Five Per Cent Case: Letters from the Chairman of the Interstate Commerce Commission, Transmitting, in Response to a Senate Resolution of March 23, 1914, a Copy of All Evidence Introduced and All Exhibits Received at Hearings Before the Interstate Commerce Commission in Docket Number 5860, Volume 3

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1916

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Halaman 2231 - ... Harriet M. Bateman, all of my estate both real and personal, and I do hereby empower her, my said wife, to sell and dispose of all or any part of my said estate and convey the same by deed or otherwise without obtaining license from the court for this purpose; and I especially desire that my said wife shall have the right to use the whole or any part of my said estate for her own use and benefit.
Halaman 3092 - NOTE B: No entry is required in this account with respect to Improved "other track material" unless installed under a definite plan of changing standards, such as Increasing the weight of rail. NOTE C : The cost of "other track material...
Halaman 2725 - ... (c) Right to foreclose a first lien upon all or a major part in value of the tangible property of the controlled corporation.
Halaman 2194 - On cars to be delivered on any other than public-delivery tracks time will be computed from the first 7 am after actual or constructive placement on such tracks.
Halaman 2721 - II. That the defendant above named is a common carrier- engaged in the transportation of [passengers and] property, wholly by railroad [or, partly by railroad and partly by water...
Halaman 2754 - We will take a recess until 2 o'clock. (Whereupon, at 12.30 o'clock pm, a recess was taken until 2 o'clock pm...
Halaman 2725 - Right through agreement of some character or through some source other than title to securities, to name the majority of the board of directors, managers, or trustees of the controlled corporation.
Halaman 2798 - ... lien have matured, or the interest upon such securities has been defaulted, and the right to foreclose such lien has not yet been exercised. The mere possession of the unmatured first mortgage bonds of a solvent corporation would not, from the standpoint of this investigation, constitute control. 8. Right to determine the action of the corporation in a specific respect or respects. This last cla£S is intended to cover any peculiar forms of control not included in the other classes.
Halaman 2797 - Right to possess such portion of the tangible property of the corporation as is capable of being employed in discharging the duties of a common carrier.
Halaman 3093 - OTHER EXPENSES. — Cost of material used and labor expended in paving and improving streets used as roadway, and oiling roadbed; payments of assessments for street repairs, sewers, or other public improvements affecting roadway adjacent thereto, not chargeable to account Buildings, Fixtures, and Grounds...

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