Cases Decided in the Court of Session, and Also in the Justiciary and House of Lords

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T. & T. Clark, 1908
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Halaman 486 - Where the seller delivers to the buyer the goods he contracted to sell mixed with goods of a different description not included in the contract, the buyer may accept the goods which are in accordance with the contract and reject the rest, or he may reject the whole.
Halaman 224 - Where such goods or property shall have been stolen, lost or injured through the wilful act, default or neglect of such innkeeper or any servant in his employ. " (2) Where such goods or property shall have been deposited expressly for safe custody with such innkeeper...
Halaman 127 - Where after the commencement of this Act any action, prosecution, or other proceeding is commenced in the United Kingdom against any person for any act done in pursuance, or execution, or intended execution of any Act of Parliament, or of any public duty or authority...
Halaman 215 - No innkeeper shall be liable to make good to any guest of such innkeeper any loss of or injury to goods or property brought to his inn, not being a horse or other live animal, or any gear appertaining thereto, or any carriage...
Halaman 99 - In the event of the seaman's wages or any part thereof not being paid or settled as in this section mentioned, then, unless the delay is due to the act or default of the seaman, or to any reasonable dispute as to liability, or to any other cause not being the wrongful act or default of the owner or master, the seaman's wages shall continue to run and be payable until the time of the final settlement thereof.
Halaman 9 - Provided That an enrolled agent shall not have the privilege of drafting or preparing any written instrument by which title to real or personal property may be conveyed or transferred for the purpose of affecting Federal taxes, nor shall such enrolled agent advise a...
Halaman 89 - That on demand made by or on behalf of the prosecutor, he gave all the information in his power with respect to the persons from whom he obtained such goods or things ; or (c) That otherwise he had acted innocently ; be guilty of an offence against this Act.
Halaman 117 - ... as to increase its capital by the issue of new shares of such amount as it thinks expedient...
Halaman 19 - The duty and authority of a banker to pay a cheque drawn on him by his customer are determined by, — (1) Countermand of payment; (2) Notice of the customer's death.
Halaman 286 - Every Man shall, in and after the Year One Thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight, be entitled to be registered as a Voter, and, when registered, to vote for a Member or Members to serve in Parliament for a Borough who is qualified as follows: (that is to say,) 1.

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