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That he might have leisure to weigh the comparative merits of their several claims, he retired with the archbishop of Lima to a village twelve leagues from Cuzco. There he spent several days in allotting to each a district of lands and a number of Indians, in proportion to his idea of their past services.

But that he might get beyond the reach of the fierce storm of clamour and rage which he foresaw would burst out on the publication of the decree, he set out for Lima leaving the instrument of partition sealed up, with orders not to open it for some days after his departure. As he expected, so it happened, but by his prudent management the discontented were appeased, and order was established Having now accomplished every object of his mission Gasca longed to return to a private station. He committed the government of Peru to the court of audience, and set out for Spain, where he was received with universal ap. plause. Men less enterprizing and desperate, and more accustomed to move in the path of sober and peaceable industry, settled in Peru, and the royal authority was gra dually established as firmly there, as in the other Spanish colonies.


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