Indonesia's Hidden Heritage: Cultural Journeys of Discovery

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PT. Phoenix Communications, 1 Apr 2014 - 120 halaman

Hidden Heritage, a series of highly illustrated travelogues, which appears monthly in NOW! Jakarta magazine, and covers cultural events, unique festivals and remote destinations discovering the very thread of life that weaves its way through this wonderful country by way of dance, music, costume and culture.This includes amazing and unique stories from the Mulang Festival, the Dayak Tribes, Dragon Boat Regattas, the Bulls of Negara to the Nomadic Tribes of Jambi.Each story is told as an eyewitness, often uncovering deeply personal insights, each destination brought to life by brilliant photography, bringing the astonishing beauty and diversity of Indonesia into focus . 


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David is a professional photographer from New Zealand fascinated by Indonesia and indigenous people. He has devoted his life to capturing, in words and images, the unique cultures of the Indonesian archipelago, his first has been to publish his first book Indonesia’s Hidden Heritage.

Stephanie Brookes is a frequently published travel writer from New Zealand. She lives in Bali but has travelled Indonesia extensively. Through her truly unique travel experiences, her writings have been recognised and published in her book Indonesia’s Hidden Heritage.

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