestal project which could scarcely be matched in Paris, were buttresses, upon each of which stands a figure of shown 123 paintings by contemporaries and heroic size – the four representing Morality, friends of Barye, including J. F. Millet, Théo- Education, Freedom, and Law. The other faces dore Rousseau, Troyon, C. F. Daubigny, Dé- are ornamented with bas-reliefs, tablets, etc. camps. Corot, Jules Dupre, Diaz, Delacroix, and The entire cost was $200,000. The figure of Géricault. Among Millet's pictures were exhib- Faith, which cost $32,000, was the gift of Oliver ited the “ Angelus," Breaking Flax," The Ames. The figure of Morality was given by the Potato Harvest," The Sheepfold,” “ Sheep- State of Massachusetts, Education by Roland Shearing,” “Sea View off Cherbourg," " Le Mather of Hartford, Freedom by the United Bout du Village de Gréville,” “ The Planters," States Government, and Law by the legal fra" Buckwheat Thrashers,” « Woman making Lve," ternity of the United States. The oration on “ After the Bath," " The Gleaners,” « The Bara- the occasion was made by W.C. P. Breckenridge,


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of Kentucky, and the poem by John Boyle present rate of taxation was established. The estiO'Reilly, of Boston.

mated income, at the present rate of taxation, to meet The arch, erected at the entrance of Fifth this outlay will be only $740,000. Avenue, Washington Square, New York, for the In view of these facts, the Legislature this Centennial celebration, from designs by Stanford year increased the rate for the next two years to White, is to be made permanent by rebuilding it 4 mills for general purposes, giving the Govon the same plans, in white marble, at a cost of ernor authority to reduce the rate, if the increase $100,000.

in assessed valuation for those years should jusFLORIDA, a Southern State, admitted to the tify such reduction. An annual tax of 1 mill Union in 1845 ; area, 58,680 square miles; popu- for schools, of 4 mill for use of the State Health lation, according to the last decennial census Board, and of of a mill for the Bureau of Immi(1880), 269,493 ; capital, Tallahassee.

gration were also imposed, making the total rate Government. The following were the State for each year 6} mills. The bonded debt of the officers during the year: Governor, Francis P. State remains unchanged at $1,032,500, but is Fleming (Democrat); Secretary of State, John gradually being absorbed into the various State L. Crawford; Comptroller, William D. Barnes; funds. The amount held by individuals on Jan. Treasurer, Frank J. Pons; Attorney - General, 1889, was $382,300, or $29,000 less than at the William B. Lamar, Superintendent of Public same time in 1888. Instruction, Albert J. Russell; Commissioner of Legislative Sessions.-On Jan. 16, soon aftAgriculture, Lucius B. Wombwell; Railroad er his inauguration, Gov. Fleming issued a call Commissioners, George G. McWhorter, Enoch J. for an extra session of the Legislature, to conVann, and William Himes ; State Board of vene at Tallahassee on Feb. 5, for the purpose of Health, Richard P. Daniel, William B. Hender- carrying into effect the articles of the new Conson, William K. Hyer ; Chief Justice of the Su- stitution providing for a State board of health preme Court, George P. Raney ; Associate Jus- and for county boards of health. The failure of tices, Augustus E. Maxwell and H. L. Mitchell. the Legislature of 1887 to comply with this artiThe new Supreme Court of elective judges was cle left the people without any State organizaorganized in January, under the provisions of tion for the preservation of public health, and the Constitution of 1885, and Judge Raney was the epidemic of 1888, which might have been selected as Chief Justice by lot.

averted or controlled, could only be managed by Finances.-At the beginning of 1888 there county boards of health, whose jurisdiction was was a balance in the State treasury of $110,646.02. limited. The Governor declined to await the The receipts during the year, from all sources, action of the regular session in April, for the were $582,636.75, and the total expenditures reason that a State board, then created, might $583,469.69, leaving a balance of $109,813.08 on not have time to organize and meet effectively Jan. 1, 1889. The receipts of the general reve- any outbreak of yellow fever early in the season. nue fund for 1888 amounted to $389,551.24; To pay the expenses of the board for 1889, the there was a balance of $43,992.50 in the fund at sum of $50,000 was appropriated. The followthe beginning of the year, and of $33,053.59 at ing acts were also passed at this session: its close. The income from licenses decreased

Repealing the bounty law of 1887 for the destrucfrom $130,420.28 in 1887 to $91,654.57 in 1888, tion of wild cats, wolves, bears, and panthers. owing largely to the increase of pro ibition ter- Adopting a memorial to Congress asking for the ritory in the State; while the tax on property establishment of an efficient coast guard to prevent increased in the same time from $230,000 to infectious diseases coming from foreign ports. $270,000. The expenditures from the general The session ended on Feb. 20, and on April 2 fund for 1888 included $65,393.27 for jurors and the regular biennial session began, continuing witnesses. $43,261.24 for criminal prosecutions, until May 31. Three amnendments to the Consti$35,984.55 for care of the insane, $32,673.26 for tution of 1885 were proposed, changing the elecpensions, $32,641.87 for salaries of judicial offi- tion for all State and county officers from the cers, and $21,300 for salaries of executive offi- time of the national election in November to the

The Comptroller, in his annual report, first Tuesday after the first Monday in October early in 1889, says:

in 1892, and every second year thereafter. These Since the present tax rate of three mills on the dol- amendments are to be submitted to the people lar for purposes of general revenue was fixed, we have

at the general election in 1890. The act of 1885 had to meet large expenditures of an extraordinary establishing county boards of health was repealed, character, and there has been also a great increase in and a new law was enacted, requiring the Gorthe annual expenses of the State government. The ernor to appoint such a board for every county, cost of the Constitutional Convention of 1885, amount and subjecting each to the direction and auing to $55,500 ; the appropriations for the East Flor

thority of the new State Board of Health. In ida Seminary, the Ocala schools, and the Agricultural accordance with the new Constitution of 1885, a College, amounting respectively to $12,000, $5,400, and $7,500-a total of $50,400—had to be paid out

Bureau of Agriculture was established and placed of the income arising from this low rate of taxa

in the control of a Commissioner of Agriculture, tion. Besides, the support of the normal schools, at who supersedes the Commissioner of Lands unan annual cost of $8,000, the Deaf, Dumb, and Blind der the former Constitution. In addition to colAsylum, costing $5,000, the Teachers' Institute, cost- lecting and publishing agricultural statistics, ing $1,500 (making annually $14,500 for school pur- the commissioner is required to make collections, poses), the salaries and expenses of the Railroad Com- analyses, and reports relating to minerals and mission, amounting to $10,000, the provision for pensions, $30.000, the cost of criminal prosecutions, director of the State Agricultural and Mechanical

the geological formation of the State; he is made a reaching $60,000, the outlay for State troops amounting to $8,000, making a total of $122,500, have been College, is charged with the supervision of the added to the annual expenses of the State since the State Prison, and is directed to keep the Bureau


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