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he shines in his glory. He will effe&tually order their getting away out of his presence, by a terrible voice from his throne, Matth. xxv. 41.“ Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” And they shall go away one way, and he another with his saints; and they shall never meet again. However he courted them in this world, and they still fled from him, and would have none of him, they will never have a good word for them or to them, from him any more.

(5.) They will be relatively separated from God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. They cannot be locally separated from him, who is every where present, in hell as well as in heaven, Psal. cxxxix. 8. But there will be a relative separation, in an eternal blocking up of all comfortable communication be. tween God and them; as when two parties break up a treaty of peace, and part with hostile mind, proclaiming war against one another.

Now though God is not their God by covenant, yet he is their Benefactor, and they get much benefit by that relation, Luke vi. 35. But then it is broke off for ever.

Lastly, They will be for ever under a total eclipse of all light of comfort and ease fpiritual and bodily, Mat. xxii.

13. “ Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him away into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Hof. ix. 12. “Wo also to them when I depart from them." Whatever good thing in body or mind they now enjoy is from God, as the light is from the fun; and therefore God totally withdrawing from, it is imposfible that any thing good or comfortable can remain with them; but even as when there is but one chink in a house to let in the light, and that is stopt, there must needs be a total 'darkness.

2. They will be miserable both in body and soul there; for they must depart into everlasting fire,

Mat, XXV.

Mat. xxv. 41. How can it be otherwise in the lake of fire and brimstone, as it is called? Rev. xx. 10.

As to the state of their bodies there, though they be new framed of their duft, yet it will be to no advantage, but to fit them for a state of eternal misery. And we may take a view of it in these three things.

(1.) Their bodies will be base, inglorious, and loathsome. Dan, xii. 2. “And many of them that fleep in the dust of the earth shall awake--some to shame and everlasting contempt.” Ifa. Ixvi. 24. “ And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me; for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched, and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh.” No beauty can possibly be found in them there, but their coun-" tenance will be for ever ghastly and frightful, as in the pangs of the second death. They will be like so many dead carcases there for unfightliness, while death preys on them there buried out of the fight of all, in the pit of destruction.

(2.) There will be no health nor foundness in them there. How can there be in bodies suffering the vengeance of eternal fire? What hale fide can one have to turn him to, swimming in a lake of fire? They will be in torments, Luke xvi. 23.

(3.) Yet will they be of such a constitution as to bear up, and not faint away under their torments there, Mat. xxv. ult. They will ever be in the pangs of death, but never die out. The power of God will keep them up in that case, that they shall not have the favour of fainting nor dying out.

As to the state of their souls in their bodies there.

(1.) Their minds or understandings will be fitted to carry on their misery there. They will be im. pressed there with clear notions of things, that here they either know not, or would not know; but then they will only be so known as to aggravate their misery, Luke xvi. 23. " And in hell he lift up his eyes,




and feeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bofom." They will know then what God is, Christ, fin, heaven, hell, and this world then past. Their minds will then be fixed and active; fixed on their misery, and active in turning it about in all its shapes, without poflibility of diverfion from the thoughts of it. The impressions of wrath will be deep there.

(2.) There will, as it will for ever continue enmi. ty against God, so it will be crossed for ever by him. What they would, they fhall never obtain; and what they would not, shall be eternally bound on them. In the state of trial they would needs have their will, and many times they got it; but they will get it no more, when once there; the will of God will resist it for ever. Hence there is no rest for them, Rev. xiv.

(3.) Their affections will all be tormenting, Mat. xxii. 13. “ There shall be weeping and gnashing of . teeth." All pleasant paslions, whether of one kind or another, will then be rooted out: no joy for delight in

any object whatsoever will spring up with them any more. But they will be brim-full of forrow,racked with anxiety, filled with horror, galled with fretfulness, and darted through with despair, Rev. xvi. 21. Their souls ftocked with strong lusts, and finful habits contracted in their life, will be left to pine on in them for ever; eagerly defiring to have them gratified, but no gratification of them possible. So they will be under an eternal gnawing hunger after fomething to satisfy the large cravings of their finful wretched souls; but there will be nothing to be had for ever for that end, Luke xvi. 25,

(4.) Their consciences will ever be awake there, and witness to their face that they are justly ruined, and have ruined themfelves, Mat. xxii. 12. It will sent to them their fins thro' the whole course of their life, and cut them with remorse for them. It will upbraid them with their unbelief, witness against them



that they were warned, but would not hearken. And so it will be in them a gnawing worm that dieth not.

(5.) Their memories will be fresh there, Luke xvi. 25. Sins sometimes buried and out of mind with them, will be called to mind with all their aggravating circumstances. They will have a galling and cutting remembrance of the pleasures of fin, which they fometime thought themselves happy in; of the profits of sin, that they sometimes hugged themselves in. Times, places, means, instruments, when, where, and by which they were ruined, or might have been brought into a state of salvation, will all be remembered there.

Lastly, The wrath of God will sink into their souls there, Pfal. cix. 18. Vindictive justice will make inconceivable impressions on them, that will melt their souls like wax in the midst of their bowels. Some of God's own people have felt fome drops of wrath here, that if they had continued but a little longer, they would have fainted away under them. What will the full shower of it be in hell, where every stone of that hail is the weight of a talent? Rev. xvi. 21.

3. They will be shut up in outer darkness there, Mat. xxii. 13. Hell is the place of outer darkness. It is so called in opposition to the glorious light that the saints within heaven do enjoy. The Jews had their marriage-fuppers by night, and so while the guestchamber was filled with lights, there was nothing but darkness without. So while the saints are in heaven, in eternal light at the marriage supper of the Lamb, the damned are without in darkness. It must be so; for light is sweet to the eyes, and nothing sweet can be there. When Christ suffered on the cross, there was an eclipse for the same reason. But it went off, for Christ overcame death; but the eclipse in hell can never go off. And the darkness there is a deep darke: ness, it is the mift of darkness that never clears, 2 Pet. ii. 17. the blackness of darkness, Jude 13. Hence, (1.) Dismal and melancholy must the state of the


damned be, in that region of horror, where is not the lealt comfortable gleam of light to their eyes. As there is no night in heaven, but eternal day, so there is no day in hell, but an eternal night, an everlasting gloom. If there were no more in it, it would be terrible never to see the light.

(2.) They will not range up and down as vain men now do in the world, diverting themselves with this and the other object. There is nothing to be seen there to please the eye. The Egyptian darkness was an emblem of it, which gives the reason of the phrase, chains of darkness, as was before observed. And accordingly the damned are faid to be bound hand and foot, Matth. xxii. 13. in which posture one cannot range from place to place, but at most tofs and roll himself like a fick man on his bed.

4. They will have the society of devils there, being fut up with them in the fame pit of destruction, Mat. xxv. 41. Rev. xx. 10. As the saints in heaven shall be happy in the society of God himself, Chrift, and his holy angels; so will the damned be miserable in the society of the devil and his angels. How dreadful would it be to dwell in the pleasanteft fpot of the earth haunted by the apparitions of devils? how much more than all that to be shut up in the pit of hell, ia the Lake of fire with them, when they shall be filled with wrath to the brim!

5. There will be degrees of torment and misery in hell, the torments of some more grievous than others. All there will be unspeakably miserable, and unpitied in their misery; but the misery of fome will be screwed to a greater height than that of others. As finners classed themselves on earth, in higher or lower forms, in dishonouring of God; so will they be claffed in their punishment, Matth. xiii, 30. “Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them.” As there are many mansions in heaven, so will there be many bundles in hell; bundles of ignorants,


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