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The gathering together of the early Friends, and their separation from the great contending parties into which, at the beginning of the seventeenth century, the declining church was divided, is an event in the history of that church well worthy the attention of every serious mind.

It was not for the sake of any new doctrine or opinion, the preaching of which might gratify their ambition, that these worthy men were separated from the world; but they were persons who had retired from outward forms of worship to search the Scriptures, with prayer and fasting, and to seek that light, and that peace, which they could not find amidst the corrupt practices and conflicting opinions, which then distracted mankind.

It was “after having observed the light and unprofitable conversation and conduct of some, and the eagerness with which others were pursuing the riches of this world, though both made a high profession of religion, that the mind of George Fox was deeply affected; and, withdrawing from the company, he spent the greater part of the night alone, in prayer, mourning because of the

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