The Hand-book for Australian Emigrants: Being a Descriptive History of Australia, and Containing an Account of the Climate, Soil and Natural Productions of New South Wales, South Australia, and Swan River Settlement ...

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W.R. M'Phun, 1839 - 240 halaman

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Halaman 15 - ... guard and the convicts who had been landed in the morning. The spot chosen for this purpose was at the head of the cove, near the run of fresh water, which stole silently along through a very thick wood, the stillness of which had then, for the first time since the creation, been interrupted by the rude sound of the labourer's axe, and the downfall of its ancient inhabitants; a stillness and tranquillity which from that day were to give place to the voice of labour, the confusion of camps and...
Halaman 168 - I had fifteen men under my command, and though they were of a class of people who take no care of themselves, not one of them was ill during our stay, nor did my own health suffer at all, though I was exposed to all weathers both night and day.
Halaman 14 - To form a British colony out of those materials which the reformation of these criminals might gradually supply to the government, in addition to the families of free emigrants who might from time to time be induced to settle in the newly discovered territory.
Halaman 225 - His Majesty's Government do not intend to incur any expense in conveying settlers to the new colony on the Swan River, and will not feel bound to defray the expense of supplying them with provisions or other necessaries after their arrival there, nor to assist their removal to England or elsewhere, should they be desirous of quitting the colony.
Halaman 129 - And, for the protection of persons acting in the execution of this act, be it enacted, that all actions and prosecutions to be commenced against any person for any thing done in pursuance of this act...
Halaman 121 - exercise the jurisdictions and powers hereby granted concerning all and singular the premises, according to law, as fully and amply to all intents and purposes whatsoever, as the justices of the courts of King's Bench, common pleas and exchequer at Westminster, or any of them, may Appendix to Opinion of the Court.
Halaman 166 - ... the island for several years. The land wears every appearance of being fertile; a deep loam with coarse grass, abounding with kangaroos and emus : where these animals feed, the grass is much better for pasture : occasional ponds of rain water are seen, and a plentiful supply of pure spring water is always attainable by digging for it. The land here is as good as any I have seen in Van Diemen's Land. In the neighbourhood of Sydney I have not observed any equal to it. Trees are scattered every...
Halaman 166 - With the exception of salt, timber appears the principal production we have observed of this place. The trees are the same as at New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land ; some run exceedingly high, and large in circumference, and may be converted into every domestic purpose as well as maritime ; as many may be found and selected for ships' spars and other purposes of ship-building.
Halaman 168 - ... but living entirely on kangaroos, emus, and small porcupines, and getting spirits and tobacco in barter for the skins which they lay up during the sealing season. They dress in kangaroo skins without linen, and wear sandals made of seal skins.
Halaman 167 - ... may be converted into every domestic purpose as well as maritime; as many may be found and selected for ship's spars and other purposes of ship-building. Twenty years ago an American ship was cast away on the coast, and the crew built a schooner in Lagoon Bay, which enabled them to get away, after a residence of several months on the Island. Salt is produced here in abundance; I should say between two and three hundred tons could be collected from the lagoon with a little attention; the distance...

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