Studying Dance Cultures Around the World: An Introduction to Multicultural Dance Education

Sampul Depan
Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 2004 - 171 halaman
Studying Dance Cultures Around The World offers the first and most comprehensive framework for studying dance cultures in diverse geographic areas and historical time periods. It is designed exclusively for college courses pertaining to multicultural dance education, and includes discussion questions, ideas for creative projects, as well as an extensive list of additional readings.

The focus is largely interdisciplinary, weaving together aspects of the social and natural sciences within the theme of dynamism. It is an easy-to-read text with clear, concise explanations of fundamental theories and methods for dance cultural study. An important component of the text is discussion about the comparative process, central for investigating dance or any other human cultural phenomena. The author also examines complex and controversial concepts, such as, culture, race, and ethnicity within a 21st Century context to promote holistic, critical analyses of dance. Vivid descriptions of specific dance cultures, unique photograhs, and maps compliment the text.

Wide variety of descriptions representing dance cultures originating from all continents and different types of environments.

Discussion questions located at the end of each chapter.

Discussion questions, which extend major concepts introduced, are student-centered.

Suggestions for different types of creative projects are provided at the end of each chapter.

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