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Additional Reserve Cities.

On page 3 of this volume it is stated that there are nineteen reserve cities, and on page 4 a list of these cities is given. To this list should now be added the names of four inore which have recently become reserve cities—making a total of twentythree (23) reserve cities at present (March, 1892).

The following is a list of the four cities referred to:

Minneapolis, Minn.
St. Paul, Minn.
Brooklyn, N. Y.

Des Moines, Iowa.
Lawful Money.

To the list of various forms of lawful money on page 6 should now be added U.S. Treasury Notes issued under act July 14, 1890, which are also available for lawful money reserve.

Rights and Liabilities of Shareholders.

Particular attention is called to the appendix of this work entitled “Hand-Book for National Bank Shareholders; their Rights and Liabilities Defined,” which will be found to contain much valuable and reliable information on this subject.

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